How To Treat Arthritis Naturally 13 Ways

Natural Relief for Arthritis: Discover 13 ways on how to treat arthritis naturally. From anti-inflammatory foods to gentle exercises, explore holistic remedies that support joint health and provide soothing relief. 🌿💙 #ArthritisNaturalRelief #JointWellness

How To Treat Arthritis Naturally 13 Ways


It is the pain and swelling condition in the joints of the body. It is the combination of two words, Artho and Itis meaning joints and inflammation. Arthritis is an English term and in Hindi known as Gathiya(गठिया). With ageing, many people suffer from this disease. Arthritis is more common in old people, and sometimes, it is due to cold. Many females are suffered from Arthritis problems in winter and during pregnancy. It is not a serious condition, but it causes deep pain, so needs a permanent cure.

Some most effective ayurvedic home remedies that have great significance in arthritis treatment are:

Herbs for Arthritis

Carom seeds

1. Grind an equal amount of Carom/thymol seeds, Guggul (Indian Bdellium Tree), Peppercorns, and Malkangni (Celastruspaniculatus). Hence make pills equal to Grammage and daily use 4 pills with milk, in the morning and the evening.


2. Prepare the powder of an equal amount of root of Winter Cherry (Withania Somnifera) with sugar. Use a daily 5-gram powder with milk, in the morning and the evening. In all ayurvedic Home remedies for Arthritis, this home remedy is the most effective.

Mustard Oil, Carom, and Garlic Mixture

3. In mustard oil, mix Carom and Garlic and warm for some time. So on cooling, massage this oil on joints or Arthritis affected joints.

Yellow Oleander

4. It is another beneficial herb to treat this illness. Boil the leaves of the Yellow Oleander plant (Cascabela Thevetia) and grind. Then, mix it with mustard oil to prepare a paste. Finally, apply it to joints in Arthritis treatment.


5. Eat the small pieces of Ginger after roasting them in clarified butter. Or, roast Ginger with sesame seed oil and massage on joints to get rid of Arthritis.


6. It is another useful natural herb. Mix some Camphor in a very less amount of Opium and mix in mustard oil. Finally, massage it on joints to treat the pain.


7. The use of Nutmeg is another good choice to treat arthritis. Rub it with mustard oil, on a stone and massage it with this paste.

Potato for joints

8. In any type of joint pain or swelling, prepare a paste of raw potato and apply it.

Onion and Mustard oil remedy

9. Massage with a mixture of mustard oil and onion extract, to get rid of joint pain is most helpful.

10. Mix 10 scraps of Garlic in half kg of milk. Also, mix some sugar candy for taste. Finally, use this remedy for regular 40 days, to treat this disorder.

11. In arthritis treatment, daily eating Cucumber and Garlic is also a good habit.

Herbs powder mixture

12. Patanjali, Acharya Bal Krishan also suggests another natural arthritis remedy. Prepare the powder of Carom/thymol seed, Dried ginger, and Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) using an equal amount of all. Now, daily, boil one spoon of powder in two glasses of water. Lastly, drink this solution when remaining half, twice a day to get relief from joint pain.


13. It is also a very useful herb. Prepare the powder mixture of Turmeric, Fenugreek seed, and dried Ginger 100 gram each. Finally, use 1 spoon of it, twice a day, after the meal to treat joint pain, arthritis, and back pain problems. So, this joint pain home remedy is another mostly uses herbal treatment to treat these problems, naturally.

In arthritis treatment, Apple is also very beneficial. Another, it reduces the amount of uric acid in your body. Hence, every diabetic patient has to eat the apple, daily. So, use these best especially relevant 13 ayurvedic home remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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