What Are Best Home Remedies For Baldness? Know Here!

Best Home Remedies for Baldness: Nourishing Solutions for Healthy Hair Growth! 🌿🌟 Explore natural approaches to address baldness and promote a fuller, healthier mane.

What Are Best Home Remedies For Baldness? Know Here!


It is the most common disease of the skin, in which the patient loses head hairs, and then the normal hair falls. Baldness in Hindi is known as Ganjapan. In Sanskrit, the Ayurveda terms use for it is Khalitya. Other terms for this condition are AlopeciaAlopecia areataAlopecia Universalis, and Patchy hair loss.

In men, it occurs to an extent, then in the case of children and women. It is due to skin problems, fragile seborrhoea, androgenic hormonal excess, and sometimes hereditary diseases. The patches on the scalp with few slender broken hairs and shining skin are common in it. Tension and emotional disturbance are the main cause and sometimes ringworm infections.

So, people who think a lot, and always wear tensions are more likely attacked, by this disorder.

So, this Hindi quote “Chinta Chita Ke Samaan Hoti Hai” (literally worry is like a pyre), is true.

In ayurvedic home remedies for baldness, some mostly used treatments help you a lot to cure baldness problems. Vitamin-B-rich diets are considered a wise choice of food to avoid this condition. Check below for the best of all ayurvedic remedies for baldness.

What Are the Best Herbal Remedies For Baldness?


1. Take the extract of green Dhania (Coriander in English) and daily massage on the scalp to stop hair fall.

Amla for Hair

2. Prepare the powder of dried Amlaki (Emblica Officinalis). Mix it with Coconut oil and Jasmine oil. Finally, apply this mixture to your scalp gently to stop this disorder.

Cabbage usefulness

3. Eat daily the cabbage leaves, 30-50 grams to stop baldness. So, Cabbage Salad usage is most beneficial, for good hair.


4. Prepare the powder of Bargad (Banyan in Hindi) Jatta, and mix it with lemon extract. Wash your head or scalp with this mixture, and after washing, massage with coconut oil to stop baldness.

Pomegranate seed

5. Grind the Anar (Pomegranate in English) seed, leaves, and outer pulps, and then cook with mustard oil. Filter this solution and as hair oil massage 2-3 times a day.


6. Use Henna (Mehandi, Lawsonia Inermis) as a natural hair dye. It strengthens your hair and stops hair fall. More information is available on the Henna Page.

Yellow Bee Nest Oil for Baldness

7. Baba Ramdev also suggests an ayurvedic home remedy for baldness. Take the Yellow Wasp’s empty nest of 25 grams and 10-15 leaves of Gudhal (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis). Mix these in half-litre coconut oil and boil on a light flame. When the nest becomes black in colour, then get down the mixture. Finally, on the cooling filter and save it into a small bottle. Daily massage with this yellow bee nest oil on the scalp to cure baldness. So, It will help to grow your hair again on the scalp.

Aloe Vera

8. It is also one useful ayurvedic herb to treat baldness. Massage daily almost for a month on the scalp to get hair again. Rub Aloe Vera extract or gel on the head and get rid of the baldness.


9. Kantkari (Yellow Berried Nightshade in English) natural herb one another useful herb to treat Baldness. Use the fresh juice or extract of Kantkari for massage in the roots of the hair. You can collect this extract into a bottle and put it in the refrigerator for the next day’s use. Furthermore, this home remedy also helps to remove dandruff.

These are the 9 best ways to stop baldness and mostly used Ayurvedic Home Remedies. If you are suffering from this problem? And looking for cheap and effective natural baldness treatment, then you can try the above-mentioned natural treatment.

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