11 Exalted Cumin Jeera Health Benefits in English

Discover the Magic of Cumin (Jeera)! Unveil 11 Exalted Health Benefits in English. Elevate Your Wellness Journey with Nature's Powerhouse. 🌿✨ #CuminMagic

11 Exalted Cumin Jeera Health Benefits in English

It is the most popular name of Indian kitchen spice, and every housewife uses this natural herb in most daily meal recipes. Jeera in English is known as Cumin or Cumin Seeds with the Latin name Cuminum Cyminum and is of the Apiaceae family. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned with many Sanskrit names as Jeerak, Ajali, or Jarak. Jeera, Jira and Jiradana are Hindi names of this medicinal spice.

It is of two types, as of its colour: Black Cumin Seeds and White Cumin Seeds. In India, Safed Jeera (White Cumin Seed) has different regional names in different languages as In Bangali – Jeera, Gujrati – Jeeru, Marathi – Jeerae, and in Telugu Jeelkari. Kala Jeera (Black Cumin Seeds) in English – Black Careway, Hindi – Syaha Jeera, Sanskrit – Krishna Jeerak, Gujrati – Shah Jeera, Marathi – Shah Jeerae, Tamil – Shimai or Shirgam, and in Telugu – Sheema Jilkar.

Jeera Plant Introduction

It is a small bunch of plant-like Coriander. It has small white flowers that turn into white and dark grey seeds.

Cumin seeds have many medicinal properties and use either as a spice or Ayurvedic medicine, both. It is commonly used to treat Vomiting, Stomach ache, Diarrhea, Indigestion, fever, and to promote potency. Cumin health benefits are too many in Naturopathy and top of the most used are mentioned below:

Jeera Treat What Diseases

Stomach ache

  1. In stomach ache remedies, swallowing half a spoon of Jeera is most beneficial. In Intestinal worms treatment, prepare a decoction of about 20 gm of cumin seeds with about 500 ml of water. Finally, use this decoction to kill stomach worms.


2. In Leucorrhoea treatment, prepare the mixture of 5 gm of Jeera seeds powder with 10 gm of sugar candy. Use this mixture twice a day in the morning and evening with rice water.


3. To treat Diarrhoea, it is a useful herbal option. Prepare some powder of roasted Cumin. Now use this powder of about 5-6 grams with curd. In the case of Children, take a small amount of about 500mg of this roasted powder and add a spoon of water. Use it twice or thrice a day to cure Diarrhoea in Children.


4. In Toothache, prepare the decoction of seeds and gargle to treat it. Cumin seeds are also useful to treat mouth disorders. Prepare the decoction of about 5 gm cumin seeds powder and 2-3 gm powder of each sandalwood, cardamom, and Fitkari (Alum). Finally, Gargle with this solution to treat mouth disorders.

Fever and Malaria

5. Prepare the mixture of 5 gm seeds powder with about 20 mg juice of Bauhinia bark (Kachnar in English). Use this mixture daily 2-3 times to cure fever. In Chronic fever recovery, soak about 5 gm of Jira seed in milk at night, and on drying, prepare its powder. Finally, use this powder with sugar candy twice or thrice a day.

In Malaria treatment, Prepare the mixture of one part of seeds powder with two parts of Bottle Gourd. Drink it, thrice a day to cure Malaria. Using Cumin powder with Jaggery, before one hour of the meal is another good natural alternative.


6. In Hiccoughs, take 5 gm of seeds powder and soak them in ghee. Finally, take the smoke of these smear seeds to treat Hiccoughs.


7. In dog bite treatment, prepare an equal amount of powder of Cumin and Black Pepper. Strain this mixture and use it twice a day to cure it, naturally.

In Spider bite treatment, prepare the paste of cumin seeds with ginger and paste on the bite area. You can also use Cumin to treat Scorpion bites. In seeds powder, mix some salt, natural honey, and ghee (Clarified butter). Before applying on the affected spot first warm this mixture.

These remedies help you to reduce the effect of poison and to treat the bite. So, for more bite home remedies, visit our bite section.

Cumin effectiveness for Nausea

8. During pregnancy, to control anxiety and feeling of uneasiness, Jeera Water is very useful. In lemon juice mix, some cumin powder and salt about 3-4 gm each. Hence use Jeera water to Treat Nausea, in a natural way.

Cumin for Lactation

9. Another to stimulate lactation in mothers, prepare a recipe of roasted cumin seeds. Prepare wheat flour Halwa in ghee and eat to increase milk production.

Cumin goodness for Indigestion

10. To improve digestion, Cumin is also very beneficial. In 100 ml water, mix 100 gm cumin powder and about 5 gm of Black Pepper. Boil this solution till half of the solution remains vacant. When lukewarm, add some salt into this solution as per taste. Now use this solution to treat the Indigestion problem and help to clean the excretory system.

Cumin for Weight Loss

11. Cumin is also useful for weight loss in Ayurveda. In warm water, mix one lemon, one teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon of Cumin powder. Add a pinch of salt for taste and use it daily in the morning to lose weight. So, the use of Cumin for weight loss is very effective.

In the Indian kitchen, roasted Jeera uses in most recipes. Hence, you can use these natural herb seeds to treat the above-mentioned disorders. So, use Cumin Seeds and powder without any hesitation in your daily routine.

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