15 Moringa (Sahjan) Health Benefits in English

Unveiling the Marvels of Moringa (Sahjan)! Discover 15 Health Wonders in English. Elevate Your Wellness Journey Naturally. 🌿💪 #MoringaMagic

15 Moringa (Sahjan) Health Benefits in English

Sahjan (सहजन) tree is a popular ayurvedic herb that uses all around the world to treat many health disorders. In English, Sahjan is titled MoringaHorse Radish Tree, or Drum Stick PlantMoringa Oleifera is its Latin name, and in India, in Hindi, people call him Sahjan, Sohajan, Sahijan, and “Munga” mostly. Its Sanskrit names are Mochak, Shobheyeliner, Surajna, Shigru, and Teekshnagandha. Other regional names of Sahjan are: In Bangali – Shajina, Gujrati – Sekto, and Sargavo, Marathi – Shevga or Shegta, Punjabi – Sohanjana, Tamil– Amukira, and Telugu– Munaga.

Sahjan Tree

Moringa or Sahjan is a medium-sized tree with softwood and bark. Its leaves are grown in groups in small leaflets, and pairs of 6-10 leaf stalk or compound leave. Long brown pods of Sahjan tree are about 10-20 inches in length and looking like Drum Sticks, so, named Drum Stick Plant Also.

Sahjan Tree Properties

In Ayurveda, in many places, Moringa root or pod is described with its medicinal properties and uses. Moringa root has antibiotic properties due to the Terigospermin element, and it also has Moringin alkaloids. Its root also contains volatile oil, and from seeds, stable Moringa oil is extracted.

All the parts of Sahjan tree parts bark, leaves, seed oil, root, or pods are used in Ayurveda or Naturopathy to treat some common health disorders like Headache, Toothache, Kidney stones, Potency, Asthma, Fever, Eye and Throat disorder like Hoarseness of Voice, etc. So, use Sahjan to cure diseases and create a healthy living. Some most noteworthy ayurvedic health benefits of the Moringa herb are described below:

Moringa Sahjan Health Benefits

Sahjan for Arthritis

1. In Arthritis treatment, prepare the paste of Moringa root with ginger and mustard seeds. Now apply this paste to painful spots or joints. You can also use Moringa stem gum to treat Arthritis.
In Knee pain, prepare the paste of Drumstick leaves with the same quantity of sesame seeds and apply this paste to the Knee. Check more home remedies for Arthritis.

Sahjan for Asthma

2. Drumstick root juice also cures Bronchial Asthma. Take an equal amount of its root juice and ginger extract. Use this mixture twice a day to cure Asthma.

Sahjan for Ear Pain

3. In the case of Ear Pain treatment, prepare the ear drops solution with sesame oil. Mix sesame oil and Moringa stem gum and heat to dissolve. Now pour 1-2 drops to cure ear pain.

Sahjan for Eye Diseases

4. To cure more common eye problems like conjunctivitis tie the paste of drumstick tree leaves on the eyes. To cure Eye Pain or Swelling, prepare the eye drop with Moringa tree leaves juice and honey in equal amounts. Now pour 1-2 drops into the eyes to cure eye problems.

Sahjan Tree for Fever

5. Fever is also cured with this natural herb. Take 20 gm of Moringa root and boil with about five times water. This mixture helps to cure fever. Use this remedy regularly until the fever is not cured.

Sahjan for Gout

6. Moringa seeds oil also use to cure Gout. Massage gently with this oil and cure joint pains or Gout.

Sahjan for Headache

7. To treat headaches, Moringa is also very beneficial. Take the juice of Moringa root and Jaggery in equal amounts and mix well. Now take Nasya with this mixture. Use 1- 2 drops only one time in each nostril.
Another, prepare the paste of its fresh leaves and apply it on the head to get relief from the headache.

Sahjan for Kidney Stone

8. If you are suffering from Kidney Stone problems? Then use the decoction of bark about 20 gm, three times a day. Use this remedy to get rid of the stone.

Sahjan for Meningitis

9. In Meningitis treatment, the bark juice uses as Nasya. Pour 1- 2 drops in each nostril for the best results.

Sahjan Tree for Potency

10. To improve potency, take some flowers from the Moringa tree about 7-10 and boil them in 250 ml cow milk. Now use this mixture twice a day to get the best results.

Sahjan Tree for Ringworm

11. To cure Ringworm, prepare the paste of Drumstick root and apply it to the affected spot of the body.

Sahjan for Stomach Ache

12. In stomach ache and Indigestion treatment, Moringa is another commonly used natural herb. To improve digestion power, take the mixture of 1-2 gm of Ginger with about 10 gm of Moringa root juice.
Another, prepare the mixture of 5 gm Hing (Asafoetida), about 20 gm dried ginger, and 100 gm its bark. Grind them with water and prepare small pills or tablets. Now use these digestive pills, thrice a day to treat digestive disorders like a stomach ache.

Sahjan for Gastric

13. In Gastric pain treatment, you can use the paste of Moringa leaves. Prepare the paste of leaves with lukewarm water and apply to the Stomach or the pain spot.

Sahjan for Toothache

14. Moringa stem leaks a gum-like liquid that uses to cure the Toothache. Chew its gum to get relief from Toothache.

Sahjan for Throat Disorder

15. To cure Hoarseness in Voice, prepare the decoction of Moringa root and gargle every after 3-4 hours.
So, these are mostly used 15 home remedies with Moringa natural herb. You can take the health benefits of Moringa in your daily life to cure above mentioned diseases at home naturally with Naturopathy.

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