Margosa 10 Health Benefits-Neem in English

Neem Wonders Unveiled: Explore the incredible health benefits of Margosa, also known as Neem in English. From skin wellness to immune support, discover the natural goodness packed into this versatile herb for a healthier you. 🌿💚 #NeemHealthBenefits #MargosaMagic

Margosa 10 Health Benefits-Neem in English

Neem (नीम-Hindi Name) is one main herbal plant, with many medicinal uses. This Neem tree grows very fast and occurs in extent in India and its surrounding countries.

In Ayurveda, it has great significance due to its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-diabetic, and sedative nature.

In English, Neem is known well by the name Margosa and with the Botanical Name: Azadirachta Indica. It is called Nimb in Sanskrit.

We can treat many diseases with this herbal plant, and all parts of this tree are used to prepare Ayurvedic medicine. Although, its health benefits list is too large, but some main neem home remedies are below:

Neem Treat What Diseases

Asthma & Cough

1. Neem oil is useful in the cure of Asthma and cough care. On betel’s leave, apply 8-10 drops of its oil and eat it.

Lice Treatment

2. Neem oil is also beneficial in lice-killing natural remedies. Apply, oil on your scalp before bath, for half an hour, and then wash your hairs. After the bath, use a Lice Comb to separate them from hairs.

Skincare Benefits

3. Neem is one best skin care herbal products. There are many herbal skin care products like Face Pack, Face Cream, Soap, and others where it is the main ingredient. It’s all part are used and in-home, you can use Neem water.

Boil leaves in water and takes a bath with it, to get rid of skin disorders.


4. a) In pyorrhoea treatment, neem oil is the most effective ayurvedic medicine. Massage with oil on your gums, gently.

b) In Toothache, use Neem Datun to get relief from toothache problems is another good alternative.

Usefulness for Acne

5. Neem also utilizes to get rid of acne and pimples, naturally. Burn leaves and mix this ash with Vaseline. Apply this mixture on acne and pimples, to end this skin problem. Use a small amount of mixture and first, try on 1-2 acne to see the results.

6. In the case of Stomach worms, drink Neem oil, or extract that is most effective. Use this remedy after every hour, 3-4 times. With this remedy, all worms will be killed and come out through the stool.

7. Burn leaves or wood to kill a variety of insects and parasites like Mosquitoes and others.

8. Goitre

In goitre or scrofula treatment, Neem oil is also one best medicine. Also, apply oil on the goitre gently to cure it.

9. Stomach ache treatment

It is also beneficial for Stomach aches. Prepare the mixture of Neem seeds, Tulsi leavesSonth every 10 grams, and 10 corn of black pepper. Finally, lick this mixture to cure stomach ache problems.

10. Chicken Pox

In Alastrim or chickenpox (Choti Mata in Hindi), our suggestion is to bathing with Neem leaves in the water.

Also, spread leaves on your bed to beware of infection or cure chickenpox quickly.

Prepare a paste of green leaves and apply it at night for a regular month to cure the Chicken Pox problem.

Hence in Ayurveda, the Neem tree has great significance, and from root to fruit, every part (Leaves, wood, roots, fruits, and seed) is used. It is also one main ingredient of all herbal skincare products. Another, it is used to cure many other diseases. You must use these health benefits to get a good health.

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