Amrud (Guava) Health Benefits in English

Guava Goodness Unveiled: Explore Amrud (Guava) Health Benefits in English! 🍈🌿 From Immunity Boost to Digestive Wellness, Discover the Nutrient-Rich Wonders of this Tropical Fruit. Embrace a Healthier You! 💚🌞 #GuavaBenefits #NutritionPowerhouse

Amrud (Guava) Health Benefits in English

Guava is one popular natural herbal plant that is found everywhere in India, and most people use this herb as a fruit. People love to eat this fruit and its juice often. Guava has many health benefits and uses to treat many diseases naturally. Diabetic or sugar patient advised eating Guava fruits and leaves.

Guava Names

In Hindi, Guava is known as “Amrud- अमरुद ” and “Safari”. Its Latin name is Psidium Guajava and of the Myrtaceae family. Guava is the English name of this herbal fruit. In Sanskrit, it is popular with Names as Bahubeej, Dridhbajati, and Peruk. Other regional Names of this useful herb are stated as: in Bengali – Chichara, and Goarchapa, in Gujarati – Jamphal or Jamrookh, in Kannada – Seeve, in Marathi – Jaam, and Peru, in Malayalam – Perakka, in Oria – Pijuli, in Tamil –  Koyya Pazham and Telugu – Goieya.

Although Guava has too many health benefits, some main are below:

Guava Treat What Diseases

1. Oral Diseases

  1. To treat Mouth Ulcers, apply some Kattha (Catechu) on Guava leaves and chew. If Kattha is not available, then simply chew some Guava leaves.
  2. In toothache treatment, Guava leaves juice is also very beneficial. Chew Guava leaves or prepare the decoction of Guava leaves and add some fitkari (Alum) in it. Then Gargle with this mixture to get relief from toothache.
  3. You can eat or chew Guava leaves and use them as a natural mouth freshener. It helps to remove mouth odor and other mouth or teeth problems.

2. Abdominal Disorders

  1. To treat constipation – Eat ripe Guava fruit by applying some black salt. It will help to end constipation. Regularly eat Guava, and if possible, then apart from the seeds.
  2. In Vomiting treatment, prepare the decoction of Guava leaves and drink about 10 ml. If not able to make a decoction, then take Guava fruit or leaves juice.
  3. For Diarrhea treatment, Guava is one well-known herb. Roast unripe Guava fruit and eat to stop Diarrhea. To treat Diarrhea in kids, take the root of the Guava tree about 10 grams, and mix it with 100 ml water. Boil this mixture till it remains half. On cooling, use it 2-3 times a day. Use about 5 ml mixture to cure Diarrhea. Guava fruit, leaves, and bark powder, all used to treat Diarrhea.
  4. In Dysentery treatment, eat Murabba of guava fruits. Guava Murabba cures both Diarrhea and Dysentery.
  5. To treat Cholera, drink the decoction of Guava leaves and soft bark. This remedy helps to treat primary stage Cholera.
  6. Indigestion is also cured with Guava. Drink the Guava leaves extract by mixing some sugar in it. Try this home remedy for a regular 1-2 weeks to cure Indigestion.

3. Benefits for Headache

To treat headaches, take an unripe Guava before sunrise from the Guava tree and rub it on a stone. Now apply this paste to the forehead to cure headaches. Use this home remedy for regular 4-5 days to get relief from headaches.

4. Cough Disorder

  1. To treat Dry Cough, daily eat one fresh Guava in the morning. If the mucus is not coming out with a cough, then this remedy is also most useful to come out the mucus.
  2. If with a cough too much mucus is coming out, then eat Guava. Also, with this condition is you are suffering from light fever, then this remedy is also very beneficial to treat both problems.
  3. There is another remedy for dry cough with Guava. Take the extract or juice of Guava fruit and mix some honey in it. Drink this mixture 2-3 times a day to cure dry cough.

5. Fever and Malaria

  1. To treat Fever, grind the fresh leaves of Guava and drink its juice by adding some water.
  2. To treat Malaria, eat Guava fruit 2-3 times a day.

6. Benefits for Rectal Disease

  1. To treat Fissures in Kids, prepare the decoction of Guava fruit, bark, and root and apply this on the rectal as a paste. Or you can intake the pills of Guava and Naagkesar powder. Prepare small pills like a granule of Urad Dal.
  2. In Bleeding Piles treatment, daily take about 5-gram Guava bark powder with bark water.
  3. To treat Diarrhea Fissures, prepare the Poultice or Pultis of fresh leaves of the Guava tree. It cures Fissures and helps to get relief of pain and inflammation.

Guava is also used to treat many other health disorders like Arthritis. Apply the paste of fresh leaves on the joints and get rid of Arthritis. Guava also treats many mental and abdominal disorders. Guava leaves extract is also uses to reduce the effect of Bhang (Cannabis) and Daturas.
On Shivratri, in many places, people prepare a drink “Bhang Ka Ghota” using Milk, Bhang (Marijuana in Hindi), Guava Leaves, Almonds, and Chaar-Magaj Kharbooj (Melon Seeds in Hindi), Kaddoo (Pumpkin Seeds in Hindi), Tarbooz (Watermelon Seeds in Hindi), and Badaam kernels (Almonds in Hindi). Use fresh leaves of Guava to make this mixture.

You can eat Guava fruits and their juice without any prescription and maintain good health.

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