Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida in English)

Flavorful Wellness: Unlock the Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida in English). Explore its role in promoting digestion, reducing gas, and enhancing overall well-being—a tasty addition with added health perks! 🍛🌿

Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida in English)


Hing is known as Asafoetida in English with the Botanical name Ferula Foetida, one useful ayurvedic herb. Its popular Hindi names are Hing (हींग)Heeng(हीन्ग), Hingu (हिंगु), or Perungayam (पेरुंगयम). Other regional names of this medicinal gum resin in India are: In Bangali – Hin, in Gujrati – Hinga, in Kannada – Ingu, in Marathi – Hinga, in Malayalam – Kayam, in Tamil – Perunkayam or Perungayam and in Telugu – Inguva.

Asafoetida Uses

Hing commonly used Indian spice of every kitchen. It is a dried resin of the Asafoetida plant and is available in solid-state in small pieces.

It is used daily in preparing chaunk/ Tadka for many dishes like Dal or pulse to add flavour. In Tadka, we fry kitchen spices like Onion, Tomato, Cumin, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Chilli, Hing, and other spices in oil or ghee for delicious taste.

It is also one main active ingredients of Pickles. Due to its Digestive nature, it is used in all vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Hence, it is considered good for health and has many health benefits. Some main especially relevant health benefits of Hing in natural home remedies or naturopathic treatment are stated below:

Hing Treated What Diseases


1. In Diarrhea, it is one effective ayurvedic medicine. So, fry some Hing and take it with water to cure Diarrhea.


2. Another, In-home remedy for Gastric, it is the most useful. Dissolve some Hing in water and apply it near the umbilical region to get relief of sprain gastric pain. It is also the best digestive drug.


3. In constipation natural treatment, prepare the powder mixture of Hingu, Sonth, and Mulethi every 5 grams. Prepare the small pills as Gram size by mixing them with Natural Honey. Take one pill every time after a meal.


4. In toothache remedies, boil the Hing in water and gargle to get relief from toothache problems.


5. In Epilepsy treatment, it is also very beneficial. Boil some Hing with Rock Salt (Sendha Namak in English) and 10 gm Ghee in 100 ml of milk. Boil until ghee is left behind and use it to cure epilepsy.


6. In scrofula or goitre treatment, take an equal amount of Hing and laudanum to grind in Til (sesame) oil. Finally, like ointment, apply it on Goitre.

Swollen Glands

7. In swollen glands treatment, grind some Hing in one raisin with some hot water. It is another very effective natural home remedy.


8. Another in Stomach ache and abdominal cramps treatment, a mixture of half spoon of Ajwain (Carom seed) powder and salt are beneficial with a pinch of Hing.

Hence use these 8 best most noteworthy Ayurveda Home Remedies of the ayurvedic substance “Hing”. So,  treat diseases in the most appropriate naturopathic way.

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