Lotus Kamal Introduction & Health Benefits in English

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Lotus Kamal Introduction & Health Benefits in English

Lotus, a worldwide popular natural water plant that is regarded for its beautiful flowers and big leaves. This is a water plant with big-sized, heart-shaped leaves that floats on the water surface. It has three species:

  1. Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.
  2. Nymphaea Nouchali Burm.
  3. Nymphaea Alba Linn

It is white, blue, yellow, and red in color mostly.

Lotus Names

Sacred Lotus, Indian Lotus, Blue Lotus, Pink Water Lily, and Chinese water Lily are the English names of this flora and of the Nymphaeaceae family. In Ayurveda, it has been described with many Sanskrit names as Kamalam, Padam, Kumud, Nalinam, Kuvlya, Shwet Kuvalya, Utpal, Neelkamal, Arvindam, Neelpatra, Pushkarm, Neeloutpal, Sarsijam, Asitotapal, Pundrikam, Neelpankaj, Kairavah, Tamrasam, Rajivam, etc.

Hindi Names: Kamal (कमल), Neelkamal, Kumud, Kui, Kambal, Kafai, Koi, Kokka and Padam.

Other regional names of this water plant In India are: 

Bengali: Kaml, Komal, NeelSapla, Padam, Shaluk and Sundi 

Kannada: Biliya Tawre and Bilenedile, 

Gujarati: Suryakamal, Suriyakamal, Kanval, Noliophal, and Poyanu and Panderan Kamal

Marathi: Kamal, Kamod, Pamposh, and Krishankamal

Malayalam: Tamar, Tamara, Sitambel

Tamil: Ambal, Vellampal, Nilotuplama, Tamrai

Telugu: Kalava, Kalung, Katelkaluva, Erattamara and Nitithamra

Uriya: Padam, Dhabalken, Subdhikane, Rongken

Kamal Lotus Health Benefits

Lotus root, stem (Kamal-Kand, Dandal), leaves, flowers, flower stigma, and seeds have many medicinal properties due to which it uses in various home remedies. If you have a question, does Lotus have health benefits? Then, we answer Yes and mention them.

Lotus for Skin

  1. To treat herpes, prepare the paste of Lotus root and apply it to the affected skin to cure them.

For itching and leprosy treatment, this paste is also beneficial.
Another, the leaves of Lotus and Banyan tree are also good for the skin. Prepare the ash of equal leaves and mix with Coconut oil. Finally, apply this paste to cure skin problems.


2. Bloody Piles are also cured with this natural herb. Add sugar and lotus flower saffron with butter and use this remedy twice a day, for better results.

Rectal Prolapse

3. In Rectal Prolapse treatment, take the 1-2 gram powder of Lotus leaf with sugar. Alternatively, the root paste is another advantageous choice. Use 2-gram paste with clarified butter (Cow-Ghee) every morning.

Lotus Urinary Disorder

4. To treat urinary disorder “Dysuria”, use the Lotus made beverage by adding Honey or Sugar to it. This health drink is most useful to cure summer Dysuria due to hotness. Another, the use of 3-4 gram Lotus stem fried in oil is also useful. Use this mixture with Cow-urine to end painful Dysuria.


5. Lotus seeds are also the best natural choice to stop vomiting. Take 1-2 grams roasted seeds powder with Natural Honey.


6. In the case of Bloody Leucoria and Piles, the use of flower saffron 1-2 with some sugar candy is most beneficial.


7. To stop Nose Bleed Hemorrhage, pour the1-2 drops of lotus flower extract in both nostrils.


8. Lotus flower Stigma also utilizes to cure dandruff. Prepare the paste of Stigma (Flower Saffron) by grinding with sesame oil (Til tail) and Amla powder. Now add some Mulethi powder to it and apply it to the head to get rid of dandruff.

Cough Treatment

9. Another, Cough due to hotness (Pittaj Kasa –Due to intake of hot nature food, alkaline food, or sun heatstroke) also treated well with Lotus. Take 1-2 gram lotus seeds powder with natural Honey, twice a day for best results.

Lotus Health Benefits for fever

10. The decoction helps to cure fever. Take 15-20 ml decoction in the morning and the evening to cure fever. Another, the cold syrup or Sharbat of Lotus, also has great usefulness to treat acne or pimples due to fever. 

Burning Sensation

11. Also, the burning sensation of the body is treated well with the white lotus paste. Prepare it with water and apply it to the body. Alternatively, Lotus root paste also uses to get relief naturally.

Snake Bite

12. To treat snake bites, the use of flower stigma (Saffron) is also very useful. Take 2 grams of each Lotus stigma and Black Pepper and grind well. Apply it to the bitten spot to cure bite side effects like pain, inflammation, etc. Check out more snakebite treatments.

So, you can use the above-mentioned 12 best home remedies to get the health benefits of Lotus.

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