How To Get Rid Of Piles (Bavasir) Naturally

Natural Relief for Piles: Discover effective ways on how to get rid of piles naturally with our comprehensive guide. From dietary adjustments to herbal remedies, explore holistic approaches that may provide comfort and promote relief from the discomfort of piles. 🌿

How To Get Rid Of Piles (Bavasir) Naturally

Piles is termed as Bavasir in Hindi and a very serious and painful disease. This disorder is popular with the English name Haemorrhoids, and Bavasir, Arsh, or Raktarsh in Hindi. A proper and right treatment cures this disease completely.
If you are looking for how to get rid of piles? Then you can use these suggested ayurvedic home remedies for piles. Ayurveda organic herbs play a vital role to treat it at home. So feel free to take the most effective health benefits of natural herbs to cure this ailment, naturally.

How to get rid of piles using natural herbs

Neem & Tulsi

1. Take the pip of Neem (Azadirachta indica) fruit and grind with Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) root powder. Hence, use this mixture daily with Whey (Lassi in Hindi) to cure Bavasir.


2. Mix Sesame seed (Til in Hindi) in curd and use it regularly in piles treatment.


3. Boil the pomegranate peel and drink this solution to get rid of Hemorrhoids.


4. Use Amla (Emblica Officinalis) powder with curd. It is another very beneficial remedy in piles treatment.


5. Grind the green Coriander (Dhania in Hindi) and prepare a poultice (herb tied in a neat cloth), then apply it on piles of warts. This remedy is also the best herbal treatment for this disorder.


6. Take a node of Turmeric and mix it with Zabaar Patha. Use this mixture, in the morning and the evening to treat this condition.

Olive Oil

7. Take the lemon extract and filter it with neat cloths, then add an equal amount of Olive Oil (Zaitoon Ka Tail in Hindi). Mix 2-4 grams of Glycerin in this mixture and implement it on anus piles. So, It helps to treat piles naturally.


8. It is also considered the best herbal food for Piles. Take 100-gram onion extracts mixed with 50-gram Sugar-candy (Mishri in Hindi). Eat this mixture daily in the morning to end piles.

Radish herbal treatment

9. Daily eat radish 3-4 times a day to stop blood piles. In one cup of Radish Juice mix, one spoon Clarified Butter (desi ghee in Hindi) to get relief from this health disorder. Cut radish into small pieces and apply salt to it. Then put it outside, under sky dew, and eat in the morning. Finally, eat daily for 20 days to get rid of Hemorrhoids.


10. It is very beneficial for Hemorrhoids, and the patient has to eat daily 250-gram ripe guava empty stomach.

Cumin, Fennel and Coriander Remedy

11. Boil cumin, fennel, and coriander in one glass full of water. When half of the water remains behind, filter it and daily use it twice a day in the morning and evening with Clarified Butter to cure bloody Piles or Bavasir.

Aloe Vera

12. It is another useful herbal treatment for Hemorrhoids. Use aloe vera extract directly on Piles to get rid of this ailment. The use of its gel is one good choice for piles treatment. It is the most used herb for all types of skin disorders and piles, additionally.

So, Use these 12 best natural ayurvedic home remedies to get rid of Piles, naturally. Let's discuss Yoga's impact on piles and real-life personal experiences of persons in the further sections.

Yoga and Piles

The Beneficial Impact of Yoga on Piles

Yoga, with its emphasis on gentle stretching and mindful breathing, can have a positive impact on piles. Specific poses, such as the Malasana (garland pose) and Pawanmuktasana (wind-relieving pose), can aid in relieving piles by improving blood circulation and reducing congestion.

Regular practice of these poses helps prevent and alleviate the discomfort associated with piles. The stretching and contracting motions involved in yoga poses stimulate blood flow to the rectal area, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

While yoga alone may not be a cure for severe cases, it can complement other natural remedies and lifestyle changes. It provides a holistic approach to overall well-being, addressing not just the symptoms but also the underlying factors contributing to piles.

Personal Experiences

Dealing with piles can be a challenging journey, but many individuals have successfully managed and overcome this condition naturally. Kavya, a 38-year-old mother of two, shares her experience, "After my second pregnancy, I developed persistent piles. I decided to try natural remedies before considering surgery. With a combination of dietary changes, regular exercise, and herbal treatments, I saw a significant improvement within a few weeks. It's about finding what works for you and being consistent."

Another individual, Vivek, 45, adds, "I was skeptical about natural remedies, but after consulting with a homeopath and incorporating yoga into my routine, my piles symptoms reduced drastically. It's not an overnight solution, but the gradual improvement is worth the effort."

These stories highlight the importance of patience and perseverance in adopting natural remedies for piles.


In conclusion, getting rid of piles naturally involves a holistic approach encompassing dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and the incorporation of natural remedies. Empower yourself to take control of your health and embrace a life free from the discomfort of piles.


  1. Are natural remedies effective for severe cases of piles?
    Natural remedies can provide relief for mild to moderate cases. However, severe cases may require medical intervention. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.
  2. How long does it take for natural remedies to show results?
    Individual responses vary. Consistent adherence to natural remedies may show improvement within a few weeks. Patience and persistence are key.
  3. Can I continue using over-the-counter creams alongside natural remedies?
    It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure compatibility and avoid potential interactions between different treatments.
  4. Is surgery the only option for treating piles in some cases?
    Surgery is usually considered when conservative measures and natural remedies fail to provide relief. It's essential to explore less invasive options first.
  5. Are there specific foods to avoid to prevent piles recurrence?
    Processed foods, spicy dishes, and excessive caffeine can contribute to piles. Maintaining a balanced diet with an emphasis on fiber-rich foods is essential.

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