De-addiction Home Remedies- How To Use

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De-addiction Home Remedies- How To Use

De-addiction- Quitting Alcohol & Smoking

These days, our youth generation is addicted to many Intoxicants like cigarettesbeedi (Indian cigarettes), AlcoholHeroin, Ganja, Charas, Afeem, and other tobacco products. Intoxication destroys your body, mind, and wealth. In Ayurveda, there are some effective home remedies to stop intoxicant addiction. Quit Intoxicants to live a healthy and happy life. You must have tried the recommended De-addiction home remedies ayurvedic treatment mentioned below:

Quitting Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic and consume a large amount of alcohol in your daily life, then you can give up this addiction with natural home solutions. More consumption of alcohol has many worst effects on the body. For quitting alcohol, strong willpower is necessary. So Quitting alcohol using this Ayurvedic home remedy mentioned below:

Quitting Alcohol

Mix ½ Kg Carom (ThymolAjwain in Hindi) seed in 3 litres of Lukewarm water and put into a clay pot for approximately 48 hours. Warm this mixture on slow fire. When a 2-litre mixture remains behind, then down the pot to cool. After cooling, filter it and preserve it in a bottle. Every time use 5-6 spoons of this water mixture like alcohol when you have a strong desire to drink alcohol. Use this home remedy regularly until quitting alcohol completely.

Some people love to use Fennel seed (Saunf/Sanchal in Hindi) for quitting alcohol. Preserve a bottle of seed extract, and use it whenever, willing to consume alcohol. Reduce the amount of drink and replace it with fennel extract to quit liquor addiction.

Quit Smoking

In natural ways to quit smoking, try this ayurvedic home remedy. Prepare the powder of these natural herbs: Musli (Chlorphytum Borivillianum), Majuphal (Quercus Infectoria Oliv.), Lodh Pathani, the bark of Bibhitak / Bheda  (Terminalia bellirica), flowers of black betel nut. Mix this powder with some milk and make small pills. Use these pills one by one when willing for smoking.

Users of other Intoxicants like beedi (Indian cigarettes), Charas, khaini & Zardha tobacco products also use these pills for De-addiction.
To quit laudanum (Afeem in Hindi) addiction, use Carom (Thymol, Ajwain in Hindi) powder when the desire to take this dope.

To quit smokingMulethi (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is also a useful herb. This ayurvedic herb is most helpful to quit smoking addiction. Take small pieces of Mulethi and suck or chew when the appetency to smoking. This homoeopathic home remedy ends or quits your smoking addiction. So, try this De-addiction ayurvedic treatment using natural herbs.

In tobacco de-addiction remedies, organic herbs Myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula) and Lemon are very beneficial. In Lemon extract, mix some Rock Salt and one Chebulic and leave this for 2 days. Dry it without sunlight and suck in tobacco addiction. Furthermore, this treatment is also better to cure abdominal disorders.

Hence, you can use these De-addiction Home Remedies treatments to treat different addiction habits.

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