How To Cure Chicken Pox Using Home Remedies

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How To Cure Chicken Pox Using Home Remedies

Chicken Pox (Varicella)

It is a contagious skin infection caused by the virus Varicella-Zoster (VZV). In the early stage of Varicella, a Blister like rash on the skin or the small red bumps that come out is a common symptom of this disease. More commonly, Chicken Pox (Chhoti Maata in Hindi) is cured within 1 or 2 weeks, without any medication, although the vaccine is also available. It is not a deadly disease, and patients have to take some precautions to cure it. So, your good hygiene habits are another important factor that helps to cure faster and reduce the symptoms. Also, you have to avoid skin scratching and touching blisters, which result in spreading the virus.

The normal quarantine period for this disease is about 1-3 weeks, and it much more depends upon your hygienic habits and diet. Considering you are taking an organic diet and avoiding junk, and spicy foods, then there are more chances to get cured soon. Neem (Margosa) is one extraordinary herb that treats all types of skin disorders like Chicken Pox. Besides this natural herb, many other ayurvedic herbs help to cure Chicken Pox using home remedies.

How to use herbs to cure Chicken Pox?

  1. Neem

Eat daily about 3-gram fresh Neem leaves every day, till you do not get relief.

Also, take a bath daily with Margosa leaves. Put leaves in a bucket of water for 30 minutes before bath. Finally, using this Neem water bath also helps you get relief from excessive heat.

Alternatively, applying a thin paste of leaves on boils to get relief from the burning sensation is also most beneficial. Margosa tree seeds paste is another good option that you can try. Prepare the paste and apply it.

To cure Chicken Pox faster, eat daily 1-2 Neem tree leaves, take a leaves bath, or put leaves below the bedsheet. Also, avoid sleeping on the bed and stay at home with taking hygienic precautions. Margosa is an anti-bacterial herb that helps to stop infection.

  1. Black Pepper

Take about 7 Peppercorns and the same pieces of Neem Leaves. Grind them well and use this mixture every day, for a month. This mixture cures Chicken Pox and it also secures you from Chicken Pox the next year. Further, you can also use this mixture as Paste. So, applying this mixture is also good to get relief from pain and burning sensation. Create a thin layer of this paste for the best results.

  1. Prickly Chaff Flower

Prickly Chaff Flower (Apamarg in Hindi) is also a variant of the anti-chicken Pox herb. Take the fresh root of this herb and prepare the paste. Now set this paste in the boils, for some time to cure it.

Patients also use the paste of this herb with the same amount of turmeric. This mixture treats the boils of Chickenpox as well as helps to spread infection. To stop further infection, apply the same paste on the nails of the fingers of the hands and feet. You can also apply this paste on the forehead, for best results.

  1. Henna

Henna (Mehandi) plant leaves also pass relief from Chicken Pox’s burning sensation. Prepare the Paste of Henna fresh leaves and apply it on the lower side of the feet to treat this illness, naturally. 

  1. Country Fig or Cluster Fig

Country Fig (Ficus Recemosa in Latin) leaves erect small, dark eruptions that cure Chicken Pox. Collect these eruptions and grind them with some milk. Finally, strain the mixture of milk and give it to the patient with Honey. Try this remedy twice a day, until it will not be cured. Furthermore, It also stops pus formation into boils and cures rapidly.

Alternatively, you can use Sugar-Candy in place of Honey. It heals mouth boil problems that cause by heat.

  1. Rose Flower Benefit

Rose (Rosa Centifolia) dried flower has an amazing effect to treat Chicken Pox boils. These tedious flowers aid to dry Boils. So, Just spread dry flowers on the bed on which you sleep.

Hence, these are the best bonzer herbs that use to treat Chicken Pox naturally at home using herbal treatments.