How To Treat Mouth Ulcers At Home

How To Treat Mouth Ulcers At Home

These are open sores that occur in the mouth mucous membrane and on the tongue. Hot nature foods and edible things are its main causes, which result from a condition of stomach hotness. So, painful ulcers cause health problems like difficulty in eating, drinking, and even when speaking. Ayurvedic home remedies for mouth ulcers are very effective natural treatments.

mouth ulcer treatment

The people who use tobacco products like Pan Masala, Gutkha, Khaini, Supari, Zarda, etc. are usually affected. These dangerous soars transform into oral cancers. So, it is necessary to treat them without wasting time.

Ayurveda suggests some effective home remedies for mouth ulcers. These are mentioned below:

Turmeric Powder

1. Dip some Turmeric (Curcuma longa in Latin) powder into water and filter it. Finally, gargling with this water helps to treat mouth ulcers.


2. Roast the peel of Neem (Azadirachta indica in Latin) and prepare a powder. Further, mix this powder with White Catechu and apply it to cure mouth ulcers.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves

3. In ayurvedic home remedies for mouth ulcers, Guava is very beneficial. Chew 2-3 leaves of Guava with some Catechu in mouth ulcer treatment.


4. Camphor is another useful herbal substance that cures this illness. Use the mixture of 50 gm Clarified Butter and 5 gm Camphor. For better results, warm this mixture and use it.


5. Prepare the decoction of Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) and gargling to treat mouth ulcers.


6. The use of Glycerin is also beneficial to treat this disorder. It is easily available in medical shops and sweet in taste. So, apply Glycerin to get rid of mouth sores.

Kalmishora (Potassium Nitrate– KNO3)

7. It considers the best ayurvedic medicine for mouth ulcers. Take a pinch of Kalmishora and applies on the sores. It is easily available in grocery shops. So, use this remedy after every 1 hour, 4-5 times a day, to get relief fast.


8. Lick the Green Cardamom powder with natural honey to treat mouth ulcers.

9. Daily eat one banana with milk to treat and prevent tongue ulcers.

Catechu (Katha in English) & Betel Leaves

10. Eat betel leaves by applying some Catechu on them to treat mouth ulcers. Eating Paan is also beneficial to cure sores fast. Paan is an Indian herbal mixture in which catechu, nutmeg (Supari in Hindi), gond, fennel seeds, menthol flacks, Gulkand, rock sugar or lump sugar, lime (Calcium Hydroxide), cardamom, etc, are wrapped in betel leaves.


11. It is also one best ayurvedic herbs for mouth ulcers. So, gargling with tomato extract has great advantages to treat mouth cankers.

Bitter Gourd

12. It is a panacea herb to treat severe mouth lesions. So, the mixture of its leaves with Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth in English) is the best to heal ulcers. In the case of leaf extract non-availability, outer pulp juice is also beneficial. Use cotton to apply it to the sores.


13. Are you suffer from mouth and tongue ulcers frequently? So, the use of a banana and curd mixture is the best answer to treat all types of oral sores.

Dry Coconut

14. Dry coconut is another sure-shot herb for mouth ulcers. So, eating dry coconut one or two times only helps to get rid of this illness.

So, use these best 14 ayurvedic home remedies for mouth ulcers using natural herbs.

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