Prickly Chaff Flower Health Benefits-Apamarg in English

Discover the Healing Power! Unveil Prickly Chaff Flower Health Benefits - Apamarg in English. Nature's Remedy for Wellness and Vitality. 🌿✨ #ApamargMagic

Prickly Chaff Flower Health Benefits-Apamarg in English

Apamarg (अपामार्ग) is a popular Indian herb with great herbal benefits, uses to treat several ailments or health disorders. Its English name is Prickly Chaff Flower or devil’s horsewhip and of Amaranthaceae with Latin name Achyranthes Aspera. In Ayurveda, it is described with many Sanskrit names like Apamarga, Mayurak, Markati, Kinihi, Kharmanjari, and Shikahrai. Other well-known regional names of this herb are Aapang in Bengali, Adedha in Gujrati, Aghagha and Aghodha in Marathi, PuthKanda in Pahari, and Duchinikke in Telugu, Nayuruvi and Shiru Kadaladi in Tamil. In Hindi, it is titled Apamarg, Chirchita, Chichdha, (Latjeera or Latjira- लटजीरा) and Onga Chichri.

Apamarg is a small bush plant of 1-3 feet in height. Its thorny flowers and leaves cling to cloth or body easily when getting a contact. This plant is of two types: 1) White and 2) Red, as of plant color.

It has many health benefits in treating cough, cold, pain, ulcers, teeth, digestive and skin problems, etc.

So, if you have questions as Is devil’s horsewhip is good for your health?

Is chaff flower have health benefits?

Some mostly use health benefits of Achyranthes Aspera (AEAA) herbal plant are as below:

Apamarg Treats What Diseases

Teeth Problems

To treat the tooth disorders like aches and loosening teeth or gums problems, daily brush as Datun with fresh plant roots is most beneficial. So, the everyday twig brushing habit helps to get white and strong teeth.

 Another, the plant leaves also uses in toothache treatment. Take the extract of fresh leaves and apply it to the aching tooth with the help of cotton. This herbal remedy has great usefulness to get fast pain relief and healing cavities.

Breathing Illnesses

To treat breath disorders like cough, phlegm, and Asthma, the use of Apamarg herb is another sure shot herbal formula. The smoke or inhale of dried leaves about 5-10 within a Hookka or Chillum has great importance.

Dry and frequent cough problems are also treated well with this magical herb. Take about ½ Gram of Apamarg root extract and sugar. Mix well and take with 30 ml of warm water twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Use this remedy for a regular week to get the best results.

In the case of children, to cure Asthma, use the same amount of about a half gram of Apamarg extract and honey, in the morning and the evening.

Another to treat excessive breathlessness problems, the use of this natural herb is most advantageous. Take about 5-gram root and 5-6 Black Peppers powder. Use this mixture twice a day for better results with water.


The seeds have special effects to treat migraine problems. Prepare the fine powder of Prickly Chaff seeds and inhale to release head cough by nostrils, result to cure for headaches and stiffness.

Digestive Ailments

To cure abdominal pain, the decoction of this herb is very useful. Prepare the decoction of the whole plant about 20 gm with 500 gm water. Add ½ kg Navasadar powder and 1 gm Marich powder in it. Finally, give this herbal mixture to the patient, thrice a day for the best results.

Furthermore, the decoction also helps to treat aciditystomachache, gall bladder stones, etc. The intake of decoction before a meal improves digestive system activities. The decoction use, after 2 hours of the meal is also beneficial in gastric and acidity problems.

Conceiving and Normal Delivery

For Conceiving and Normal Delivery, this herb has remarkable properties. Take the fresh Apamarg root about 10 gm and grind it with 125 ml of Cow’s milk. Filter it and give the woman who faces difficulties in Conceiving. Use this remedy thrice a day.

For Normal delivery, the usage of Apamarg root is also beneficial. Tie the fresh root, before the labor pain around the waist. After normal delivery, remove it immediately. You can also apply the paste to the vaginal region, urinary bladder, and belly area for the best results.

Root extract also employs to treat vaginal pain due to irregular menstrual cycle problems. Soak the cotton in the extract and put it into the vagina.

Skin Problems

To cure itching problems, the use of Apamarg decoction is another good option. 

Achyranthes root also utilizes in Chicken Pox treatment. Prepare the paste of fresh root and apply it to the boils to heal them fast. Another, the paste of Apamarg root and turmeric also helps to treat Chickenpox. Apply the paste on the forehead, hand nails, and legs for good results.

The leaves extract also stops bleeding of wounds, ulcers, or cuts injuries. So, to treat all types of boils, ulcers, and other skin wounds, the use of leaves paste or extract is one the best alternative.


In the natural treatment of Cholera, the Apamarg root powder has great significance. To cure this problem, give the patient 2-3 gm powder with freshwater, thrice a day. Alternatively, leaves can be uses in the absence of root treatment. In a cup of water, mix 4-5 leaves extract and add some sugar candy to it. Give this herbal drink to the patient, twice a day to get relief fast.

Joints Swelling Treatment

To treat joint swelling, or knots, the use of Apamarg herb is very effective. Make the paste of fresh leaves and heat them a little. Now apply this paste on the swollen joints or knots and tie with a cloth. So, regular use provides amazing results to cure swelling in joints.

Despite the aforementioned benefits, this natural herb has many other health properties like its uses in feverdeafness, eye problems, etc. So, if you are available with this organic herb, then use it to treat the above-mentioned disorders, naturally.

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