How To Treat Sore Throat Naturally

sore throat home remedies

It is a common disease and causes due to improper diet, mostly. Sometimes it is due to the cold and cough. In winter, when we intake hot and sour things in excess, then we suffer from Sore throats. Some people are affected by it due to a sudden change in atmosphere and blurt out. Here are some mainly effective home remedies for sore throat (Hoarseness). So, Using the best home remedies mentioned below are the finest herbal choices.

Herbs for Sore Throat (Hoarseness) Treatment

Mulethi usefulness

Home Remedies For Sore Throat1. Apply some Mulethi / Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) powder on Betel Leaf and suck gently. It is highly effective in Hoarseness treatment and also cures sore throat problems. So, you can try this natural herb alone to treat all throat problems. Finally, take a small piece of this natural herb and suck it like candy. It is sweet and has a delicious taste.


Kali Mirch

2. Chew 4-5 Kali Mirch (Peppercorns in English) with the Batasha (Sweet Biscuit – There is a sweet biscuit of white colour) at night. It will cure Hoarseness, cough, and cold problems.

Warm water effectiveness

3. Gargle with warm water by mixing some salt to it. In ayurvedic home remedies for sore throat, you can use this best home remedy.

Bay Leaf

4. Boil the Tej Patta (Indian bay leaf- Hindi) in water and gargle to cure a sore throat.

Onion & Cumin

5. Rammed the onion and mix some cumin (Jeera in Hindi) and Rock Salt (Saindhava Namak in English). So, eat it for sore throat treatment.

Honey-Gourd Mixture

6. Mix some natural honey and loaf sugar in Gourd extract. Finally, Use this best home remedy for a natural treatment.


7. Shahtoot (Mulberry in English) juice is also most beneficial in sore throat treatment.

Use these ayurvedic home solutions to cure throat problems. These are the best solutions, and everyone can apply these treatments to throat disorders.

So, we recommend using these 7 most effective natural ayurvedic herbal remedies for Sore Throat with organic herbs naturally.