How To Treat Prickly Heat Naturally? 7 Treatments

Cooling Solutions for Prickly Heat: Discover natural ways on how to treat prickly heat with 7 effective treatments. From soothing aloe vera to breathable fabrics, explore remedies that bring relief to irritated skin naturally. ❄️🌿 #PricklyHeatRelief #NaturalSkinCare

How To Treat Prickly Heat Naturally? 7 Treatments

Prickly heat is a more common skin problem that suffers many people in summer. In this skin disorder, small red rashes or spots arise on the skin known as prickly heat or miliaria. This skin disorder is mostly due to sweat in the summer season. This prickly heat contains a fast itching sensation, and patients suffer a lot from clothes. Ayurveda suggests some natural home remedies for Prickly heat. You can use these Prickly heat treatments to cure this skin problem.

The top best 7 natural Prickly Heat Treatments are as below:

Herbs Remedies To Treat Prickly Heat

1. Daily drink 2-3 times lemon juice in summer to end prickly heat.

2. In Neem or Margosa (Azadirachta indica) oil, mix some powder of Camphor. Rub this mixture on the affected heat skin and take a bath after the half-hour to get relief and for the best result.

3. Take the pulp of Musk Melon and rub it on prickly heat-attacked skin as prickly heat treatment.

4. Wet the leaves of Neem in the water at night and in the morning take bath with this water to cure this skin problem. You can also take Neem leaves water bath to avoid this skin disorder.

5. Drink a lot of water and juice or cold syrup in summer. Rub the melon or lemon pulp on your foot to beware of the hotness.

6. After the bath, massage your body with coconut oil by mixing some camphor (Kapoor in Hindi). The use of this herbal oil is most beneficial.

7. Prepare a paste of Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) with Rose Water and apply this paste on prickly heat before bath. This ayurvedic remedy helps you to get relief from Prickly Heat irritation.

Use these 7 best natural herbal remedies to cure this skin disorder.

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