What is Tamba (Copper) and Its Benefits?

Copper Unveiled: Explore the world of Tamba, or Copper, and its incredible benefits. From antioxidant properties to aiding digestion, discover the versatility of this essential metal for your overall well-being. 🔶🌿 #CopperBenefits #TambaWellness

What is Tamba (Copper) and Its Benefits?


Tamba (तांबा – Hindi Name) natural substance that has great significance in Ayurveda and is used to cure many diseases.

It is also popular with the Sanskrit name Tamra (ताम्र). In English, Tamba is known as Copper (Cu ), and this chemical element with atomic number 29 in the periodic table. With chemical properties (Atomic Weight- 63.54, Hardness- 2.5-3, m.p. 1089 °C and b.p. 2313 °C). Tamba is a Reddish Brown colour bright metal. Tamba is the best conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore it has great uses to make many electronic products.

In Vedas, the Tamba has great importance and is explained in brief. You can see Tamba Dhatu (Copper metal) things in Mahabharat and ShriMadBhagvat in many places. Ayurvedic scripture, mainly in Charak Samhita, demonstrates the health benefits of Tamba/ Tamra. In medication, Tamba/ Copper uses for more than 3000 years.

Tamba Copper Benefits in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Tamba is not used directly for medicinal purposes, but it is used as Tamba Bhasma or Tamra Bhasma.

It is useful in leprosy, abdominal diseases, worms, liver, spleen, piles, cough, asthma, diabetes, acidity, and in many other disorder treatments.

Another low amount dose of this drug has been used means 1/7-1 Ratti (1 Ratti = 0.6 Carat). Tamra Bhasma is also used, with honey, herbs extract, and powder, etc.

Ayurveda suggests you drink Copper water in the morning and store it in a copper vessel at night for good health. Copper water (Tamba Pani) is an anti-ageing, melanin producer and good for skin health. Copper water stimulates brain function and the thyroid gland working. It is also the best for arthritis, and joint pain, and is good for the heart.

Hence, many people wear Copper rings to avoid finger skin problems in which the skin is off (Ungliyon Ke Shoye Jana- Hindi) near the nails.

Tamba Bhasma (तांबा भस्म ) is a part of many ayurvedic products of Patanjali like Amwateshwar Ras, Arogyavardhini Vati, Kshayakesri Ras, Nityanand Ras, Tamraparpti, PranBhallab Ras.

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