Pistacia Chinensis Health Benefits- Shringi in English

"Shringi" Secrets Revealed: Explore the Health Benefits of Pistacia Chinensis. From antioxidant prowess to potential wellness boosts, uncover the natural wonders this plant holds for your health. 🌿💪

Pistacia Chinensis Health Benefits- Shringi in English

Pistacia Chinensis (Gall Plant)

It is one useful herb which uses to treat many health disorders.

Its English names are Gall Plant and Chinese Pistache and of the Anacardiaceae family. In Ayurveda, it is popular with Sanskrit names Shringi (श्रृंगी), Karkatshringi (कर्कटश्रृंगी), Kakarsringi (ककड़-श्रृंगी), and Vakraa (वक्रा). Shringi in Hindi known as Shinghi (शिंगी), Kakadaasingi( ककड़शिंगी) or Kakrasingi (काकराशिंगी). Other regional Names of Pistacia Chinensis (Gall Plant) are: in Bengali – Kankrasringi, in Gujarati – Kankadasingi, in Kannada – Kaketisringi, in Marathi – Kakara or Kakadsingi, in Punjabi – Kakar or Sumak, in Tamil – Kakkatsingi, and in Telugu – Kakarasingi.

Galls are not fruits or flowers, but an insect-created Jackal horns-shaped structure. So, due to these insects created galls on the tree, it is known as Gall Plant.

These galls are made on leaves or near the leaflet branches. Hence, these Galls uses as the used part of this tree, because of their medicinal properties. So, try the following some mostly uses health benefits or uses in home remedies of Pistacia Chinensis (Gall Plant):

Pistacia Chinensis Health Benefits

Usefulness for Diarrhea

  1. It is one good option to treat Diarrhea at home, naturally. To treat Diarrhea, use 2 gm Pistacia Chinensis powder with 1 gm bael fruit (Aegle Marmelos) pulp, to eat.


2. In Dysentery treatment, Galls are also the most effective. Give patient, its powder 2 gm with milk cream. Or Roast the same amount of 2 gm powder in clarified butter and take it, with some sugar.

Benefits for Skin

3. It is another good skincare herb that treats many skin problems. So, apply the paste of Galls to treat itching, scabies, and psoriasis disorders, naturally.

Galls decoction benefit

4. To treat Cough, prepare and use the decoction of Pistache and Yellow berried nightshade, about 10-20 ml.


In children’s cough treatment, licking 250 mg Gall powder with honey is very useful.

5. To treat mouth disorders, like Scurvy, gargle with the decoction of Galls is another beneficial natural treatment.

Asthma Treatment

6. Asthma is also treated with Pistacia Gall powder. Prepare the mixture of 1-2 gm of galls powder with 500 mg nutmeg. Finally, lick this mixture with honey to cure Asthma, naturally.

Galls effectiveness for puking

7. Also, to treat phlegm vomiting, use the equal powder mixture of Pistache powder and Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus) is another useful herbal formula. Lick 1-2 gm mixture powder with some natural honey for better results.

8. Pistache tree galls also utilize in Vajikarana (ED disorders). Take about 1-2 gm Gall’s powder with milk at night before sleeping.

Decoction usage for Hiccup

9. In Hiccup treatment, the decoction of Galls, Asafoetida, Wild Leadwort, Elecampane, Souvenir salt, and Bid Salt is one best effective herbal drink formulas.

Babies Teething

10. When the baby teeth are starting out, then use Pistache powder to treat fever, diarrhea, and cough, etc. Prepare the powder of an equal amount of Galls, Nutgrass, Indian Aconite, and Embelia Ribs about 2 gm each. Finally, Give this mixture powder with honey to lick. Also, use a small dose of 100-200 mg only.

Hence try these 10 best home remedies and take the benefits of this natural herb Pistacia Chinensis.

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