16 Tulsi Health Benefits in English

Tulsi Health Benefits: Embracing the Wellness Wonders of Holy Basil! 🌿💚 Explore the myriad advantages of Tulsi, from immune support to stress relief, in promoting overall well-being.

16 Tulsi Health Benefits in English

According to Indian tradition Tulsi, (In English -Basil or Holy Basil, Latin name- Ocimum sanctum) is a very sacred antioxidant herbal plant of the Lamiaceae family.

Tulsi (तुलसी) is the Holy basil Hindi name, and other popular Hindi names are Vishnu Ballabha, Vaishnavi, Vrinda, Sukhballari, etc. Tulsi, one common name and is well-known in all of India but in some places, it is called by different names. Such as: In Bangali – Kural, in Gujrati – Tulas, in Marathi- Tulsa or Kala Tulsi, in Punjabi- Shyama Tulsi or Tulsa, in Telugu – Vrinda, Gagera or Krishna Tulsi. In Ayurveda, it is described by Sanskrit names as Amrita, Sugandha, Vrindha, or Patra Pushpa.

Tulsi worship as a Goddess in Indian tradition. Tulsi Pooja is the most popular in Hinduism. This sacred basil, Tulsi used as an Ayurvedic herb with pharmaceutical properties in many Ayurvedic home remedies or naturopathic treatments. Tulsi has many benefits, and its leaf, seeds, and other plant parts use in many home remedies. Here are some especially relevant Tulsi health benefits used in various diseases as below:

Tulsi Treat What Diseases

Tulsi Tea Benefits

1. Tulsi leaves are more commonly used in tea. So many tea manufacturing companies used Tulsi as the common ingredient. Also, at home, fresh Tulsi leaves are used in tea. In cold, cough, and fever treatments, Tulsi Tea is most helpful.


2. In Malaria, Miyadi fever, Cold, and Cough use Tulsi leaves juice, Adrak (Ginger in English) juice, and Kali Mirch (Peppercorns in English) mixture to get recover from the disease. Lick this mixture with Natural Honey for more best effect. Prepare the decoction of green leaves of Tulsi with some black salt to get relief from fever, cold, and cough.

Whooping Cough

3. Whooping Cough (Kali / Kukur Khansi in English) is a very painful infectious disease in children. Use 2-3 Grams of Tulsi leaves with Adrak and Honey (Madhu in English) 3-4 times a day to get relief from Whooping Cough.


4. In Vomiting, Tulsi is also good ayurvedic medicine. To stop vomiting, Prepare a juice of Tulsi leaves, Pudina (Mint, Peppermint), and Saunf (Fennel seed). Finally, drink this juice to stop vomiting anytime.

Tulsi Root for Snakebite

5. The root of the Tulsi herb used in snake bite treatment. Hence apply the fine powder of Tulsi root on the snake bite place to reduce the effect of the venom.


6. In little children, there is a more common problem of worms in the abdomen. Hence, In that situation, mixes Tulsi leaves juice with Jaggery/Molasses (Gur in Hindi) and use to eat it.


7. In diabetes, Take ten leaves of Tulsi and Ten leaves of Gudmar (Asclepiadaceae, Gymnema Sylvestre) with water every morning. Or Prepare a mixture of Tulsi leaves powder, Bel, and Jamun and use every day one spoonful with cold water to cure.

Tulsi for Impotency

8. Tulsi also employs in Impotency treatment. Prepare the churn or powder of Tulsi seeds and take them with milk every day at night.


9. Tulsi is also good to treat leprosy, herpes (daad), and other skin disorders. In one part of Tulsi leaves extract, Mix 4 parts of Nimboo extract and apply  3-4 times a day to treat skin problems. You can also use a mixture of Tulsi leaves 5-7 and 2-4 Neem Leaves on an empty stomach.

Tulsi for Rejuvenating

10. Tulsi herb has also Rejuvenating properties. For Rejuvenation, use Tulsi seeds powder 100 gm and 1/2 kg sugar-candy powder mixture with milk in the morning and evening.

Basil for Lice

11. In Lice treatment, Tulsi leaves extract is very useful. It also strengthens the roots of hairs.


12. In severe migraine or headache, cast 4-4 drops of Tulsi leaves extract to get instant relief.

Memory Booster

13. To boost memory, daily lick 4-5 leaves of paste with natural Honey, twice a day.

Heart Disorders

14. Tulsi is the most used natural herb for heart diseases. Hence people who are suffered from heart disease have to eat daily 4-5 leaves of Holy Basil or Tulsi.


15. In Vertigo Treatment, Tulsi extract is also very beneficial. Mix 5-6 Tusli leaves extract with one spoon of natural Honey and use it to treat Vertigo.


16. Basil for Hemorrhage (Naksir in Hindi) – In summer, many people suffer from a Hemorrhage problem. Pour about 3-4 drops extract of holy basil tulsi into the natural Hemorrhage treatment.

These are the most noteworthy 16 organic herbs Tulsi health benefits or usesTulsi is a more sacred plant and is mostly grown in Aangan / courtyard in many homes. Female basil commonly worshipped Tulsi as Tulsi Mata or Tulsi Goddess. In city areas, people grow Tulsi in pots outside the home or on the balcony.

Tulsi destroys bacteria and insects, so it utilizes as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial drug. It is also popular as an “elixir of life” due to its pharmaceutical properties. Therefore, to maintain good health, you can use Tulsi. Also, use Tulsi leaf in your tea or directly eat Tulsi leaves to get its extract. So use these Tulsi health benefits to treat diseases or get a long healthy life.

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