How To Treat Animal & Insect Bite Naturally?

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How To Treat Animal & Insect Bite Naturally?

Know how to treat animals and insect bites like Pazhuthara, Honey Bee, Spider, Wasp etc at home

Many people suffered daily from bites of different types of toxic organisms. Some bites cause unbearable pain and swelling on the bite spot. On this page, we are sharing primary home remedies for the honey bee, monkey, and centipede (Pazhuthara- Commonly with 32 legs in and Known with Bathrida in North India and cause 32 fever after a bite so-known as Batis Rida or Batrida in Hindi), mosquitoes, mice, spider, and wasp bite treatment. In the bite section, we defined snakebite treatmentscorpion bite treatment, and dog bite treatment.

So, you can visit these pages to get treatments or home remedies for bites. Here we recommend some other animal or insect bites treatments that are quite useful for our society.

Home Remedies For Bites


1. In-home remedies for honey bee bites, prepare the sauce like a mixture of Rock salt and Fennel seed. Apply this to the sting place to end the pain. People who collect honey from honey bee nests are mostly attacked by bees. To prevent honey bee stings, rub camphor on your naked skin parts.

yellow and black bee on yellow and white surface

Monkey and Jackal Bite

2. Sometimes, people are attacked by a monkey, and in monkey bite treatment, apply the paste of onion extract and natural honey on the monkey bite wound. In the case of dog or Siyar (Jackal) bite treatment, apply onion extract to end the venom effect.


3. Pazhuthara is the Hindi name for the Centipede. When you are attacked by Pazhuthara? then in such a case, applying onion and garlic extract on the Centipede bite to end the venom is one good alternative. So, if you have a common question –how do you treat a centipede bite? Then try this centipede (karikkunnanu in Malayalam) bite remedy.

Jaman (Syzygium Cuminii) leaves juice with water used for all types of bites by animals or insects. Drink this water mixed leaves extract to get relief from bitten pain and swelling.


4. In mosquito bite treatment, apply kerosene oil to the bite places. Although, mosquito bites are not very dangerous but to prevent mosquito bites, apply mustard oil to your skin.

Wasp Sting

Wasp sting bite is more common in the village area. Every day many people are attacked by a wasp. Yellow Wasp 1-2 stings are not very dangerous, but many stings suffer a lot. Swelling, pain, fever, and headache are some bite treatments due to more stings attacks. In-home remedies for wasp bites, you can use these primary Wasp bite treatments.

5. In first, rub the sting with a rough iron thing to away the sting from the skin. Rub sour pickle or sour (marinate) thinks on the sting in wasp bite treatment.

6. Apply kerosene oil on the wasp sting spot in the wasp bite treatment.
7. On Yellow Wasp and Honey Bee stings, apply the mint extract to end the effect of venom and pain.

8. Another, to relieve pain from an insect bite, apply the leaves paste of Ayapan (Eupatorium Triplinerve).

9. Sugar Cane made jaggery is also useful in different insect bite treatments. Simply burn jaggery and apply it to the bitten area.

10. Mango for bites ~ Prepare the mango seed paste and apply it to treat all types of bites like Wasps, honeybees, and other poisonous insects. Hence use this paste to get relief from irritation, pain, swelling, and burning sensation.

Ointment for bites

11. Prepare homemade ointment for bites to treat wasps, spiders, honeybees, and other poisonous insects with Ajowan, mint extract, and camphor. Take an equal amount of all three about 15 gm each in a bottle, and keep it in the sunshine. When dissolving well, you can use this ointment for bite treatment. Finally, apply this ointment to the bitten spots to heal them naturally.

Spider and Mice Bite

12. Prepare the paste of ginger root and cumin seeds powder with water and apply this on the bitten of the spider. It is useful to treat spider bites.

13. Tlebid plant root is also useful to treat insect bites. To treat spider bite, prepare its root paste with water and apply it to the bitten spot. Also, in case of mice bite, give the paste of Tlebid root to the patient, 2-3 times to reduce the venom effect.

14. Prickly Chaff flower (Achyranthes Aspera) leaf extract used to treat various types of insect bites like a wasp, honeybees, spiders, etc. Apply these leaves paste to reduce the poison effect and tie this paste on bitten area wounds, to heal them fast.

Leech Bite Treatment

15. Another to treat Leech bite, Poppy (Opium) seeds paste is beneficial. Apply this paste to the bitten area.

In sting bite cases like wasps, honey bee bite try to away or draw the sting from the skin after an immediate sting attack. For this, you can use a sharp iron instrument and rub it on the sting or bite place. It will prevent the spreading of venom in the body. Also, apply Balm or Vicks to relieve pain and swelling. If more than 2-3 sting bites or unbearable pain, then consult with a doctor.

If unable to get medical advice, then take a Cetirizine tablet only that will stop all types of allergic reactions caused by the sting.

So, try these natural first-aid home remedies to treat different types of insect stings and animal bites.

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