Walnut Health Benefits- Akhrot in English

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Walnut Health Benefits- Akhrot in English

Akhrot (अखरोट) is one mostly used dry fruit with a lot of health benefits.

In English, it is known as Walnut, and in Latin – Juglans Regia of Juglandaceae family. Its popular Sanskrit names are Akshotak, Akshot, Snehfalam, Swadumajjah, Shailbhavah, and Kireshtah. Despite Akhrot, Akrot, Khor, and Akhor are its popular Hindi names. Other regional names of Akhrot in India are: Kabsing or Akalbesing  in Assamesse; Aukhrotu, Akrot, Akrut or Akhrot in Bengali; Akhrot in Gujrati; Akhrodpappu or Akhrodu, Akroda in Marathi; Akrottu in Malayalam; Khorka, Darga, Krot or Akhori in Punjabi; Akrottu in Tamil and Akrotu or Akotu in Telugu.

These are of two types: Junglee and Kaagaji Akhrot. Akhrot tree is about 10-40 feet in height and is found in the Himalayan range of India. Its fruit is round in shape that is divided into two halves brain-like shape kernel within a hard outer surface.

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Walnut leaves, stem, bark, fruits, fruit outer hard surface, oil are used part of this tree. It has many health properties and some most noteworthy are:

Walnut usefulness for health issues


To treat, Ringworm, Walnut is most useful. Take about 6-8 Kernels of this fruit and chew in mouth after wake up in the morning before brushing teeth. Apply these mouth chewed on Ringworm’s affected areas.

In the case of fungal infection (Dadru Rog), the use of Walnut seed paste is also very beneficial.

To heal external wounds injuries, use the Bark decoction to wash them and heal them fast.

Filariasis (Naru Rog) is also treated with the use of Akhrot. Grind the Bark with water and warm it a little for better results. Now apply it to the infected area of roundworms.

Another Psoriasis is also treatable with the usage of walnuts. Prepare the paste of leaves and bark and apply it to the infected skin areas to cure itching skin disorders.


To increase milk production in the moms, the Walnut has great importance. Take about 100 gm Wheat Sooji and 10 gm Akhrot leaves powder. Mix this dough well and prepare Poori (Deep Fried Round Dough Chappati). Now eat this recipe regularly a week for better lactation.

Irregular menstruation and pain also cure with the use of this medicinal herb. Grind about 15-25 gm of Akhrot fruit with the outer, hard part to make a decoction. Add 2-3 Spoon of Honey to it and take 3-4 times a day for better results during menses time. For more ayurvedic treatments follow these irregular periods home remedies.

To treat premature ejaculation, prepare the ash of Walnut outer hard parts and mix it with an equal amount of sugar candy. Daily use about 5-8 gm dose of this mixture, twice a day for regular 10 days to cure this problem.


Walnut is considered one best natural herbal fruit for the brain. So, daily eat 30-40 gm Walnut Kernels to make your brain sharp.

To treat mental stress (Ardit Rog) the Walnut oil massage is very advantageous.

The Walnut kernels and Nirgundi leaves juice for Epilepsy (Apasmar Rog) natural treatment. Rub Akhrot Giri in Vitex juice and apply to eyes and pour 2-2 drops of this mixture into each nostril for best effects.


To treat Diarrhoea, prepare and use the decoction of Akhrot leaves and bark.  Finally, filter and use it thrice a day.

Fruit peel also utilizes to cure this disorder naturally. Make the decoction of approximately 15-20 gm with 1 liter of water. Lastly, on cooling use it, twice a day to cure this uncomfortableness.

Mouth Disorders

The chewing of its bark is most useful to cure mouth and teeth disorders.

To make your teeth strong, use the Ash of Walnut fruit peel for teeth massage in the morning and the evening is most beneficial.

In the case of Palate inflammation, utilize the paste of Walnut bark is another good choice.


In the case of Constipation, you can use 20-30 ml Walnut oil with a glass of milk in the morning.

Another, the decoction of its fruits about 20 gm with 400 ml also uses to cure Constipation. Employ this remedy twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Check more constipation ayurvedic treatments here.


Chewing of Walnut Kernels has great benefits to treat Cough. Roast them a little for better results.

Prepare the ash of whole fruit with outer peel and daily use a low dose of about ½ gm with Natural honey and Chamomile (Pellitory root) juice. Use this remedy, twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

Other Uses

To treat whole-body inflammation, the usage of Walnut Oil with Go-Mutra is very useful. The use of 15-20 Gm Walnut Kernels (Giri) paste is also a good alternative to cure swelling. Tie with a neat hot cloth and give hot compression for better results.

For physical and mental strength, daily eat Walnut Badam with dry grapes. It is one best recommended dry fruit to enhance physical and mental power.

Furthermore, the massage of Walnut Oil also cures Cholera, naturally.

To kill the abdominal worms, try the decoction of bark or leaves, as per the availability.

To cure throat pain, eating Akhrot fruit is also one best options. Another, the usage of Walnut decoction also treats the Goiter problem.

Hence, you can use Akhrot benefits for good health and treat health ailments. Normally, you can eat this fruit for maintaining good health, with no side effects. This fruit contains Vitamin-A, B, Iron, Phosphorus, Juglansin, Juglon, and Ascarbaic acids that have many medicinal properties.

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