How To Treat White Discharge Naturally?

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How To Treat White Discharge Naturally?
How To Treat White Discharge Naturally?

What is Leukorrhea?

Leukorrhea (Leucorrhea) is another common women’s problem in which thick, yellowish, or milky white discharge from the vagina. The primary cause of this disease is an imbalance in the estrogen hormone during pregnancy, and it is common in many females during the pregnancy stage.

This vaginal discharge is also caused due to infection in the vaginal region. This white discharge occurs in many teenagers, and the amount of discharge may vary as per vaginal infection. Also, Leukorrhea is considered normal if the discharge is dilute, white, and without any odour. To treat Leukorrhea, there are 25 impressive natural home remedies for white discharge that help you to stop this problem.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for White Vaginal Discharge

Decoctions For Leukorrhea

1. Pomegranate decoction is very beneficial to cure Leukorrhea. Prepare the decoction of Pomegranate peel and mix some turmeric in it. Now, clean your vaginal area with it internally or externally as you can for better results.
2. Horse-Gram (Dolichos Uniflorus) 10-20 ml decoction also helps to cure Leukorrhea. You can also use Horse-Gram as a pulse food.
3. Catechu (Acacia Catechu) decoction is also used to clean the vagina, and it helps to stop Leukorrhea and Metrorrhagia.
4. You can also use the decoction of Acacia Tree (Babul-Hindi Name and Acacia Nilotica in Latin) to stop Leukorrhea. Prepare the decoction with 10 gm of bark with 400 ml water and when the remaining 1/4th means about 100 ml then use daily two spoons, twice a day.
5. Sprout Leaf Plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum) decoction of about 50 ml is used with 2 gm honey to cure vaginal discharge. Use this remedy, twice a day.

Flowers for Leukorrhea

1. Mountain Ebony (Bauhinia Variegata) red flower bud powder help to stop the white discharge. Use 1-2 gm powder to stop Leukorrhea.

2. Fire Flame Bush (Woodfordia Fruticosa) is also used to cure white Leukorrhea. Give the patient 2-3 gm of flower powder with natural honey, on an empty stomach, twice a day. Or Also prepare a mixture with the same amount of sugar candy and use it with water or milk to drink, twice a day.
3. Apply the paste of Rose flower on the vagina to stop Leukorrhea.
4. Peacock flower (Delonix Regia) bark and flower powder also cure Leukorrhea. You can take, 1-2 gm of powder with water.
5. China Rose (Hibiscus Rosa) flower fried in clarified butter with some sugar help to stop the white discharge. You can also use its buds in place of the flowers. Use this mixture with milk for one week.

Extracts for Leukorrhea

1. Cluster Fig (Ficus Racemosa) extract also stops milky discharge with odour. Use 5-10 gm extract with sugar-candy, twice daily, in the morning and evening.
2. Use daily Bael fruit tree leaves extract with honey to drink, twice a day to cure Leukorrhea.
3. Drink the juice of Malabar Nut (Adhatoda Vasica) leaves extract about 10 gm with one spoon of honey, twice a day to stop the milky white discharge.
4. Wind Killer (Clerodendrum Phlomidis) is used to treat Leukorrhea disorders. In 5-10 ml of Wind Killer extract, mix some water, and use it with honey or sugar candy. It is also useful to treat Uteritis and other uterine diseases.
5. Sesbane (Sesbania Grandiflora) fresh bark extract also uses to clean the vaginal area to cure Leukorrhea. Grind its fresh bark, and with this bark extract, clean the vagina. You can use cotton for cleaning. Soak some bark extract in it and place it in the vagina to cure Leukorrhea and vaginal itching.

Seeds for Leukorrhea

1. Persian Liliac (Melia Azedarach) also helps to stop the white discharge. Prepare the mixture of an equal amount of Persian Liliac seeds and white sandalwood. Also, add an equal amount of raw sugar to it and eat 6 gm daily, in the morning and evening.
2. Another use is Common Cow Itch (Mucuna Pruriens) seeds, 1-2 gm with water to cure Leukorrhea.
3. Indian Gooseberry (Amla in Hindi, Emblica Officinalis-Latin Name) seeds also use in Leukorrhea treatment. Grind 20-30 gm of Gooseberry seeds with water and strain the water. Then use it with two spoons of honey and some sugar. Drink it for regular, 2-3 days to cure white discharge.

Roots for Leukorrhea

1. Milk Hedge (Euphorbia Thymifolia) root used to cure white discharge. Grind it’s about 2 gm of root with water and strain the solution. Now give it to the patient, twice a day.
2. Sacrificial Grass (Desmostachya Bipinnata) root is also used to treat Leukorrhea. Take some rice and mix some water in it. After some hours, strain this solution and prepare the paste of Sacrificial grass root with rice water. Use daily 3-4 gm of this paste for 2-3 days to stop the white discharge.
3. Prepare the mixture of Winter Cherry root powder with the same amount of sugar candy. Now use daily, one spoon of this mixture, twice a day, with cow milk to stop the white discharge.
4. Country Mallow root powder about 3 gm, used with cow milk. Also, add some sugar for the taste to treat milky white discharge at home.
5. Lotus plant root and China Rose (Hibiscus Rosa) equal amounts of powder beneficial in the treatment of Leukorrhea. Also, add the same quantity of Silk Cotton (Bombax Ceiba). Leukorrhea patients can use 4-5 gm powder with water
6. Turmeric and Indian Bdellium (Commiphora wightii) same amount of powder used in female discharge treatment. Use a 5-10 gm mixture with water, twice a day for better use. Or, also drink turmeric milk with Jaggery.

Fruits for Leukorrhea

Eat a banana to stop white discharge or Leukorrhea.
Hence try these herbal roots, seeds, extracts, flowers, fruits, and decoction to stop white discharge at home. You can try any home remedy from described ayurvedic home remedies for white discharge with the herbs that are commonly available around you.

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