Camphor Introduction and Health Benefits- Kapoor in English

Camphor (Kapoor) 101: An Introduction to Its English Alias and Health Marvels. Explore the aromatic world of Camphor, unlocking its natural healing properties and versatile uses for well-being. 🌐🌺

Camphor Introduction and Health Benefits- Kapoor in English

It has been used in Ayurveda from old ages and with a lot of health benefits. Its Latin name is Cinnamomum Camphora and of the Lauraceae familyKarpoor, Kapurah, Ghansaarah and Hima are its Sanskrit names and Kapoor, or Kapur in Hindi. Another, Kapoor in English is known as Camphor, Camphor Tree, or Camphor Laurel. In Ayurveda or Indian ethology, “Bhimseni Kapoor” is described in many places with its uses or benefits. Other regional names of this herbal substance are: Karpur in Bengali; Chandradhaval, Kaamda, Kamra, Karpoor in Kannada; Kapoor or Kapur in Gujrati, Dogri and Nepali; Kapura or Kpoora in Marathi; Karpuram, Kapporam, Subhramasu and Himanshu in Malayalam; Karpuram, Kanasaram and Sidhlam in Tamil; Kpuram, Himvaluka and Chandrumu in Telugu; and Kopuro, Kopooro or Ghonosaro in Uria.

Camphor is white, highly inflammable with an incisive smell. Natural Camphor is obtained from Camphor tree i.e. the evergreen tree of about 25-35 meters in height. Camphor tree oil has also too many uses as solid Camphor. Although, its benefits are limitless but most trustworthy 10 best are as follow:

Kapur Treat What Diseases

 Skin Disorders

Camphor is used to treat itching, ringworm, or herpes. Take the fine powder of Camphor and mix it with coconut oil. Mix well and apply on the affected skin to treat skin disorders.

In leprosy naturopathy remedy, apply the fine powder of Camphor to leprosy wounds.

To heal arms or instrument cut, fill the mixture of Camphor powder and Clarified butter (Desi Ghee in Hindi).

Hair Problems

Both Camphor and Coconut oil mixture uses to get dandruff-free good hairs. Camphor oil can be used in place of powder.

Mouth Disorders

In the case of toothache, put some Camphor in the teeth where the ache persists. Another, you can use dry ginger and camphor powder to massage teeth. This naturopathic remedy also cures toothache.

To treat Mouth Ulcers, take about 100 mg of Camphor and some sugar candy. Mix well both and apply on ulcers to get relief fast.


To stop bleeding, give the fumes or smoke of burning Camphor.


Camphor steam is most useful to cure Cold. To do this, mix some Camphor into the water and boil to get vapours. These vapours help to get relief from common cold and cough problems.


To get relief from rheumatism or gout, mix Camphor with Laudanum and massage on the joint.

Abdominal Diseases

To stop vomiting, mix some Kapoor in water and drink it. In the case of Cholecystitis, take about 100 mg of Camphor with water.

Thoracic Disorders

To cure respiratory diseases like cough, take Kapoor 100 mg with jaggery about 700 mg.

Another to treat Asthma at home using ayurvedic home remedies, take and use an equal amount of Camphor and Asafoetida (Hing in Hindi) about 100mg.

Inflammation Treatment

To cure Inflammation and Moch (Moch Aana in English – Sprain), take the mixture of Olive oil and Camphor for massage.

Scorpion and Wasp Bite

Grind the Camphor with Vinegar and apply it on the bite spot of scorpion or wasp bite to get relief fast.

Hence these are the best 10 ayurvedic or naturopathic remedies of Camphor. It is also helpful to purify air and mosquito repellent at home. In, homemade mosquito repellent is utilized with Neem oil.

In all religious rituals, worship and Yajna “Havana- Offering prayers to God in front of the fire”- Camphor used for burning as a quick inflammable material that creates a spiritual environment.

So, Use the natural Camphor health benefits as naturopathic medicine and treat diseases at home naturally.

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