Amchur Powder Uses- Dry Raw Mango Powder in English

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Amchur Powder Uses- Dry Raw Mango Powder in English

What is Amchur Powder?

Amchur ((अमचूर) powder is one mostly used ingredients in Indian Kitchens. Amchur, Amchoor, and Amachoor are Hindi names, and Amchur in English – Dry Raw Mango Powder. Other regional Names of Amchur in India are Amera in Bangali, Keri in Gujarati, Ona Mavu in Kannada, Suka Amb in Punjabi, Manga Podi, or Mampalam in Malayalam, Suka Amba in Marathi, Mangai Podi in Tamil, Podi Mamidi or Mamidikaya Pudi in Telugu.

Most people have known it as Mango Powder, but only a few are aware that it is prepared from raw mangoes without any complicated process.

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Homemade Amchur

You can prepare your own homemade Amchur, at home easily. For that, you have only raw mangoes and not any other ingredients used in them. Take raw mangoes and remove their outer peel thin layer with a knife or any cutter. You can also use it with the peel. Then, cut them into small pieces, and separate them from their Kernels. Now, dry these raw mango bits in the sunlight for 8-10 days until turn black completely.
When it completely dries and becomes hard, then to make fine powder, grind them at a flour mill.
Finally, obtained this fine black-greyish or brown-greyish powder is known as Amchur. You can preserve it in a glass jar or any other airtight pot without adding any other ingredients.

As much as, you will make small pieces, it will take less time to dry.

Amchur Uses

Amchur taste is sour and uses to make sour dishes and in different chutneys. It also utilizes to cure sleep disorders like insomnia. Another, excessive use of dry mango powder or its recipes causes a Hoarseness or sore throat problem.

The Best Amchur Recipe: Make a vinegary dish at home with Amchur. Follow the steps to make a delicious Sour Amchur powder recipe.

Amchur Powder Recipe

1. Onion – 2 Piece Medium Sized
2. Rice Powder – 4-5 Spoons
3. Garlic and Ginger Paste – 1 spoon
4. Amchur Powder – 2 spoon
5. Water – 4 Bowl
6. Black Gram – 1 Bowl (Boiled)
7. Cumin and Coriander Powder – 1-1 Spoon
8. Chili and Salt – As per taste

In first, on a low flame, put a frying pan and take 3-4 spoons of mustard oil. On heating, add some (1 Spoon) Cumin, Coriander, Garlic, and Ginger Paste till the mixture turns brown. Then, add Onions to the mixture, and again cook it well. Now add Turmeric powder and Chilli Powder on Spoon each.
Add two spoons of Amchur powder and again stir them. Roast them adequately and add rice powder 4-5 spoons and salt as per taste. Also, add 1 Bowl of boiled Black Gram and blend them properly again. Finally, add about 4 Bowls of water to it and cook for 15 minutes.
Now you can enjoy this, the best sour Amchur recipe.

If rice powder is not available, then you can use Cornflour in its place. You can also add chili as per your taste in it. Black Gram is also not an essential ingredient of this Sour mix recipe. So if not available, then prepare a recipe without it.

You can also use Amchoor or Mango Powder in the Coconut (Narial in English) and Mint (Pudina in English) Chutney.
So, Amchur uses like a kitchen spice to get a Sour or Acidic taste in various dishes or recipes.

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