How To Use Snakeskin Slough

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How To Use Snakeskin Slough

Snakeskins or Slough has many health benefits in Ayurveda. It is popular with Hindi names- Saanp Ki KenchuliSukpanj, the Sanskrit name- Sarpnirmoh, and the English name Castin. Slough is the exterior skin or scales of the outer skin of a snake. These scales are transparent to the naked eye and responsible for snake creeping. This skeleton scales out after a short time of interval and creates a new one. Snakeskin is used to cure many diseases, but before this, it is necessary to keep the identity of the snake and its venom effects. Some most noteworthy health benefits are below.

Snakeskin Slough Benefits


  1. 1. In Goitre treatment, using Slough ash or Bhasma with mustard oil is most beneficial. 

Skin and other disorders

2. Take the Snakeskin of the black snake and prepare fine powder and then mix with 10 gm of Sulpher (Gandhak). Mix this mixture with Neem extract in a mortar for three days. Prepare the pills of 2-2 Ratti and give the patient who needs penicillin to treat diseases or disorders. It is also used in ulcers, skin diseases, blood vessel ulcers, cancer, and in-ear rankle treatment.      

Use of snake kenchuli in Baldness

3. In baldness treatmentsnakeskin is also used. Heat slough in 64 times sesame oil to dissolve completely. Use this hair oil regularly for some days to treat baldness. So this is a very beneficial home remedy for baldness.

Hives and Prickly

4. In Hives and prickly treatment, burn Slough and mix it into sesame oil. Finally, use this mixture to cure hives.

Hence use Snakeskin Slough to treat the above-mentioned, disorders at home.

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