Kulthi Dal Introduction and Health Benefits

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Kulthi Dal Introduction and Health Benefits

Kulthi Dal (कुलथी) is the Hindi name for the Horse-Gram pulse. It is one useful herb of the Fabaceae family with the Botanical name- Dolichos uniflorus. It is one popular lentil in India and grew entire countrywide. People love to eat its recipe in the winter season mostly due to its hot nature. It is a herbaceous bushy plant that has beans-like pods that contain seeds, 5-6 in number per pod. Horse Gram pulse is the dry form of these pods’ inner seeds. 


Kulthi has many synonyms and many regional names in India. In Sanskrit termed Kultath or Kulathika and Madras Gram is another English name. It is pronounced with other regional names Kurtikulaai in Bengali; Kulaathi or Kulit in Gujarati; Hurali, or Jurli in Kannada; Kultathi, Kaluth or Kurthi in Hindi; Muthera or Kullu in Malayalam; Kulthi or Kulith in Marathi; Gahat in Nepali; Kalat or Kulth in Punjabi; Kollu in Tamil and Uluva or Wulavalli in Telugu.

Chemical Composition

This lentil contains protein, carbohydrates, fat, iron, genistein, kibitone, b-sitosterol, and fitosterol (Plant sterol- Phytosterols) etc.

Kulthi Treat What Diseases

This lentil has many medicinal properties and is used to treat various health disorders. Some primary are:

Abdominal Diseases

To cure the Abdominal Lump, prepare the soup of Horse Gram and utilise 15-20 ml, twice a day.

In the case of stomach worms treatment, prepare the decoction of 20-30 ml Kulathi Daal and mix Kulthi ash extract 40-50mg and Yavakshar (barley alkaline) 40-50mg. Use this combination to kill belly bugs. The use of Kulth Soup with milk is also profitable to treat this problem.

To cure Udhavrat (Reverse movement of Vata), prepare the decoction of this herb with Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), and Nishoth (Operculina turpethum). Add ½ gram Pippali (Piper Longum) powder to 15-20 ml of decoction. Try this remedy for regular 2-3 days, in the morning and evening, until the sickness is cured completely.

Fever Treatment

To cure Malaria, the usage of 20 ml Kulthi decoction results in Vomiting and Diarrhea that help to reduce fever.

Prepare the paste of roasted Horse Gram seeds and grind them to make a fine powder. Apply it to the whole body to get rid of the fever.

The soup of Kulthi Dal and Moong Dal (Mung bean- Vigna radiata) is another good herbal medicine for fever. Add some turmeric, cumin, garlic, and salt for the taste to this soup.

Kulthi for Stone Treatment

To cure stone, regularly consume the Horse Gram as a pulse. Prepare the soup and add 1 spoon of Ghee (clarified butter) to one bowl of soup.

The boiled seeds of this lentil help to get rid of stones.

The decoction is also beneficial in UTI (Urinary tract infection) and kidney stones.

Cough and Asthma Care

Grind the roasted pulse of Kulthi and use 3-4 gram powder to cure Cough.

In another useful home remedy, take Panchkol [Pippali (Long pepper), Piplamool (Piper Longum Root), Chavya (Piper Retrofractum), Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica), and Sonth (Dried ginger)] paste about 10 grams and mix with 20-30ml Kulthi decoction. This herbal mixture help to treat Cough, Asthma and Hiccups illnesses.

Women Disorders

To treat irregular menstrual problems, the usage of the decoction of this wonder herb is very advantageous. Regularly utilise this herb solution, 15-20ml before 3-4 days to menstrual periods.

This herb decoction is also exemplary to cure women’s problems like White Discharge and Amenorrhea.


To cure goitre, the use of Kuthi Dal Soup is another prominent remedy.

Usefulness in Piles 

If you are suffering from piles trouble, then the use of 20-30 ml soup of this natural herb is a wise choice. 

You can also apply Kulthi paste, made with water on the fistulas to get relief from ano-fistula.

If you are treating the above health issues then the use of this natural herb is very fruitful. You can include this pulse soup in your meal, as a tastier and healthier recipe for winter.