15 Ajwain Remedies For Abdominal Diseases -Carom in English

Empower Your Gut Health! Explore 15 Ajwain Remedies for Abdominal Diseases - Carom in English. Harness the Healing Power of Nature. 🌿✨ #AjwainRemedies

15 Ajwain Remedies For Abdominal Diseases -Carom in English

An improper and unbalanced diet makes your stomach upset. This unhealthy eating and lifestyle are responsible for many abdominal diseases. There are many ayurvedic or naturopathic herbs that use to treat abdominal diseases. So, Ajwain (अजवाइन) for stomachache is one more common choice of people that make your stomach happy and treat stomach aches uncomfortableness.

Ajwain (Hindi Name) is a well popular kitchen herb, and a large number of women love to use this spice in their daily meals.

Ajwain in English is known with the following names Ajowan, Carum, Carom, Omum, The Bishop’s Weed, and Ajoba seeds. Some other popular regional Names of Ajwain are Yamani in Bangali, Vom, and Omu in Kannada, Ajma, or Yavan in Marathi, Ajwan in Malayalam, Vamu, and Oman in Telugu, and Omum or Omam in Tamil. In Ayurveda, it is described with many Sanskrit names as Brahmadarbha, Deepyaka, Javani, Javanika, Ajmodika, and Ugragandha, etc.

This natural herb or medicinal plant has many health benefits and useful to treat many health disorders.  With this magical herb, you can treat head lice, cold, piles, kidney disorders, skin diseases, fever, malaria, etc. Ajwain is also commonly used as a natural herb to get rid of alcohol de-addiction home remedies. Although it treats many health problems, here we will know its benefits to treat abdominal diseases.

Ajwain Treat What Abdominal Diseases


1. Daily use one spoon of Ajwain seeds and Sandhav Namak (Rock Salt) with lukewarm water. Use this remedy twice a day to cure indigestion and Anorexia, naturally.


2. To treat Flatulence, in buttermilk mix about 2-3 gram Ajwain and some rock salt as per taste and take it.


3. In Stomachache treatment, Carom seeds are also one best beneficial ayurvedic herb. Take one spoon with hot water, twice a day.

Ajwain effectiveness for Abdomen

4. Mix about 1 Kg Ajwain powder with 1 liter of lemon juice and 250 gm Panchlavan (Rock Salt, Black Salt, Samundra Salt, Bidd Salt, and Sauvarchal Salt) 50 gm each. Put this whole mixture in a glass pot and dry it in sunlight. Daily use a dose of 3-4 gm, twice a day to get the best results of this herbal mixture. To treat all types of abdominal disorders, you can use this herbal remedy.

5. Take about 20 gm of Ajwain, 10 gm Harad (Mybobalan, Terminalia Chebula), and 5 gm Hing (Asafoetida), and some rock salt. Roast Harad and Hing in Ghee (Clarified Butter). Mix all these natural herbs and ingredients and prepare a fine powder. Now use one spoon daily, twice a day, to make your abdomen happy all the time. It is another useful herbal formula to treat stomach aches and other abdominal disorders like Flatulence.


To treat the abdominal worm problem, it mostly utilizes natural herbs. Use 3-4 gm powder with buttermilk, twice or thrice a day, to kill the worms, naturally.

7. In the case of children, use about 500 mg of Carum powder with the same amount of black salt with hot water at night. Ajwain leaves extract is also good to kill the abdominal worm in kids. Take a small dose of about 5ml leaves juice to cure it in a natural way.


8. To treat Diarrhea, you can use Patanjali Divya Dhara. Pour 3-4 drops of Divya Dhara on Batassha (Sweet Sugar Biscuit) and eat to treat it naturally.


9. Above-mentioned same remedy is also used to treat Vomiting. You can try this remedy 2-3 times a day to get the best results.


10. In case of Pleuritis, or pleurisy chest irritation problem after the meal, then take the mixture of 1 gm Ajwain and 1 Almond.

Babies Stomachache

11. In the case of a baby’s stomach ache problem, then take some Ajwain in a neat and clean piece of cloth. Now mothers are advised to put this cloth in the baby’s mouth to lick it and cure the baby’s stomachache.


12. To cure Ascites, take the fine powder of Carom seeds and mix some Hing (Asafoetida) in it. Prepare the paste of this mixture and apply it to the abdomen to treat Ascites and Flatulence, naturally.


13. Cholera is also treated with this ayurvedic herb. Use Patanjali Divya Dhara in the primary stages of Cholera. If a one-time dose, not works well, then use it every after 15 minutes, 2-3 times. So, this remedy is the most useful and panacea drug for Cholera treatment.

Ajwain and Gomutra for Abdomen

14. Another, Ascites cure herbal formula prepared with Ajwain and Go Mutra (Cow Urine). Take fresh 1-litre GoMutra and mix 250 gm Ajwain in it. Now leave it for seven days, away from sunlight to dry. After one week, daily use about 2-3 gm Ajwain with Go Mutra.

15. This Go Mutra contained Ajwain also used to treat Indigestion and gas problems. Take this Ajwain with water to cure these abdominal disorders.

These are some most noteworthy health benefits of Ajwain to treat abdominal disorders. Hence, try this easily available kitchen spice to treat diseases and make your abdomen happy and healthy.

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