Bhringraj Health Benefits - Trailing Eclipta in English

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Bhringraj Health Benefits - Trailing Eclipta in English

makesBhringraj is a natural herb of the Compositae family. Its Latin name is Eclipta Alba and Trailing Eclipta in English. Hindi names are- Bhangra, Keshraj, Keshranjan, Bhangraiya, Bhringraj -भृंगराज (That makes beautiful hair like Bumblebee), and Bhagera. Other regional names of this herb are Bheemraj, Kesari, Kasooria, and Keshutta in Bengali; Hatoo Kesari in Konkani; Bhangro or Kalo Bhangro in Gujarati; Bhaka, Bhangra, or Bharingraj in Marathi; Kesarda in Oriya; Bhringuraja in Malayalam; Guntagalagara aaku in Telegu; Karisalankanni, Kekashi, Kaikeshi, Kavi or Shilai in TamilKarisalankanni is one popular name and is best for hair either, yellow or white type.

So, if you have a common question which Karisalankanni is best for hair yellow or white? Then, feel free to use any as per the availability. If you have both, then use white because considered more beneficial.

Bhringraj Plant

Bhringraj, a small organic hazel of 0.5-1.5 feet in height, spread on the ground. Its blackish stem has too many pore branches with glands on the roots mostly. Bhringraj leaves are 1-inch long, ½ -1 inch wide, rectangular or lanceolate oriented shaped, and serrated. The Bhringraj flower stick is small with white flowers. Its fruit is 0.1 inch in length, double creased, and contracted from the back part with a pore at the front. It contains too many small seeds like Kalijiri small and long shaped. If you chafe the leaves of Bhringraj, then it discards black color extract.

Bhringraj's health benefits and uses are below.

It is classified into 3 categories: White, Yellow, and Blue as per their flower color.

Bhringraj Chemical Composition: Bhringraj is rich in Resin and Ecliptine Acid. It also contains a natural chemical compound, Wedelolactone.

Bhringraj Health Benefits

Bhringraj has many health benefits and the top 8 incredible uses are mentioned below:

External Uses:

  1. In Philariasis and Adenitis, Bhringraj paste is used. Bhringraj powder paste is also applied to ulcers and wounds to reduce pain and healing. In headache treatmentBhringraj extract is applied to the head and used with goat milk to cure Suryavarta Rog (Headache with the growing sun). In hair greying (Palitya, Pality) and Baldness hair problems, Bhringraj oil is used. Organic Bhringraj oil is a commonly used drug for all types of hair problems and is beneficial for hair growthBhringraj powder also utilizes as a hair dye.

Internal uses:

  1. To cure nervous system disorders, headaches, and delusion Bhringraj is mostly beneficial. Bhringraj is also very useful to treat eye disorders like Night Blindness, Low vision, etc.
  2. Bhringraj extract also uses to treat digestive system disorders like Poor Digestion- Indigestion, Liver enlargement, Spleen enlargement, Haemorrhoids in colic and stomachache. It employs with castor oil to kill abdominal worms also.
  3. Bhringraj is also good for treating blood disorders, anaemia, and protuberance, etc.
  4. It is also good to treat respiration system disorders like Cough and Breathing problems.
  5. Bhringraj is used to cure burning or urine or burning urination problems.
  6. Bhringraj seeds are used to boost sexual power and stamina.
  7. In general weakness, Bhringraj is mostly usable. Hence, it is used as a supplement for rejuvenation (Rasayana Karma).

Bhringraj all parts root, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, and seed are usable. In extract form 5-10 ml dosage is used. Mostly used ayurvedic drug combination of Bhringraj as the main ingredient like Bhringraj Tail, Shadbindu Tail, Bhringraj Ghrit, Bhringraj Churna, Bhringraj Vati, etc. So, Try these Bhringraj health benefits to treat and cure diseases at home.

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