How To Cure Swollen Gums- Five Remedies

Balancing Act for Gum Wellness: Explore five remedies on how to cure swollen gums naturally. From maintaining good oral hygiene to incorporating anti-inflammatory foods, discover a balanced approach that contributes to gum health and well-being. 🌿🦷 #GumWellnessRemedies #NaturalCare

How To Cure Swollen Gums- Five Remedies

Swollen gums (Gingivitis) are a more common problem in many people. This mouth disorder is due to lake of regular cleaning of the mouth. Some most effective ayurvedic home remedies for swollen gums to cure swelled gums are below:

Herbs Home Remedies for Swollen Gum

Henna usefulness

1. Boil the leaves of Henna in water and gargle twice a day, in the morning and evening, to cure swollen gums problems. It will also provide strength to your tooth roots.

Alum benefits

2. Grind the Fitkari (Alum) and rub this powder on the gums to end inflamed gums problems. Hence, It will help to end the disease from its origin.

3. Mix Arand (Ricinus Communis) oil with Kapoor (Camphor) and massage gently on swollen gums to end Gingivitis disease or inflamed gums problems.

Black Pepper

4. In case of gum pain, Gargling with boiled water mixing Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) is the most beneficial herbal treatment. It will end gum pain and swollen gum problems.

Clove best benefit

5. Apply clove oil on swollen or inflamed gums is one good herbal choice. Also, rub the clove powder on the gums to end this problem, naturally.

Use these the most effective natural ayurvedic home remedies to cure swollen gum problems.

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