Jackfruit Best Health Benefits- Kathal in English

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Jackfruit Best Health Benefits- Kathal in English

Jackfruit Introduction

Kathal is an organic fruit of the Moraceae family. Its Latin name Artocarpus Heterophyllus and Kathal English names are Jack Tree or JackfruitKathal (कटहल) is a Hindi name and other Hindi names of this vegetable are Kattar (कट्टर), Kathar (कटहर), Kadhal (कडहल), Kattal (कट्टल)  or Kattail (कटैल). It is popular with Sanskrit names Panas, Kantki Phala, Sakandh Phala, Kant Phal, Atibrihat Phala, or Amashaya Phala, etc. Other regional names of Kathal vegetable are: Kaantal in Bengali, Kanthal in Assamese, Fanas or Manfanas in Gujarati and Marathi, Halasu in Kannada, Ponnossam in Konkani, Chakka or Pilawu in Malayalam, Matukamaram or Palampala in Tamil, Panaskai or Berupanas in Telugu and Manas or Ponaso in Uria.

Jackfruit Tree Plant

Kathal or Jack Tree is very intensive about 50-60 feet in height and its bark emerge as milk-type fluid. A Kathal or Jackfruit leaves skin is Inviolate, oval or rectangular shaped 4-8 inches long of deep green shiny color. Another, Jack tree leave’s peduncle is ½-1 inch long. Kathal or Jack Tree fruit is almost 12-30 inches in length of diameter 6-18 inches glandular outside with weight of 5-25 kg. Raw Kathal or Jack fruit pulp is of white color that turns yellow when ripe. Raw Kathal uses as a vegetable to make food recipes (Kathal Ki Sabji). Kathal or Jackfruit seeds are about 1 inch long rectangular or reniform shaped.

Chemical Composition

Jackfruit fruit contains 77.2% humidity, and rest Protein- 1.9, Fat 0.1, carbohydrate-18.9, Minerals- 0.8, Calcium-0.02 and Phosphorus- 0.03%. Jack fruit also contains 0.5mg Vitamin-A and Vitamin C 10mg. Its blue lumber part contains a yellow dye substance Morin (flavonol) and Cynanomaclorin. Its bark contains 3.3% Tenin and Niryas (Extract) with resin in the range of 42-84%.

Kathal Jackfruit Health Benefits

Kathal (Jackfruit) uses to cure many health disorders. Raw Kathal also utilizes as a kitchen recipe like a vegetable. Kathal leaves, fruit, bark, and root are used as parts of this natural herb. 50-100 ml dosage of jackfruit decoction used to treat various diseases.

Kathal has many health benefits or uses and is also used as a vegetable in kitchens. Hence, read below the most noteworthy Kathal (Jackfruit) health benefits for good health. Some main health benefits of Kathal are mentioned as follows:

External Uses

In Gland inflammation and external injury, Kathal milk practices to treat these disorders.

Internal Uses

Kathal is also used to treat digestive system disorders like Dysentery. Furthermore, Jackfruit bark decoction uses in dysentery cure treatment. Jackfruit is probably restricted to Abdominal diseases.

Kathal fruit is also the best for blood circulation system disorders like plethoric (RaktaPita) or Hemorrhage.

Another Kathal Jackfruit has also treated sperm infirmity.

Kathal also uses to treat skin diseases. Jackfruit tree leaves and root decoction utilizes to treat various skin disorders.

Kathal fruit helps to treat Infirmity and Debility. Another Jackfruit leaf decoction also supports the reduction of venom effects.

So, Try this natural organic herb Kathal Jackfruit especially relevant health benefits to treat diseases at home naturally.

Note: Please do not use this fruit to excess because it is not easy to digest. Also, do not eat it empty stomach.