Turmeric 7 Therapeutic Benefits- Haldi in English

Golden Goodness Unleashed! Explore 7 Therapeutic Benefits of Turmeric - Haldi in English. Elevate Your Well-being with Nature's Healing Spice. 🌿✨ #Turmeric

Turmeric 7 Therapeutic Benefits- Haldi in English

Turmeric is scientifically known as Curcuma longa the common spice used in kitchens around the world. It is called Haldi (हल्दी) in Hindi. There is nothing exotic about this spice as it is available quite easily. But there is something very special about this herb when we talk about its therapeutic properties. This remarkable spice is often addressed as “Queen of Spice” as one of the major spices used in curries and gravies. We all know this golden root of the turmeric plant very well as a natural curry colorant, but now you would also know the therapeutic uses of this medicinal wonder. Read below the therapeutic benefits of Turmeric for good health.

7 Therapeutic Benefits of Turmeric

  • Blood Purifier

One well-known fact is that turmeric works as a natural blood purifier. So, It will remove unwanted impurities from the blood. You can have turmeric in supplement form or have turmeric powder along with milk for best results.

  • Natural Antiseptic

Turmeric can be used as a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. The antibacterial properties of turmeric can also be availed by applying turmeric powder on wounds and cuts. Application of this powder would aid in quick skin repair and healing of the wound. Other skin problems like psoriasis and pigmentation can also be treated with turmeric.

  • Enhanced Immunity

The lipopolysaccharide present in turmeric stimulates the immune system and boosts immunity. It has strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial agents that may fight against colds and flu. Having turmeric, once a day would keep the virus and bacteria away.

  • Brings Down Cholesterol

Turmeric brings down cholesterol, and using turmeric powder even for food seasoning would reduce the serum cholesterol levels in your blood. Cholesterol is the main culprit behind heart problems, and controlling the cholesterol would add years to your life.

  • Reduces chances of Alzheimer’s Disease

The main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is also considered to be the inflammation of the brain and plaque formation in the brain. Turmeric positively affects your brain health and restricts plaque formation in the brain. The oxygen supply to the brain increased by consuming this golden powder or having capsules of turmeric. As a result, it may slow down the ageing of the brain.

  • Manages Weight

You can now treat obesity as well with turmeric. Hence having turmeric with every meal would induce bile secretion. It will help in the digestion of dietary fat and work against obesity. You can manage your weight and also improve digestion by including a pinch of turmeric in each meal.

  • Combats Diabetes

Insulin levels are maintained well with the help of turmeric, and it protects you against developing insulin resistance. It would further reduce the chances of attaining Type 2 diabetes. Turmeric capsules can be taken to combat diabetes. If you are also undergoing any treatment or medication for diabetes? Then consult your doctor before opting for turmeric capsules as it may increase the risk of hypoglycemia.

So the therapeutic uses or Benefits of turmeric have overpowered even the culinary applications of this queen of spice. Health experts have included this amazing spice in many medicines used to cure diseases related to blood impurities, digestive disorders, and skin imperfections. You can also play your part by keeping this spice handy in your kitchen and using it wherever possible.

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