Primary Eye Care | Stye | Watery Eyes | Conjunctivitis

Explore comprehensive primary eye care solutions for common issues like styes, watery eyes, and conjunctivitis. Trust our expertise to keep your eyes healthy and vibrant.

Primary Eye Care | Stye | Watery Eyes | Conjunctivitis

Primary Eye Care

The eye is a very soft organ of the human body. It is an organ of vision and needs to complete primary eye care. Many eye diseases and disorders in humans suffer a lot. Eye flu or conjunctivitis is a common viral eye disease in which the eye gets infections, irritations, protuberance, and allergies conditions. In many people, there is a problem with Eyelid pock or eyelid infection.

A pock on the eyelid is known as Hordeolum or Stye. This Stye increase and produce swelling in the eyelid with pain. In Primary Eye Care, Ayurveda suggests some eye care home remedies for Hordeolum or Stye treatment. These are below:

Stye treatment

1. Grind the leaves of Mint or Peppermint (Pudina in English) and Coriander (Dhania in English). Apply this paste on the eyelid in Hordeolum or Stye treatment.

2. Rub the kernel of Tamarind (Imli in English) seed on a clean stone and apply it to the infected eyelid stye spot.

3. Rub the Turmeric (Haldi in Hindi and Curcuma longa in Latin) in the woman’s milk and apply it on the eyelid in Hordeolum or Stye treatment.

Clove for Stye

4. Rub the Cloves (Laung in English) on the clean stone with water and apply this Cloves paste on Stye spot in Stye treatment.

Bombax for Stye

5. Simal or East Indian silk cotton tree (Bombax) outer fork also employ in stye treatment. Rub the Fork (Thorn Type) of Bombax on clean rough stone with water and apply the paste on stye as an ayurvedic home remedy for Hordeolum or Stye treatment.

In some people, there is a regular flow of water from the eyes, and this condition is known as Watering Eyes / Watery Eyes disease or Epiphora. Use the following Watering Eyes home remedies to treat Epiphora.

Watery Eyes Treatment

1 Eat roasted guava in watery eyes treatment.

2 Prepare the tea of Dhania (Coriander) and Pudina (Mint, Peppermint). Mix a pinch of salt in it and drink as watery eyes treatment.

Triphala for eyes

3 Damping Triphala (Mixture of the equal amount of Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Bhibitaki (Terminalia Bellirica), and Haritiki (Terminalia Chebula)) in water and morning filter it. Splash this water on eyes in Epiphora treatment.

4 Mix 2-3 Green cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi) powder with milk and boil. It is also an effective watery eyes treatment.

Aankh Aana / conjunctivitis (Ophthalmia) is also one eye disease in which eyes due to infection, getting inflammation conditions. Some people have known this disease by the name conjunctivitis. Use the following Ophthalmia or conjunctivitis home remedies in conjunctivitis treatment.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Coriander for Conjunctivitis

1 Prepare powder of loaf sugar with three parts of Coriander (Dhania in English). Boil this powder with water for approximately one hour in a covered pot. Filter this mixture with a cloth and store it in a glass jar. Finally, Use 2-2 drops daily in conjunctivitis treatment.

2 Damping some cotton into cow milk and apply some Alum (Fitkari in English) powder on it. Bandaging, this cotton on eyes to treat conjunctivitis.

Primary Eye Care

So, Use these Primary Eye Care home remedies in Stye, Watery Eyes, and Conjunctivitis treatment. In other eye diseases like Glaucoma, we also share information about home remedies for Glaucoma. Use natural honey in the eyes and also splash the peel extract of orange in the eyes as primary eye care. It will increase your vision power. Fish meal is also good for the eyes.

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