15 Peepal Tree Uses or Benefits in English

Discover the Versatility of Peepal Tree! Uncover 15 Uses and Benefits in English. Embrace Nature's Bounty for Your Well-being. 🌳✨ #Peepal

15 Peepal Tree Uses or Benefits in English

In this article, get answers for your common questions, in briefs like What is Peepal called in English, Hindi, and other regional languages? How to identify it? What are Peepal tree benefits?


Peepal tree is an Ayurvedic herb with many health benefits and uses. It is popular with the Latin name Ficus Religiosa and of the Moraceae family. The peepal tree in English is known as sacred fig. Peepal (पीपल) is a Hindi name, and it has many other names like Pipal, Pippal, Ashwatha, Buddha Tree, etc. Another, Peepal tree in Kannada and Bangali is known as “Ashwatha“. Other regional names of Peepal Trees are:  In Telugu “Ravichettu“, Odia – “Ashwatatha Gachha“, Punjabi & Marathi name “Peepal” and in Gujarati, it is called “Peepalo“.

It is a sacred tree, and in India, people worship this tree as God -“Brahma“.


Peepal is an evergreen large tree, 70-90 feet tall with a diameter of about 3 meters. An old Peepal tree bark almost cracked with white-grey color. Pipal leaves are thin, smooth with 5-7 vena in Cordate, or heart-shaped. Its leaves are with an extended long tip at the end. Ficus Religiosa fruits are small rounded shaped of ½ inch in diameter approximately. Raw fruits are green in color and turn purple or blackish in color.

Peepal is a popular sacred tree and is found in all of India. Bark, fruits, latex, and its hanging tress or beard are used as part of this tree. Peepal tree releases Oxygen (O2) all the time, a day 24/7 for years. Peepal has many especially relevant health benefits or uses at home.  Due to this, some main advantages of the sacred tree are as below:

Peepal Tree Treat What Diseases


1. In Likoria treatment, use extract of Pippal leaves 5-6 spoons daily. You can also use the powder of fresh leaves at home.

Dhat (Semen Disorders)

2. Treat Dhat syndrome with peepal leaves naturally. In premature ejaculation, nightfall (wet dreams) emission, and physical weakness, use the powder one spoon of fresh leaves.

Peepal for Male

3. To increase sperm count, you can use the fruit powder of a pipal tree.

Peepal fruit powder for Infertility

4. A very common question: how peepal trees help to get pregnant? Many people search over the internet. So, read further remedy, how Peepal tree treats infertility.

In women’s infertility, you can also use the powder of fruit. Old-aged pipal tree beard or tress powder used to treat infertility. Use beard powder and fruit with milk daily twice a day. For a boy baby, use the milk of a cow with a male cow baby, and for a girl, baby birth uses the milk of a cow with a female cow baby.


5. In Hemorrhage treatment (Naksir in Hindi), pour the 3-4 drops of fresh leaves extract. Finally, to avoid this disorder, use 5-7 drops of pipal leaves.


6. In Hiccup treatment, prepare the Koyl of woods and use this. Furthermore, filter the Koyl woods and ash before use.

Physical Weakness

7. To treat physical weakness, daily use one spoon of fruit powder with sugar candy.


8. To treat stomach disorders, prepare the tea of Pippal leaves and drink it.


9. Peepal is also used in Ulcer treatment. So to treat intestines ulcers, use Pipal bark with cow-dung. Diabetes patient also uses this herb with honey in ulcer healing.


10. To treat wrinkles, use this herb with honey. Peepal has anti-aging properties. Hence, better to treat wrinkles.

Other Diseases Treatment

11. In Urticaria treatment, use the mixture of Black peppercorns (Kali Mirch), Ghee, and Peepal leave.

12. To treat node and inflammation, apply the paste of Peepal leaves on spot.

13. In Histria and Epilepsy treatment, drink the extract of Pipal leaves.

14. To treat respiration system diseases, pipal tree fruit powder is used. So in breathing disorders or Whooping cough, use the fruit powder of the Peepal tree.

15. Another peepal tree benefit in Ayurveda is to treat Gonorrhea. The fruit and bark of Peepal also uses in this treatment.

Snakebite Treatment

Hence at some places, Peepal leaves are used in snake bite treatment. Take 14-16 fresh leaves of the Peepal tree. Put them into both ears from the petiole side one by one. Many people recognize that these leaves pull out the venom from the body. Finally, dig these leaves into a pit so that not any animal eats these leaves.

You must try these most noteworthy ayurvedic home remedies with the organic herb Peepal tree to treat diseases.