9 Ancient Ayurveda Home Remedies For Itching

Relieve itching the Ayurvedic way: Discover ancient home remedies rooted in Ayurveda. From soothing herbs to natural therapies, explore time-honoured solutions for ultimate relief. 🌿🏡

9 Ancient Ayurveda Home Remedies For Itching

Itching is a skin disorder or a condition in which skin becomes red, irritated, swollen, and get rashes. Scabious or Itching is caused by several reasons such as allergies, Insect bites, sweat, dust, in touch with itching herbs. Itching infection is viral and contagious, and it affected the nearest skin expands all around from the itching spot.

In Ayurveda, there are some useful home remedies for itching that are used in natural treatment. Some mostly used ayurvedic treatments for itching skin are as below:

Herbs for Itching

Lemon and Jasmine Oil

1. Mix lemon extracts in Jasmine oil and massage on itching skin to cure it.

Peppercorns and Sulphur benefit

2. Grind the Peppercorns with Sulphur and mix some clarified butter in it. Massage this mixture on itching skin and get rid of the psoriasis problem.

Peel of Orange

3. Massage with the peel or skin of an Orange is another good herbal treatment to rid of itching skin problems.

Camphor and Coconut oil mixture

4. Mix 10 gm of Camphor in 40 gm of Coconut oil, and massage on itching skin. Regular massage of the mixture helps you to get rid of frequent irritation problems.

Neem for Itching

5. In-home remedies for Itching, Neem use is also most beneficial. Grind the green fresh leaves or shoots of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) with water. Finally, use this mixture to end itching completely. You can also take bath by mixing the leaves of Margosa into water.

Neem and Mustard Oil

6. Boil the 20 gm shoots of Neem in 100 gm mustard oil and mix finely. On cooling, apply this mixture to the infected itching skin. It is most effective in itching skin treatment.


7. Daily use 20-gram natural honey with Cool water to get rid of itching skin uncomfortableness.

Lemon and Coconut Oil

8. Mix some lemon extract in coconut oil and utilize it to end itching skin problems.

Marigold Flower Juice

9. To cure ringworm (Daad in Hindi), daily applying Marigold flower juice, twice or thrice a day has great advantages.

These are the best 9 ayurvedic home remedies for itchy skin. So, try these herbal treatments to end itching problems.

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