How To Treat Periodontitis at Home? 10 Treatments

Home Care for Healthy Gums: Discover effective treatments for periodontitis that you can do at home. From proper oral hygiene practices to herbal mouthwashes, explore natural remedies that support gum health and combat periodontal issues. 🦷🌿 #HomeCarePeriodontitis #GumHealth

How To Treat Periodontitis at Home? 10 Treatments

Periodontitis is a mouth disease and is also popular with the name pyorrhoea. Swollen gums (gingivitis– a condition in which gums get inflammation), pain in gums, bleeding gums, and swelling or inflammation in teeth sockets are symptoms of this disease. It is the most serious disease of teeth and gums that results in a pungent stink smell. It is a virus disease, and the infection spread in-ear through the ear. Do not get disclosed to the Periodontitis or pyorrhoea patient’s mouth contact.

pyorrhoea remedies

So you should try these pyorrhoeas or Periodontitis treatments with natural herbs.

Periodontitis Herbal Treatments Using Herbs

Periodontitis treatmentMustard Oil and Salt Massage

1. In the morning daily, massage your teeth and gums gently with a mixture of mustard oil and salt after brushing your teeth.


2. In case of bleeding gums, rub the lemon extract on the gums. It will stop almost bleeding in the gums and cure Periodontitis.


3. Mix some Camphor (Kapoor in English) in Clarified Butter (Desi ghee in English) and rub on your teeth. Saliva will create in your mouth and drop it outside, don’t swallow it.

Castor Oil

4. Mix Ricinus Communis (Arand in Hindi and Castor Oil in English) oil 100 mg, Vanshlochan 3 gm, and natural honey 50gm and rub on the teeth with a fingertip gently. It is also most useful in Periodontitis treatment.


5. In Pyorrhoea cure, take the powder of fried Amla (Emblica Officinalis) and mix some salt and 2-3 drops of mustard oil. Also, use this powder daily to end mouth disease.


6. In Periodontitis cure, Neem (Azadirachta indica) is also beneficial as an ayurvedic herb. Massage your teeth and gums with Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil or twigs to end this disease.


7. Mix some Fitkari (alum) powder in coal powder of Jamun/Jambul (Syzygium cumini) wood. Finally, rub this mixture on your teeth and gums to cure Pyorrhoea.

Lemon Honey Mixture

8. In Pyorrhoea, rub the mixture of lemon extract and honey on swollen gums to get rid of pyorrhoea.

Orange Peel

9. Prepare the powder of dry peel or skin of the orange. Daily massage your teeth and gums with this powder to relieve Pyorrhoea.


10. In Pyorrhoea, mix in one tablespoon of natural honey and 15-20 drops of Lahsun (Garlic) extract. So use this remedy for a month to end this disease.

Apply these 10 most noteworthy ayurvedic home remedies for Periodontitis treatment to get a healthy and white smile.

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