Green Cardamom (Choti Elaichi in English): Health Benefits in Home Remedies, Culinary Uses and Price Guide!

Green Cardamom: 10 Health Benefits to Spice Up Your Wellness! 🌱🌿 Discover the remarkable advantages of incorporating this aromatic spice into your daily routine.

Green Cardamom (Choti Elaichi in English): Health Benefits in Home Remedies, Culinary Uses and Price Guide!

Cardamom is one commonly used item in each kitchen. It is mainly used to avoid bad breathing and have a delicious flavour. In the Indian kitchen, Cardamom is used as one main spice in food or drinks. Cardamom fruit or pods and seeds are used parts of this plant. Cardamom has mainly three different types Green Cardamom, Madagascar Cardamom, and Black CardamomGreen Cardamom is the most used type and popular with the name Choti Elaichi (छोटी-इलाइची) in Hindi.

Here we are describing the health benefits of this Green Cardamom. So, try these Health Benefits of Cardamom mentioned below:

Health Benefits of Cardamom in Home Remedies

Cardamom Treats What Diseases

1. Premature Emission

In Premature Emission, prepare pills of an equal amount of Cardamom and Isbgoal with Amla (Gooseberry, Emblica Officinalis). Use these pills daily in the morning and in the evening with cold water to cure Premature Emission.

2. Burning Urination

Cardamom is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to relieve symptoms of burning or irritation in the urinary tract. Amla is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and may help to boost the immune system, which could potentially help to prevent infections that can cause burning urination.

Are you suffering from a burning urination problem? Then, use the mixture of Cardamom and Amla powder in equal amounts twice a day. It will help to cure burning urination disorder.

3. Mouth Ulcers

Cardamom is also used to cure mouth ulcers. Lick the mixture of cardamom powder with natural honey and get rid of mouth ulcers.

Cardamom and honey are both natural products that are believed to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which may be beneficial for treating mouth ulcers.

It is also believed that anti-inflammatory Cardamom may help to reduce pain and inflammation associated with mouth ulcers.

Honey has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a wound healing agent. The antibacterial property of honey is due to its high sugar content, which creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria. It may help prevent infection and promote healing of mouth ulcers.

grayscale photo of woman showing her tongue

4. Indigestion

To improve digestion power, eat Cardamom ( Chhoti Elaichi ) after a meal. Cardamom is believed to help with indigestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes, which can help to break down food more effectively. It also believed to have carminative properties, which means it can help to relieve gas and bloating, which are common symptoms of indigestion.

5. Fever

Elaichi Milk Benefits – In fever treatment, boil the Cardamom seeds, Punarnava (Spreading Hog-Weed, Boerhaavia Diffusa), the fruit of Bilva (Aegle Marmelos), and milk with water. When water will evaporate, and the milk solution remains behind, then use it. This Elaichi milk will help you to get rid of the fever.

In traditional medicine, cardamom is believed to have antipyretic properties, which means it can help to reduce fever by lowering the body’s temperature. It’s also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of fever.

Some people may suggest drinking a warm glass of milk with ground cardamom as a home remedy to help reduce fever. This mixture is believed to help soothe the body and bring down the temperature.

6. Sperm

If facing the problem of Sperm discharge in urine? Then use 2 grams of Hing (Asafoetida, Ferula Foetida) and cardamom powder with Ghee (Clarified butter) daily.  So, cardamom is good for sperm, and use it regularly.

Sperm count refers to the number of sperm present in a man’s semen. A low sperm count can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, lifestyle factors, and certain medical conditions.

While some traditional practitioners may suggest using cardamom to increase sperm count.

7. Cough

In case of a Cough problem, roast the cardamom and prepare the powder. Mix this powder with a spoon of natural honey and use it to cure Cough.

Coughing is a natural reflex that helps to clear mucus and other irritants from the respiratory tract. Coughs can be caused by a variety of factors, including colds, flu, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections. Some traditional practitioners may suggest using cardamom and honey to alleviate the symptoms of a cough, such as sore throat and chest congestion.

8. Tea Benefits

Cardamom tea also has many health benefits, and you can use this in your normal routine. So Cardamom tea provides you freshness and relief from headaches. It is also most helpful to cure many skin disorders.

Cardamom may help to reduce inflammation and pain associated with headaches. Some people may suggest drinking a cup of cardamom tea to help alleviate the symptoms of headaches.

Additionally, the aroma of cardamom may help to promote feelings of freshness and invigoration. Some people may find that the scent of cardamom can help to clear their mind and improve their focus.

9. Hunger

In a constantly hungry disorder, daily eat Cardamom powder a pinch, 2-3 times to relieve constant hunger.

Hunger is a normal physiological response to the body’s need for food. It is regulated by hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, which signal the brain to eat or stop eating. Some people may suggest using cardamom to help reduce feelings of hunger or increase feelings of fullness.

10. Stomach ache

Elaichi is also beneficial to treat heartburn or gastric disorders. It is believed to have various health benefits for the stomach, including aiding digestion and reducing inflammation.

Cardamom is commonly used in traditional medicine to aid digestion and relieve stomach discomfort, such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. It is believed to help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and bile, which can help to break down food and absorb nutrients more efficiently. It’s also thought to have a carminative effect which helps to relieve gas.

Additionally, cardamom is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce inflammation in the stomach and intestines.

However, it is important to note that while cardamom may provide some relief for the symptoms of stomach discomfort, it is not a substitute for medical treatment and should not be used as a sole treatment for stomach issues.

Hence use these ayurvedic home remedies to get the health benefits of Cardamom in your daily life. These are the best 10 uses of Choti Elaichi, and you can treat many diseases with this ayurvedic herb.

Let's explore some more culinary uses, conclusions and FAQs about healthier spice.

Culinary Uses and Tips

a metal bowl filled with green cardamoa seeds

Green cardamom, with its enchanting aroma and versatile flavour profile, is a culinary gem that can elevate a range of dishes. Here are some tips and ideas for using green cardamom in your kitchen:

  1. Spiced Elixirs: Infuse warmth into your beverages by adding a few crushed cardamom pods to your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. This not only enhances the flavour but also introduces a subtle aromatic note.
  2. Dessert Delight: Green cardamom is a classic addition to desserts. Sprinkle ground cardamom over your cakes, cookies, or custards for a fragrant twist. It pairs exceptionally well with sweet treats.
  3. Savoury Sensation: Enhance the savoury side of your cooking by incorporating green cardamom into rice dishes, stews, and curries. Crush the pods and let them simmer, releasing their aromatic essence.
  4. Homemade Spice Blends: Create your custom spice blends by including ground green cardamom. This spice can harmonise the flavours of various other spices, adding depth to your culinary creations.
  5. Baking Buddy: Experiment with green cardamom in your baking endeavours. It complements not only sweet baked goods but also adds an interesting dimension to bread and savoury pastries.
  6. Refreshing Beverages: In warm weather, cool down with cardamom-infused beverages. Make a refreshing cardamom lemonade or add a hint of cardamom to your iced tea for a unique twist.
  7. Marinades and Rubs: Transform your meats and vegetables by incorporating green cardamom into marinades or rubs. It imparts a delightful flavour that can elevate your grilling or roasting experience.
  8. Floral Infusions: Create floral infusions by blending green cardamom with other fragrant herbs like mint or chamomile. This can be a soothing and aromatic addition to your herbal tea collection.

Remember, moderation is key when using green cardamom, as its flavour can be intense. Experiment with different quantities to find the right balance for your palate.

Choti Elaichi Price

The average price of Choti Elaichi (Green Cardamom) in India varies based on factors such as quality, size, and packaging. On average, the price can range from ₹2000 to ₹4000 per kilogram.

Keep in mind that these are approximate figures, and actual prices may vary depending on your location, the brand, and market conditions. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to check with local grocery stores, spice markets, or online retailers. Prices can also be influenced by factors like the region where the cardamom is sourced and whether it is sold as whole pods or in powdered form.


In conclusion, green cardamom isn't just a spice; it's a culinary treasure trove that adds depth and character to a myriad of dishes. Its aromatic allure and health benefits make it a must-have in your kitchen. Whether you're aiming for a sweet indulgence, a savoury masterpiece, or a comforting beverage, green cardamom is your versatile companion.

So, embark on a culinary journey with this exotic spice, exploring its nuances in both traditional and innovative recipes. Let the fragrance and flavour of green cardamom transform your cooking, making every meal a delightful experience. Elevate your dishes and embrace the richness that green cardamom brings to your culinary repertoire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can green cardamom be consumed daily for health benefits?

A: Absolutely! Incorporating green cardamom into your daily diet, through cooking or homemade remedies, can contribute to overall well-being.

Q2: Are there any side effects of consuming green cardamom regularly?

A: Generally, green cardamom is safe when used in culinary amounts. However, excessive consumption may lead to issues for some individuals. Moderation is key.

Q3: Can green cardamom help with anxiety and stress?

A: Yes, green cardamom's stress-relieving properties may provide relief from anxiety. Experiment with cardamom-infused remedies and observe the effects.

Q4: How can I use green cardamom in cooking to maximize its benefits?

A: Add green cardamom to both sweet and savory dishes. It pairs well with desserts, curries, and even beverages.

Q5: Where can I get high-quality green cardamom for home remedies?

A: Look for reputable spice vendors or specialty stores. Ensure the quality by checking for freshness and fragrance.

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