Vacha (Acorus Calamus) Health Uses in English

Unveil the Healing Secrets of Vacha (Acorus Calamus)! Explore its Health Uses in English. Elevate Your Well-being Naturally. 🌿✨ #VachaMagic

Vacha (Acorus Calamus) Health Uses in English

Vacha is one useful organic ayurvedic herb with many health benefits or uses. One more common English name for this herb is Sweet Flag and popular with the Latin name Acorus Calamus of the Acoraceae family. This organic herb is also known by Hindi Names like Vach (वच), Vacha (वचा) mostly.

This natural herb is found in extent in northern India in Himachal Pradesh mostly, at the height of 5000-7000 feet.

Its leaves, root and stem contain special scented fragrances. It has many medicinal uses and treats many diseases. A low dosage of Calamus is sufficient and suggested for medicinal uses. There are some of the best health benefits of this herb in naturopathy mentioned below:

Vacha Treat What Diseases

1. Root for Headache

It uses mostly to treat headaches and migraine problems. Prepare the powder of dry Sweet Flag root and make a paste. Finally, apply it to the forehead to get relief from headaches. In severe headache treatment, its root powder uses with Pippali (Long Pepper) herb in Nasya or Errhine, Ayurveda therapy. So, check other natural headache remedies on our page. 

2. Sweet Flag for Memory

Vacha is also one good memory enhancer. Take the small piece of Calamus and drying in the shade. Then prepare the powder and use this powder with milk daily in the morning and night by adding sugar-candy. Hence, you can use this magical herb to treat bluntness or amentia. 

3. Cold, Cough and Sore Throat treatment

To avoid cold, suck the pieces of Calamus. In Cough, Asthma, Hoarseness, and Sore Throat, the Sweet Flag is highly useful. Another, use the decoction of Basil (Tusli in English) leaves with Vacha to treat this diseases, also has great benefits. 

4. Stomach Bug Treatment

In Stomach bug treatment, Vacha herb is most helpful. Prepare a decoction of 2 gm each Saunf (Fennel seed), Dhania (Coriander), and Sweet Flag powder. Finally, use this decoction in Stomach bug treatment. This home remedy is also beneficial for gastric problems. 

In Kids Stomach bug treatment, prepare the small pills of Vacha with Hing (Asafoetida, Ferula Foetida). Finally, use them to cure this problem, naturally. 

5. Piles or Hemorrhoids

Acorus Calamus organic herb is beneficial to cure piles or Hemorrhoids at home also. 

6. Catarrhal fever

In Catarrh, applying the paste of Calamus on the nose is most beneficial. In Catarrhal Fever, use the decoction of it, with Adrak (Ginger in Hindi) and Laung (Cloves in Hindi). 

7. Usefulness for Epilepsy

Acorus Calamus has also great usefulness to treat Epilepsy. Take ½ gm powder daily twice a day, in the morning and the evening, with water or milk. You can also take the Nasya or Errhine of Calamus with Pippali powder.

8. Stomach Gas problems

To treat gas problems, prepare the paste of grind Calamus root and apply it to the stomach, for best results. 

9. Kids Diarrhea Treatment

Calamus ash is most beneficial in kids’ diarrhea treatment. Mix 250 gm of the half or full burnt ash, with natural honey. Finally, lick this mixture to cure this illness. Also, use a small dose of his herb only. 

10. On Baby Teeth Out

On baby teeth out, there are problems with teeth pain and Diarrhea. To avoid these disorders, use ½ gm of Calamus powder with some Blossoming of borax. Finally, massage baby gums gently. So, this remedy will also help to protect babies from eye disorders. 

11. Tonsils and Goitre

In Tonsils and Goitre treatment, apply the paste of grinded Calamus root on the throat for 10-12 hours. This remedy is also useful in thyroid gland treatment.

12. In Delivery Pain

To get rid of Delivery pain, apply the paste of Vacha around the umbilical cord. Also, apply some powder to the umbilicus region for the best results. Finally, remove this paste after normal delivery.

13. Stammering or Dysphemia Treatment

To treat these disorders, regular use of the Vacha powder with sugar-candy or honey is very useful.

You must try these 13 ayurvedic remedies at home to treat disease with the natural organic herb Vacha . Take advantage of Acorus’s to treat diseases or disorders at home.

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