How To Treat Fever Due To Cold Naturally?

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How To Treat Fever Due To Cold Naturally?

It is the most common in the cold season, and many people are attacked by fever. It is one basic viral disease when a person comes in contact with a catarrhal fever patient. In Ayurveda, some mostly used Ayurvedic home remedies to cure fever due to colds. Cold well-known synonyms are Common cold, Catarrhal disease, Coryza, and in Hindi Jukam, Resha, and Sardi. In Ayurveda, it is titled with the name Pratishyaya.

So, try, following the most effective Ayurvedic home remedies:

Herbs which treat Catarrhal Fever


1. Prepare the Pudina (Mint, Peppermint) tea and mix some salt. Drink 4-5 times a day, to get rid of the fever.


2. In fever with heavy cough and chest pain, use Tulsi (Holy Basil in English) extract with sugar candy. It is also extremely effective in fever treatment. Use this mixture for two days, to cure fever. For viral fever, prepare the decoction of 20-25 leaves of basil and 3-4 Cloves (Laung, Lavang in English) in one litre of water. In the remaining half, use this Ayurvedic herb mixture every after 30 minutes to end viral infection.

3. In the summer season, catarrhal fever patients have to use Pudina (Mint, Peppermint) and Dhania (Coriander) extract to end the fever.

Kali Mirch

4. In case of too much coldness and fever, the use of Kali Mirch (Peppercorns in English) is the most effective. Mix 9-10 Black Pepper powders in water and drink them to treat fever due to a cold.

Decoction for Common Cold

5. In the snuffle/catarrh treatment, Cut the fine pieces of Adrak (Ginger- English name) and mix them with the same amount of sugar. Fry this mixture in Desi Ghee (Clarified butter in English) and prepare a decoction by mixing Sonth (Dried ginger in English), Jeera (Black Cumin in English), Kali Mirch (Peppercorns in English), Naaga Keshar (Cinnamon buds, Mesua Ferrea), Choti Elaichi (Green cardamom in Elaichi), Dhania (Coriander in English) and Tej Patta (Indian bay leaf in English). Furthermore, use this decoction to cure Catarrh.

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Adrak Tulsi Tea Usefulness

6. Also, the use of Adrak and Tulsi tea is a good idea to treat catarrh fever.

Turmeric & Blackpepper

7. In the cold-fever home remedy, mix one teaspoon of turmeric (Haldi in Hindi) with a pinch of Black Pepper in one glass of warm milk. Finally, drink it 2-3 times to get relief from a cold fever.

Samahan Tea

Another, Samahan tea uses to treat common cold symptoms. This herbal tea has 14 ayurvedic ingredients such as Adathoda root, Ajowan seed, Black Pepper and Long Pepper fruits, Cumin seed, Coriander seed, Evolvulus Alsinoides and Hedyotis Herbaceae- whole plant, Flase calumba- Stem, Java Galangal Rhizome, Ginger, Liquorice – Stem, Premna Herbacea Roxb.- Root, and Yellow berried nightshade (Kantkari)- Whole plant.

Tulsi & Mulethi

8. Another, the herbal combination of Tulsi and Mulethi is also useful to treat Catarrhal Fever and colds. Boil 4-5 tulsi leaves and two spoons of Mulethi powder in one glass of water. Boil it till the time half mixture remains and then filter it. On cooling or lukewarm, add one spoon of natural honey and use it twice a day. This remedy helps you to get rid of the fever and cold.

So, use these ayurvedic home remedies for Catarrhal Fever and get rid of fever due to a cold. These are the 8 best ways to treat Catarrhal disease, naturally.

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