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I am Mukesh Kumar of 38 years, author and owner of this blog. I spent my childhood in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh a small village “Harsar‘ and love this precious village life. Also, I am a Science graduate (B.Sc.) from Govt Degree College, Dharamshala and lately did a 2 years course on Ayurveda Pharmacist. My Indian village life and Ayurveda study passionate me to share my natural health care knowledge with others. The Dhauladhar range of Himalayas and my village within a foresty hilly area is a source of thousands of organic herbs. Our family farming business appreciates and excited me a lot to collect information about naturopathic treatments. I am a part-time naturopathy blogger and use my free time to share the natural herbs and substance benefits.

About Blog

The shared information is mostly with the real people’s experiences and heritage of our forefathers that I tried to save in this blog. Villagers live a long and healthy life due to their surrounded herbal world and healthy lifestyle. With the knowledge of natural herbs, you can experience the villagers, healthy lifestyle at home, even in the city.
There are many daily used herbs like kitchen spices Cumin, Coriander, Ajowain, and Cinnamon, etc. present in your home that has many benefits for health. All organic vegetables, fruits, and garden herbs like Aloe Vera are more advantageous in home remedies. Read thoroughly about the benefits of the herbs and use them in your daily life to maintain a healthy living.

So, try to become your own family doctor, using Ayurveda treatments. Ayurvedic home remedies treatments are with no side effects and adopted without any prescription. Browse our different pages to get relevant health tips for your queries and if you have any remedy that has proven health results, then share it with me.

Send me home remedy tips with brief detail at herryicm@gmail.com