How To Treat Asthma? 11 Home Remedies

Breathe Easier Naturally: Explore 11 home remedies on how to treat asthma. From incorporating anti-inflammatory foods to practicing deep-breathing exercises, discover natural approaches that may offer relief and support respiratory health. 🌬️

How To Treat Asthma? 11 Home Remedies

It is a breathing disease in which patients get difficulty in breathing properly due to swelling in the lungs and chest congestion with Cough. Asthma is a respiratory system disorder and but mostly aged people suffered from it. . So, Ayurveda suggests some most effective home remedies for Asthma that help patients a lot.

Herbs to get rid of Asthma

Some most noteworthy ayurvedic treatments for Asthma are below:

1. Prepare a decoction of scrunch Flax Seeds (Alsi in Hindi) with water. Take 30-gram scrunch Linseeds, and 400 grams of water and mix 150-gram Sugar-candy (Mishri in Hindi). Finally, take one spoonful every hour in Asthma treatment.

Warm Salt Water Treatment

2. In an Asthma attack, take warm water with some salt to get relief fast, naturally.


3. In, home remedies for Asthma treatment, Peepal (Thespesia Populnea) is a very effective herb. Make the powder of dry peel of Peepal and take 3-4 times a day, with warm water. It is the most useful ayurvedic home remedy to end Asthma, naturally.


4. Take 1 Ratti (0.12 gram) Asafoetida (Hing in English), 1 Ratti Camphor (Karpor / Kapoor in Hindi), and prepare a fine powder to make pills. Finally, use these pills every after 2 hours, for the best results.

Ginger & herbs mixture

5. To prevent Asthma attacks, prepare the powder of an equal amount of Dried ginger (Sonth in English), Cyperus Scariosus (Nagarmotha in Hindi), and Myrobalan (Haritaki in English). Now, mix this powder in Jaggery or Treacle (Gur in Hindi), and make small pills. Finally, suck these herbal pills one by one to cure this problem, naturally.


6. Garlic (Lahsun in English) is also one beneficial ayurvedic herb for Asthma. Use it with warm water for the best effect. Also, Asthma patients can take a roasted piece of it, with some salt to end cough. So, A regular course of 30-40 days causes the end of this illness.


7. Mango is very beneficial for Asthma patients. Grind the pip of mango and prepare a fine powder. Take a 5-gram powder every day in the morning with water to cure asthma.

8 Grapes are good for Asthma patients, and they prevent an asthma attack.

Onion advantage

9. It is also the most used natural herb in home remedies for Asthma. Grind the Onion and smell it to cure this dilemma or other respiratory problems.

Malabar Nut

10. It is another the best useful herb for Asthma. Take the leaf decoction, and leaves juice orally or Inhale the smoke of dried leaves of Malabar Nut (Vasa, Vasaka in English) for Asthma cure at the best natural home remedy.


11. Dates are also most useful to treat Asthma. Cook the dates (Khazoor in English) with milk and eat dates, then drink milk to cure Asthma. This natural fruit also helps you to get rid of asthma attacks.

So, These are some best Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Asthma that help Asthma patients and cure them, naturally.

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