How To Treat Common Women’s Health Issues

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How To Treat Common Women’s Health Issues

Common Women’s Health Issues That Need Attention

There are many Women’s health issues that suffer women a lot their different ages, especially during their teenage and during or after pregnancy. Menstruation is one common condition that every woman faces every month for certain years in which pain occurs in the back and below the umbilical region. Another pregnancy is also a time when women must take great attention. Similarly, breast abscess, breast cancer, vaginal itching, pregnancy morning sickness, irregular menstrual periods, miscarriage, conceiving a Baby, low breast milk, and painful delivery are common women’s health issues that suffer women around the world. And need proper attention.  Here we are sharing some natural ayurvedic home remedies for these women’s health issues.

Abscess Of The Breast

Sometimes many women are suffering from an abscess in the breast problems that cause pain, swelling, and pus. To treat this breast abscess, try these natural ayurvedic remedies.

  1. Take one part of Black Pepper and twice Cinnamon to prepare a fine powder. Daily take thrice time a dose of this mixture of about 5 grams with honey. (Thrice time means morning, noon, and evening)
  2. You can also use the paste of lemon juice and honey. It’s for external use and pastes on abscesses to cure them.

Breast Cancer

In some cases, there is a Lump in the breast that turns into severe breast cancer in the lake of any treatment.  In Ayurveda, some natural treatments help to treat small breast lumps or breast cancer. So, you use these mentioned home remedies:

  1. Take Moringa Oleifera root (Sahjan ki Jadd), Black Basil (Tulsi), Rock Salt (Sendha Namak), Yakshwar, Laccifer Iacca (Laksha, Laakh), and goat shit in equal amounts and grind it. Tie this swag on the breast in a thin cotton cloth.
  2. You can try another herbal formula with Moringa Oleifera and mustard seeds. Take an equal amount of previously mentioned seeds, salt, reddish and dry ginger. Grind this mixture with whey (Sour whey) and use it as a paste to apply on the breast.

Vaginal Itching

Many times due to lack of proper cleaning, there is some itching problem in the vaginal region in women. To treat this vaginal itching, try these simple ayurvedic remedies.

  1. Mix Indian gooseberry (Amla) juice and sugar candy with banana, and use it to cure the itching problems.
  2. Wine or liquor is also used to clean the vagina, as one best liquid to treat itching.
  3. Mix Camphor (Kapoor) in Coconut oil, and use it to clean the vagina. This remedy will also help to cure vaginal itching.

Pregnancy Morning Sickness

Pregnancy morning sickness is another common health condition that every pregnant woman must suffer. Nausea and Vomiting are common conditions that occur during the second to the fifth months of pregnancy.

To know how to get relief from this morning sickness during pregnancy visit here- Pregnancy Sickness.

Irregular Menstrual Periods

Many women are suffering from the condition of irregular menstrual periods.

9 best home remedies for Irregular menstrual cycles or periods, that help you a lot to cure this disorder.


It is another most painful condition for every pregnant woman that suffers from Abortus. Miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy that has many reasons like an unbalanced diet, improper intercourse, stress, or accidental injuries.

  1. To prevent miscarriage, a pregnant have to eat daily a small pearl of Asafoetida (Hing) about 5 grams with fresh water. This home remedy is very helpful to prevent miscarriage.

Conception or Conceiving a Baby

Some women face problems in Conception Or conceiving a baby. Being a mother is a great pleasure for all women and a part of our heritage human life.  Some common home remedies help you conceive a baby.

  1. Take the fresh soft hair of Ficus religiosa (Peepal Jatta) and grind it to cook with about 500 ml milk. When the solution remains half or 200 ml, then mix loaf sugar and honey in it. Use this mixture from the 6th day of the menstrual cycle or during periods. Intake of this mixture for regular 10 days for Conceiving a child.
  2. Take Gorochan (A stone that is made in a Cow’s gall bladder and obtained after the death of the cow) about 3-4 grams, Scindapsus Officinalis (Gajapippali), and Rennet/ Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) every 10 grams to prepare a fine powder. Use this powder for regular 6 days with milk from the 4th day of the menstruation cycle or periods. It is one very effective home remedy for Conceiving a baby.
  3. The use of daily Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari) powder with milk or Ghee is also very beneficial.

For Normal Delivery

Delivery time is a common tension time for all pregnant women due to high pain and physical injuries. Hence all pregnant women wish for normal delivery to avoid complications.

  1. For normal delivery, cook about 50-gram Indian gooseberry (Amla) in 200-gram water, and when a 100-gram solution remains, then keep away from cooking. Mix honey in it and feed it to procreative women.

For Growth in Breast Milk

If you are facing low breast milk problems, then for growth in milk, eat more and more vegetables and fruits. Breastfeeding has many health benefits for both mother and baby. Grow your breast milk with natural herbs at home.

  1. Soak a small bowl of Black Gram (Chana) in milk at night and daily eat in the morning.
  2. Daily intake of roasted Cumin (Jeera) with sugar in the morning and evening.
  3. Use more green peas and vegetables in food.
  4. Grapes, Papaya, and Pear fruits are also most useful for breast milk growth.

Note: The words within brackets () are the Hindi name of ayurvedic herbs.

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