How To Treat Snake Bite- 17 Ayurvedic Treatment

Snake Bite Ayurvedic Treatment: Traditional Approaches for Healing 🌿🐍 Explore Ayurvedic remedies and practices to manage the aftermath of a snake bite, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical help.

How To Treat Snake Bite- 17 Ayurvedic Treatment

In ayurvedic home remedies, there is some most effective and quick snake bite treatment that we can implement as a first aid to secure life. Snakebite is sometimes very harmful and causes death. It depends upon the snake. Some serpent has a strong poison which causes immediate death after a bite. Snakes are present in the whole world with thousands of different species and are known as dangerous creatures.

So, quick and emergency first aid is the most necessary for snakebite treatment. We have the answer to your question what are the first aid treatments for snakebites?

Treat Snake Bite Naturally

In the absence of quick medical help, using Ayurvedic home remedies is most beneficial.

Potassium Paramagnet

1. In Snakebite treatment, in place of the bite, make a deep cut with a sharp instrument and took away the poison-mixed blood from the body. Then apply Potassium Paramagnet powder on the cut place to heal it.

Sucking and Spitting Technique

2. In old ages, the “Sucking and Spitting” out poison technique utilizes mostly. This remedy is harmful to the suckers, and not recommended to everyone. So, only a few experts in Hilly areas, still use this procedure, with precautions to remove bite poison.

Tie Tightly

3. After removing snake poison, tightly wrapped the body part, 5-8 inches above the bite position with a cloth, a rope or similar material or alternative. So, this will helps to spread the poison in the entire body with blood.

Bitter Apple

4. Bitter Apple or Colocynth (Trichosanthes Palmata) also uses to cure snake bites. Take about 3-gram bitter apple root powder with betel leaves, and it helps to reduce the venom effects.

Yellow Oleander

5. Yellow Oleander (Thevetia Peruviana) leaves or root bark is another beneficial herb formula that treats snakebite, naturally. Use a small dose of 1-2 leaves or 100-200 mg bark root only. So, It causes vomit, which results in eliminating the venom.


6. Castor Oil Plant (Ricinus Communis) leaves extract is also best in snake bite treatment. Give the patient about 40-50 ml of Caster Oil leaves extract that results in vomit to eliminate the poison effect.

Onion usefulness

7. To reduce the effects of poison, use a mixture of 30-gram Onion juice and 30-gram Mustard oil. Use this mixture of juice every 30 minutes. So, try this, one of the most useful natural herbal formulas for snakebites. This remedy is for oral use only.


8. Jack Fruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) leaves paste helps to cure snake bites. Apply this paste around the bite to heal it fast.

Tulsi (Basil)

9. Powder of Basil (Ocimum sanctum) root also applies to the snake bite space to reduce the effect of the venom. So, the use of the Juice from its leaves is also one good alternative herbal solution for snakebite.


10. Also, use Clarified Butter and Alumen powder to reduce the effect of poison. In approximately 50 grams of clarified butter mix, 2-3 grams of Alum (Fitkari in Hindi) powder to apply on the place of the snake bite. So, it has great effectiveness in treating bites, naturally.

Vitex advantage

11. The use of Nirgundi (Vitex Negundo) green leaves helps to secure your snakebite site from infection. Therefore, always keep in your hand the Twigs of this herb to prevent skin infection. Also, to get recover soon from a snake bite, avoid salt in your food for the time you will completely recover.


12. In snakebite treatment, the Peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa) is also the most usable. Take the 40-50 leaves and put them one by one into both ears. Hence, putting these leaves from the stick side for some time to reduce the venom effect. People consider that Peepal leaves absorb the poison. Finally, dig these leaves into the soil. It avoids the chances of eating by animals or other living organisms.


If it is not working well, then chew fresh leaves. Another, use about two teaspoons of leaf extract juice, 3-4 times a day, as a first-aid treatment.


13. Green Chiretta (Andrographis Paniculata) leaves paste, another useful herb to treat snake bites. So, grind and apply leaves paste to the affected place.


14. Tlebid Alu Retis (Alangium Salvifolium) also utilizes in first aid treatment for snakebites. Prepare a decoction of this herb root of about 15 gm in 2 litres of water. Use this drink every after 15 minutes approximately, 50 gm with the same amount of heated Ghee (Clarified butter). It causes the elimination of venom through vomiting and stool. After this, prepare the decoction of Neem bark and add a small amount of powder about 2-3 gm of Tlebid root. Finally, use this decoction drink also for better results.


15. The Red Prickly-Chaff Flower (Achyranthes Aspera) leaves decoction helps to get relief from the snake bite.


16. Yellow Mountain Ebony (Latin name- Bauhinia Variegata, Kachnaar in Hindi) seeds paste is also employed to cure snakebite.

With primary snakebite treatment, also important to get information about the Snake to get proper medical help. Because some serious bite needs urgent health professional help. So, proper medication is necessary for these situations. Also, take care of the patient and do not get nervous, only a few snakes have deadly poison. Therefore, Be patient and get proper medication help for fast recovery.

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