Health Benefits of Sesame (Til) Seeds, Oil, Leaves and Root

Unlocking the Nutritional Treasure: Health Benefits of Sesame (Til) Seeds, Oil, Leaves, and Root! 🌿 Explore the Richness of Sesame in Promoting Wellness Across Different Forms. Embrace the Holistic Power of Sesame for a Healthier You! 💚

Health Benefits of Sesame (Til) Seeds, Oil, Leaves and Root

Black Sesame is the most useful ayurvedic herb and has many medicinal uses in home remedies. Sesame seeds in  Hindi are known as Til (तिल), Til Tail, Mitha, or Meetha Tel. Other regional names of sesame seeds in India are Bengali – Til, Gujarati – Tal or Meetu Tel, Kannada – Ellu, Malayalam – Ellu, Tamil – Ellu, Telugu – Nuvvulu, and in Oriya – Raashi.

Sesame is of many colors, but mostly found 2 types of sesame are:

1.) Black Sesame, and 2.) White Sesame
Black sesame is commonly used for medicinal uses, and it is a plant of the Pedaliaceae family. Its Latin name is Sesamum Orientale.

Sesame seeds are also oil-rich seeds, and Indian Sesame is pale yellow. In Hindi, Sesame oil is popular with the name Meetha Tail that uses to treat many Vata disorders like pain, inflammation, arthritis, and other ache problems. This ayurvedic herb is also known well with the English name Gingelly sesame. So, this natural herb has many medicinal properties, and the top best effective 15 uses or health benefits of sesame seeds are below:

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds, Oil, Leaves, and Root


1. It is one best Ayurvedic medicine for the eyes. Collect the dewdrops of water in winter from the Sesame fruit in a small glass bottle. Drop these dewdrops into the eyes to increase eye power or eyesight naturally.


2. To treat cough disorders, Black sesame decoction is very beneficial. Prepare the decoction of 2-gram Black sesame, 2-3 leaves of basil (Tulsi), and ginger (Adrak). Finally, use this drink, same like tea to cure dry cough at home, naturally.


3. Are you suffering from a loss of appetite problem? So, eating sesame seeds is a good option to treat digestive uncomfortableness.

Ache Problems

4. Black sesame oil usage herbal remedy is also beneficial in Arthritis, Protuberance, and pain or other body ache problems.


5. To treat irregular menstruation, prepare and use the decoction of 5-gram sesame seeds. If you are suffering from heavy pain during periods? Then start to use this drink, 4-5 days before starting the menstruation cycle. Hence, this ayurvedic remedy helps you to get simultaneousness in menses at home, naturally. Also, click here for more of the best home remedies for irregular menstrual cycles.

Urinary disorders

6. Are you suffering from frequent or infrequent urination complications? Prepare the decoction of sesame seeds and Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestris) 5 grams each. The use of this decoction is good for health. You can also prepare Laddu (A Sweet) of Sesame seeds in Desi Ghee and use it as another good alternative.

Pee in bed

7. The children who suffered from pee-in-bed problems, can use the Sesame seeds Laddu sweet, or seeds powder.

Teeth Problems

8. For teeth problems, use 10-gram black sesame seeds, daily. So, Chewing seeds is a good alternative to treat all types of gums and teeth problems.

Kidney Stone

9. To treat renal stone problems, prepare the powder of Til leaves and use this powder one spoon daily, in the morning and the evening. You can also use the ash of the sesame root to cure stone disorders, naturally.


10. In Gonorrhea Treatment, soak 4-5 grams of Til leaves with 200-300 grams of water, at night. Filter this mixture in the morning and finally, use this to treat Gonorrhea disease naturally.


In Arthritis treatment, sesame seeds are most useful. Prepare the powder of an equal amount of Turmeric (Haldi), Fenugreek (Methi), Dried Ginger (Sonth), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), and Sesame seeds (Til). Finally, use this mixture, one spoon daily, with lukewarm milk or water to cure it, naturally.

Athletic Muscles

12. Sesame oil is also very beneficial to gain athletic muscles. Massage with this oil daily for best results.

Sesame Oil benefit for skin

13. If you are suffering from skin problems? Then, use sesame seeds oil by adding some Neem leaves. So, this home remedy is also used for better skin care options, naturally.

Meetha Tel for pain

14. In pain treatment, use sesame oil to get rid of the ache problems. You can also add Dry Ginger (Sonth) for best results. So, massage with this ayurvedic herbal oil and treat body aches.


15. Black Sesame seeds oil for Hair: Black sesame is also beneficial for hair. Prepare the decoction of the Sesame root plant and leaves. Wash your hair with this sesame root or leaves mixture on cooling for good hair health.

Try these the best noteworthy 15 ayurvedic home remedies of Sesame seeds, oil, leaves, and ash to cure different disorders. According to Charak Samhita’s text, this oil is the best of all oils and optimal for strengthening and tenderness.

Therefore take advantage of this organic herb at home.

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