Copal Tree (Arlu in English) Introduction & Health Benefits

Explore the cultural and natural significance of the Copal Tree, known as Arlu in English. Uncover its rich history, traditional uses, and the deep-rooted connection between nature and well-being.

Copal Tree (Arlu in English) Introduction & Health Benefits

Copal Tree is a deciduous tree and of 20-30 meters in height. Pinnately compound leaves are on reddish-brown twigs. It excretes a resin that uses to make wood varnish, so titled with the name Varnish Tree. It has two species 1. Ailanthus Excelsa and 2. Ailanthus Altissima of Simaroubaceae family.

Other popular English names of this natural herb are Varnish tree and Tree of Heaven or Paradise. In Sanskrit, it is called as Arluh, Maharukha, Pootivrikshah and in Hindi; Arlu (अरलू), Mahaarlu, Adoo, Aru, Maarukh, Maharukh, Ghodakaranj and Ghodaneem. Indian regional names of Heaven tree are Kauri Copal in Bengali; Artusi, Araduso or Moto Araduso in Gujarati; Bende and Doddabevu in Kannada; Marrok, Maharuk and Maharukha in Marathi; Matti Pongilyam in Malayalam; Arua in Rajasthani and Punjabi; Perumaruthu in Tamil; Peddamanu in Telugu; Gorimakkaba in Oriya.

Ailanthus Altissima mostly uses for medicinal purposes in naturopathy. The peel of the Heaven tree contains useful chemicals like Ailanthion, Ailantic acid, Excelsin, Beta-sitosterol, Triterpenes, Tenin, and Melenthine, etc.

Follow some below-mentioned ayurvedic home remedies to get the amazing health benefits of Copal Tree.

Arlu Treat What Diseases!

Common Cold and Cough

1. To cure Common Cold and Cough problem, take the steam of Ailanthus. Use the tree bark to make a decoction and use it in steam therapy under a towel or cloth.


2. The decoction of Copal Tree bark also uses to cure fever. Use the cold decoction 20-30 ml, twice a day for best results.


3. In the case of Asthma, the use of Peel powder of Copal tree is another wise choice. Mix 1 gram powder with the same Ginger extract and add some Honey to it. Try this remedy in the morning and the evening for better results. Check more Asthma cure home remedies.


4. To cure Earache, the use of Copal Tree bark has great significance. Prepare the Oil of Tree of Heaven peel with Sesame Oil. Sift it well and pour 1-1 drop to each ear to treat earache.


5. For Diarrhea, this herb has great usefulness. Take about 1 gram of Copal tree resin powder with milk.

6. Another, prepare the equal powder of Varnish tree bark and dried Ginger about 3 grams and use with rice water (The starchy water left after cooking rice) to cure Diarrhea.

Mouth Ulcer

7. In the mouth ulcer treatment, the gargle of Copal Tree decoction is very useful. Try this remedy 2-3 times to cure ulcers quickly and naturally.


8. To improve digestion power, Heaven tree bark has great properties. Soak about 5 grams of tree bark or powder in water for the night. In the morning, the masquerade tree peels well or powder, and after filtering drink this herb water to enhance digestion.

Wound Healing

9. Copal tree bark powder or decoction utilizes to wash and heal wounds fast.

Arthritis Treatment

10. In osteoarthritis, the Copal tree leaves are very beneficial. Prepare the paste of Heaven Tree leaves and tie on joints to cure.

Hence, use the Copal tree’s prominent health benefits in the aforementioned 10 home remedies.

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