How To Treat Acne Vulgaris At Home Naturally

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How To Treat Acne Vulgaris At Home Naturally

Acne Introduction, Causes, and Symptoms

It is a skin ailment that occurs mostly due to clogged hair follicles with dull skin cells and sebum skin oil. It is titled Acne or Pimples across the World. These skin ailment symptoms result in Blackheads, Whiteheads, inflammatory or non-inflammatory bumps or small scars. It is the disease of puberty. At this age, there is androgenic stimulation of pilosebaceous follicles, which causes redundant sebum. Its retention is coarse thicking of the horny layer of skin. Skin becomes greasy, coarse, thick, and prominent with follicular vortices. It may complicate papules, indurated cysts, and nodule formation. Further, it may appear on the skin with blackened firm follicular plugs.
These are mostly on your face, cheeks, neck, shoulders, and back area. In teenagers, it is more common in both men and women. It causes a hormonal change in adolescents, and some others are genetic skin problems and blood impurities, etc. In youngsters, during mensuration cycles and puberty age, the level of androgens hormones increase, which causes Acne, also.

Exacerbation may be due to fatigue, emotional stress, use of tonics, lack of open-air, iodide bromides, and corticosteroids.

So, try the following best acne vulgaris (Termed as Yowan Peedika or Mukhdhushika in Hindi) ayurvedic treatments that are mostly recommended to treat it, naturally.

Acne Vulgaris Home Treatment

Neem (Margosa) Face Pack usefulness

1. Margosa leaves are mostly used as the best acne ayurvedic medicine. Prepare a face pack of an equal amount of Neem leavesMyrobalan (Terminalia Chebula) Symplocos Racemosa, and peel of Pomegranate with milk. Apply this natural face pack to treat Acne Vulgaris, naturally. Root wood without bark also uses in acne treatment. Grind it with water and apply this paste to severe boils. So, regular use of this remedy avoids this problem.

Aloe Vera for Acne (A4A)

2. This A for A home treatment is well known to treat all types of severe acne. So, this ayurvedic treatment is quite simple and effective. Daily apply Aloe Vera pulp on them for best results.

Lemon (Lime Extract) Benefit

3. Lime extract also employ on the face to treat pimples. So, prepare a mixture of equal amounts of lime, basil, and negro coffee extract and warm it under the sunshine. When the mixture becomes thick, then apply it to all types of skin boils.


4. In painful boil or severe acne ayurvedic treatment, Flaxseeds (Linseed) are also most beneficial. Cook roasted linseed in cow milk and, on cooling, grind these seeds with some milk. Now apply this paste on a boil or pimple to get relief.

Cassia Tree (Yellow Shower) and Margosa

5. Yellow Shower tree also uses in acne vulgaris ayurvedic treatment at home. Prepare a decoction of Cassia and Margosa leaves. Finally, use daily 40-50 ml to treat all types of pimple problems naturally.

Pomegranate Oil

6. To cure acne, massaging pimples with Pomegranate Oil is also worthwhile. So, prepare oil at home with fresh leaves abstract of Pomegranate and mustard oil. Cook about 100 gm of pulp leaves extract with ½ kg mustard oil. Use this medicated oil to treat all types of blackheads, patches, and acne vulgaris.

Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna )

7. Arjuna bark also practices treating black patches or blemishes on the face. Mix its powder with Honey and apply it. So, it is another beneficial acne treatment of Ayurveda.

Ashok Tree Decoction

8. Saraca Asoka (Ashoka Tree) bark decoction also cures acne vulgaris. Prepare a thick decoction of Ashok bark, and on cooling, mix an equal amount of mustard oil. Now apply this mixture on boils to get the best results.

Bael (Aegle Marmelos)

9. If Boils are due to blood disorders, the Use of Bael is also the most useful ayurvedic treatment. Grind its root or wood in water and apply this paste for the best results.

Coriander Paste advantage

10. Coriander paste also utilizes in acne vulgaris home treatment. Use some Coriander or fresh leaf extract and apply it on the face to cure boils, naturally.

Milk Hedge milk extract usability

11. Milk Hedge plant’s milk extract also cures skin acne. You can directly apply this milk to treat them, naturally.

Castor Oil Plant

12. To treat acne vulgaris, Castor oil plant leaves are also advantageous. On a leave, tip put some limestone and rub on the acne.

Marigold for Acne

13. Marigold leaves paste is also beneficial to cure boils, naturally.

Red Chili effectiveness

14. In the case of seasonal acne problems, Red Chili oil is very beneficial. In the rainy season, itching, acne, and boils are common in many people. So, in this case, the consumption of this oil is most helpful. To prepare this oil, cook about 100 gm of dried red Chilli in ½ Kg sesame oil. When it becomes dark, then strain the oil for use. For severe acne, boils, or ulcer treatment, in the summer season, you can prepare the same Seeds oil and use it for the best results.

Peepal (Sacred Fig)

15. Peepal bark paste, another beneficial herb in their ayurvedic treatment. You can cure inflammatory acne, by applying this paste. To heal a severe boil, apply the paste and then tie a clean cotton cloth to it.

Wild Indigo

16. Tephrosia Purpurea (Wild Indigo) decoction of about 10-20 gm with two spoons of Honey is used to treat acne vulgaris. Use it twice a day, in the morning and evening, empty stomach for best results.

Using, Vitamin-A, Sulpher, and Zinc-rich diets are advantageous to avoid them. Also, check here for more natural home remedies for Acne.

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