Mimosa 10 Best Uses- Chuimui In English Health Benefits

Discovering Chuimui Magic: The 10 Best Uses of Mimosa - Chuimui in English! 🌸✨ Explore the Versatility and Beauty of Chuimui in Various Applications. Embrace Nature's Delightful Secret for Wellness and More! 🌿💖

Mimosa 10 Best Uses- Chuimui In English Health Benefits

Mimosa Pudica is the scientific name of the Touch Me Not Plant and one very useful natural herb plant with many medicinal uses.

It is popular with Hindi names Chui-Mui (छुई-मुई), Lajwanti (लाजवंती ), and Lajalu (लजालू). It is the most sensitive plant, and on touching, the mimosa leaf gets shrinkage. Therefore it is known as Touch Me Not Plant, Shame plant, or Sensitive Plant. Touch Me Not plant has different regional Indian names as: in Bengali – Lajak, and Lajjavati, in Kannada – Nachike Mullu and Nachike Gida, in Marathi – Lajalu, in Punjabi – Lalvant, in Telugu – Attapatti, and in Tamil – Tottalavadi.

Mimosa Pudica is a medicinal organic plant of the Fabaceae family with the Mimosoideae subfamily. Mimosa leaves are bipinnately compounded in pairs with 10–25 leaflets per plume. Lajwanti has many health benefits, and most of all mentioned below:

Touch Me Not Plant Treat What Diseases


1. In cough treatment, wearing the garland of Mimosa root pieces is most advantageous.


2. In severe haemorrhoid bleeding, usage of 3-4 gram Mimosa Pudica root powder with curd or butter is very beneficial. You can also prepare and use the decoction of Chuimui (Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Root, and Stem) 5-gram powder with 400-gram water. When it remains 100 grams, use it to cure Piles. Furthermore, know more about how to naturally get rid of haemorrhoids using ayurvedic herbs.

Vaginal Prolapse

3. In ladies, who suffer from Rectal and Vaginal prolapse problems, the use of the 10-gram Lajwanti powder decoction is very useful. Mix it with either Vaseline or Glycerin. Apply it on the hanging flesh and suffering area. You can also use the paste of Mimosa Pudica leaf and make a light massage. Then, clean the rectal and vaginal area with leaves extract, mixed in water with cotton regularly to treat these disorders.

Breast Lumps treatment

4. To treat breast lumps, using the paste of Touch Me Not Plant root or leaves is also the most advantageous.


5. In Diarrhoea and Dysentery treatment, use the decoction of Mimosa Pudicais another good alternative medicine. To treat bloody diarrhoea, use its root powder of about 3 gm with curd. Another, to prepare a decoction, use 10 gm of root powder twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

6. To treat Goitre, prepare the paste of the sensitive plant. Finally, apply this paste to the throat gently.

7. In the kid’s tonsils, prepare the paste of Touch Me Not Plant leaves and apply it to the throat.

8. In Uterus imperfection treatment, also use Mimosa Pudica seeds frequently some days, for the best results.


9. In hydrocele treatment, its leaves have great benefits. Boil the Sensitive plant leaves to prepare a decoction or paste. Finally, apply this solution or mixture to the testicles, to cure hydrocele naturally using this ayurvedic herb.


10. To treat diabetes, daily use the 5-gram powder of Mimosa tree’s Panchang (Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Root, and Stem). Take it empty stomach, for better results.


You can also use its root decoction to cure diabetes.

Kidney Stone

11. In Renal Stone treatment, Lajalu is another useful organic herb. Prepare the decoction of 5-gram Mimosa plant Panchang with 400-gram water. On the remaining almost 100 grams, use this herbal solution.

Other Benefits

12. Touch Me Not Plant is also used to treat heart and kidney enlargement. So use the decoction of this organic herb to treat these disorders.

13. Multinodular tuberculosis, is also treated with this herb. Use 40 mg leaves juice to cure multinodular TB.

14. To treat infrequent urination and other urinary disorders, the use of the Mimosa Pudica decoction is also beneficial. In the case of excessive urination, apply the paste of Sensitive plant leaves on the lower abdomen.

External Benefits

15. Mimosa Pudica also uses to treat external diseases or disorders like Inflammation, lumps, and severe swelling. Prepare the paste of Lajwanti leaves and apply it to the suffered area.

You may use these as the most important health benefits of Chuimui. Hence treat diseases at home with Touch Me Not plant, to create a healthy lifestyle. So, take advantage of this medicinal plant.

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