Saffron Health Benefits-Kesar in English

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Saffron Health Benefits-Kesar in English

Saffron is a world-popular name for a natural herb. Its Latin name is Crocus Sativus and of the Iridaceae family. In Hindi, Saffron is titled with “Kesar – केसर” mostly.

Saffron is used in many medical drugs due to its best medicinal properties. It also uses in many foodstuffs and has a lot of health benefits. It is a small plant of 20-30 cm in height, and its flower stigma is known as Saffron that used for different purposes. In India, Jammu and Kashmir is the only place where Saffron is grown on a large scale. That’s why “Kashmiri Kesar” is popular across the world due to its best range form of Saffron. Also, some people use Saffron tea to maintain good health in the winter season. Although Saffron has many health benefits, some main of them are mentioned below:

Saffron Treat What Diseases


1. To treat headaches, mix some saffron with sugar candy and grind them. Finally, apply this paste on the head to cure it, naturally.


2. Saffron also utilizes to end dandruff. For this, mix equal peppercorns powder with saffron oil and massage for good hair health.

Head Diseases

3. In the case of other head disorders like migraine, eye pain, etc, it is also the most effective natural herb. In some clarified butter (Ghee), mix loaf sugar and saffron powder and heat to cook. Now when tepid, pour 1-2 drops to treat these head diseases. To get relief from headaches, using this remedy is another best naturopathic treatment option.

Mental Disorders

4. To treat mental disorders, Saffron is one useful ayurvedic herb. Prepare the decoction of Thyme Leaved Gratiola (Bacopa Monnieri) about 20-30 ml and mix some Saffron in it. Finally, Use this decoction to treat these problems, naturally.

Common Cold

5. To treat Catarrh or Common cold, eat betel quid (Paan) which contains about 60-70 mg Saffron. It will help to cure a common cold naturally.

Urinary Disorders

6. In painful urination treatment or Dysuria, soak some saffron in water at night and in the morning add some honey in it, before use. So, It is also the most useful herbal formula to cure urinary disorders, naturally.


7. Another useful remedy to treat bladder and urethra diseases is with salt. Mix 10-20 ml Saffron in water and a small pinch of salt to dissolve well. Use this remedy to treat Urethritis.

Heart Health

8. In heart disease treatment, this natural herb has a great effect. You can use it with other drugs or with milk and foodstuff.


9. Cholera is also treated with Saffron. Lick the Saffron powder with about 5 ml lemon juice.

Benefit for Skin

10. Another, Saffron leaves are best for the skin. To heal a wound or injury, apply the paste of Saffron leaves on it.


11. In Stomach ache treatment, prepare the pills of about 60-70 mg of good quality Saffron with ½ gm of Cinnamon powder. Finally, take these pills twice a day, in the morning and evening to cure stomach pain.

Joint Pain

12. To treat joint pain, prepare the paste of Saffron leaves and apply it to the joint to get relief from pain.

Cold in Children

13. In the case of Cold in small children treatment, Saffron is one useful natural herb. Grind some Saffron with warm milk and apply this paste to the thorax or bosom of the child.

Goodness for Male

14. Sperm motility also improved in males with Saffron. You can take saffron with milk at night with other natural herbs that will improve your sexual power.


15. In Hemorrhage treatment, Saffron is another beneficial natural herb. Mix Saffron in Goat milk and drink for better results.

So, try these 15 ayurvedic remedies to treat diseases and get the advantages of this natural herb. With the disease treatment, you can also use Saffron to maintain good health. Like Sandalwood in many places, people use Saffron for the Inoculate forehead. People believe that they provide internal peace and also provide to treat mental disorders. Hence take the health benefits of Saffron Flower Stigma or Saffron threads without any complications.

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