How To Stop Diarrhoea Naturally

How to Stop Diarrhea Naturally: Gentle Remedies for Quick Relief! 🌿💧 Explore natural approaches to alleviate diarrhea symptoms and promote digestive health

How To Stop Diarrhoea Naturally

It is a virus-caused infection in the small bowel that results in a watery stool. Many people suffered from this disease due to improper catering or contaminated food and water. Ayurveda, suggests some most effective ayurvedic herbal treatments for this disease that are known by Hindi names “Atisar” or “Dast“. So, to stop diarrhoea, use the most useful best home remedies mentioned below:

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Know-How To Stop Diarrhoea Using Natural Herbs

Mango and Jamun usefulness

1. Take pips (Kernels) of Mango and Jamun (Syzgium cumini) and grind them to make a fine powder. Take two spoonfuls of the mixture, and after, that drink Whey (Lassi) to cure diarrhoea.


2. Boil a raw banana and take it in a bowl. In a frying pan, take some ghee and warm it a little, then add 2-3 Cloves (Laung in English) and banana paste. Mix curd, turmeric, and Black Salt (Kala Namak in English) for taste. Eat this dish to cure diarrhoea, in your meal. Raw banana is Vitamin and Minerals rich fruit, which is very nutritious.


3. Eat 5-6 Water Chestnut (Singara fruit in Hindi) and then drink Lassi (whey) to stop diarrhoea.


4. Warm some Asafoetida (Hing in Hindi) on carbons and take it with water. So, the usage of lukewarm Hing water is one good idea to treat this problem.

Banana Raw & Ripe

5. To treat frequent diarrhoea, eating ripe bananas directly and raw bananas as a dish are good natural treatments alternative.

Ginger & Cumin Combination

6. Powder mixture of Dried Ginger (Sonth in English), Black Cumin (Jeera in English), and Rock Salt (Sendha Namak in English) is also used to stop diarrhoea. Finally, Take this powder with Whey (Lassi in English) for the best results.


7. Rub Nutmeg (Jaiphal in English) and Sonth (Dried ginger) in the desi Ghee (Clarified butter) and lick it. This ayurvedic home remedy has great usefulness to treat disorders due to winter or cold.

8. Lemon juice is also best to cure diarrhoea.

Jamun Leaves

9. You can also use the leaves of Jamun (Syzgium cumini) to cure this illness. Grind the leaves completely and mix some Black salt (Kala Namak in English). Prepare the small pills and take one in the morning and one in the evening, with water daily.


10. Boil the leaves of guava in water and filter it. Drink half a glass of filtrate, 4-5 times a day to cure watery stools. So, It is also very effective in all ayurvedic home remedies to end diarrhoea fast.


11. In 30 grams of onion extract, mix a little Afeem (Opium) equal to a brown mustard seed and use it to cure this sickness. Or some people directly apply onion juice on the umbilical region around the naval, for best results.


12. In the case of heavy watery diarrhoea, mix Black Salt and Amla (Emblica Officinalis) powder. Use this herbal powder with water, 3-4 times a day to treat this uncomfortableness.

The above-mentioned treatments are very effective ayurvedic home remedies for diarrhoea. It is not a very serious disease, and you can cure it using natural herbal treatments. Diarrhoea and Dysentery are not the same. For information about Dysentery Cure, click on Dysentery treatment.

So, try these natural remedies to treat Diarrhea at home.

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