16 Natural Infertility Treatments For Male And Female

Natural Infertility Treatments for Male and Female: Exploring Holistic Approaches to Enhance Fertility and Family Planning. 🌿👫🤰

16 Natural Infertility Treatments For Male And Female

Infertility means a couple is unable to conceive a baby even after unprotected regular intercourse. Infertility can be in both males and females. In the case of female infertility, a single infertile female is affected by an infertility problem and unable to get pregnant. Female infertility is internal infertility reproductive system disorder in females.

In Dealing with infertility, Ayurveda suggests some home remedies for infertility treatment. So, the single infertile female can use the following 16 natural infertility treatments to end infertility.

Female Infertility Herbs

Sacred Fig (Peepal Tree in Hindi) for Infertility

Grind the soft fresh beard of the Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa) and prepare a powder. Cook this powder in a half-litre of milk and boil till half is left in the pot. Mix some loaf sugar and some natural honey. Finally, use it for regular 10 -12 days from the 6th day of the menstrual cycle. It is the most useful home remedy for dealing with infertility.


After completion of the menstrual cycle, take 1-2 gm powder of dried flowers with raw milk. Finally, use this natural treatment for 2 weeks regularly to cure female infertility.

Asparagus for Infertility

Use Asparagus (Asparagus Racemosus) powder with milk or Ghee in dealing with female infertility.

Gorochana for Infertility

Take 3-gram Gorochana (Obtained in cow stomach), 10 grams of Long Pepper, and the same amount of Winter Cherry to prepare a fine powder. Another, Daily use of that powder with milk on the fourth day of the menstruation cycle. It is also a very effective infertility treatment.

Putra Jeevak for infertility

Ayurveda strongly recommends Putra Jeevak (Putranjiva roxburghii) natural ayurvedic herb to treat female infertility. Another, The combination of Putranjiva and Shivlingi (Bryonia Laciniosa) seed is a panacea herbal formula to end female infertility.

Peepal Tree Fruits for Infertility

A single infertile female can use the powder of dry fruits of a Peepal tree once a day. So, it is a very useful natural formula to get pregnant.

Emetic Nut and Saffron Usage

In 1 cup of milk, add 1 gm of dried seeds powder of Emetic Nut (Xeromphis Spinosa), some saffron, and sugar. Finally, Drink it to normalize menstrual cycle disorders, uterus cleansing, and help in conceiving.

Yellow Berried Night Shade

Yellow Berried Night Shade (Solanum Surattense) is another most useful herb for those females who suffered from frequent miscarriages. It helps to get a safe pregnancy. Prepare the decoction of its root and use it to empty the stomach. Also, take this decoction daily, 3-days ago from the menstruation period ends. Another use of this remedy is for regular 7-8 days until periods end.

Swallow-wort Plant

Use 1-2 gm powder of white Swallow-wort (Calotropis Procera) plant root with cow milk daily. So, It helps to normalize irregular periods and treat infertility.

Puncture Vine

Also, give patients 3-5 gm of Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris) to cure female infertility.

Banyan and Peepal

Banyan Tree and Peepal Tree are both used to treat both male and female infertility. Prepare the powder of both tree-dry fruits. Roast an equal amount of this powder, about 25 gm in clarified butter, and make a thick paste. Both men and women can use this. Finally, eat this thick paste with cow milk to treat infertility. Ultimately, you can make pills, and they work 15-20 minutes after taking the pill. The result is stored for 4-6 hours. There were cases of effectiveness during the day. The drug prevents premature ejaculation, prolongs sexual contact, and improves erection. Blood flow to the penis increases its size. During intimacy, the acuteness of sensations reaches a maximum.

Male Natural Infertility Treatments

Infertility is not only in females in many cases, but males are also suffered from infertility problems. A large group of young males are victims of infertility or impotency problems. Another, sometimes under too much stress, they get suicide. In the case of male Impotency, there are suggested some natural home remedies that are very useful in male infertility. Especially relevant remedies for male impotency are described below:

Male Infertility Remedies

1. Daily use 1 gram powder of Basil seeds with milk at night. So, try Basil seeds treatment for male infertility.

2. Mix natural honey in mango extract and use it daily in the morning for male infertility. The patient should have used more mangoes.

3. Also, use onions with natural honey daily to get rid of male infertility problems.

4. Take an equal amount of 1 spoonful of White Onion extract and Ginger extract, natural honey, and Ghee (clarified butter). Finally, use this mixture for regular 2 months in impotency or male infertility treatment.

5. Daily eat 5 scraps of roasted Garlic in clarified butter in male infertility or impotency treatment.

6. You can also use Basil (Tulsi in English) root powder with betel leaves to end male infertility.

You can also use the 10th remedy mentioned above in the female infertility section. In conclusion, use these natural treatments at home to end infertility.


There are some most noteworthy male infertility prescriptions that every male can apply at home.

Always keep holy thoughts.

Do not acquire privacy.

Avoid Masturbation and Sodomy. Because it is the cause of many diseases.

Daily take a walk, naked foot before sunrise.

Furthermore, daily do some workouts after the massage of mustard oil on the body.

At night after a meal take a small walk and sleep after 2-3 hours of dinner.


Hence try these best 16 Natural Infertility Treatments or ayurvedic remedies to cure infertility in women and men. So, choose the best herbal treatment from the above-mentioned remedies and end male and female infertility.

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