Herbs Name in English

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Herbs Name in English

Herbs Name

On our website, there are many herbal benefits and home remedies mentioned in brief. Most home remedies are a combination of ayurvedic herbs and natural substances. I am a native Indian and mentioned naturopathic remedies using natural herbs. These herbs are mostly in Hindi and with other regional names. 

Our more users say that they have an issue identifying an herb because not know herb's Indian names. In Ayurveda, every single herb has too many synonymous terms.

So, for the user’s sake, we are creating a list of mostly used ayurvedic herbs names in English. On this page, all herbs and Indian spices in English names are mentioned. Hence, if you face the same herb recognization difficulties then check these Hindi herb’s English names list.

List of Herbs Names in English

Amchur in English – Dry Mango Powder

Aak / Madaar in English – Rubber Tree or Sodom Apple

Adrak in English – Ginger

Agaru in English- Agarwood, Aloeswood, or Eaglewood

Akarkara in English – Chamomile

Alsi in English – Flaxseed or Linseed

Anantmool in English – Indian Sarsaparilla

Ajmoda / Ajmud in English – Celery

Ajwain in English – Carom, Thymol seed or Bishop’s Weed

Ashwagandha in English – Winter Cherry

Ashwatha, Pippala, Peepal tree, Pipal in English – Sacred fig

Arjuna / Kahu in English – Arjuna or Arjun tree

Arhar in English – Pigeon pea

Akarkra in English- Pellitory

Agnimantha in English – Premna or Headache tree

Arand / Arandi/ Arand Mool in English – Castor Oil

Kakrasingi in English – Crabs Claw, Pistachio tree, or Zebra Wood

Amla / Amalaki in English – Indian Gooseberry

Amaltas/ Aragvadha / Karnikar in English – Golden Shower Tree or Indian laburnum

Aprajita in English – Butterfly Pea or Blue Pea

Anardana in English – Pomegranate Seeds

Anar in English – Pomegranate

Ashok in English – Asoka Tree, Ashok or Asoca

Atis / Ativisha in English – Indian Atees

Babchi / Bakuchi in English – Babchi seeds, Psoralea seeds

Vidang / Viavidang in English- False black pepper, White-flowered Embelia

Bilva / Bael in English – Bael tree, Indian Bael, Wood Apple, English Stone apple, and Holy Fruit Tree 

Babool / Babul in English – Black Babul or Indian Gum Arabic Tree

Banfsha / Vanapsa in English – Sweet Violet, English Violet, Common Violet, or Garden violet

 Badam in English – Almond

Batsanabha / Vatsanabha in English – Indian Aconite

Brihati in English – Indian Night Shade or Poison Berry

Bhringraj / Bhangra in English – False Daisy or Trailing Eclipta Plant

Bhang / Bhaang / Bhanga in English – Marijuana or Hemp

Badi Elachi in English – Large Cardamom

Bheda / Baheda / Bibhitaki in English – Belleric Myrobalan

Brahmi in English – Indian pennywort, Water hyssop, Thyme-leaved Gratiola, or Herb of grace

Bhumi Amalaki / Bhumi Amla in English – Egg Woman or Carry-me-seed

Bargad / Vat / Vad in English – Banyan or Indian Banyan

Bharangi in English – Blue Glory

Camiki / Aam ka Ras – Mango Extract

Chandan in English – Sandalwood

Chandrashoor / Halima in English – Garden Cress

Chakra Phool / Chakr Phool in English – Star anise

Charmagaj in English -Seeds of Watermelon, musk melon, cucumber, and pumpkin

Chhoti Elaichi in English – Green Cardamom

Chopchini in English – Sarsaparilla or China root

Chironji / Charoli in English – Cuddapah Almond or Almondette

Chirayta in English – Chirata or Swertia Chirata

Chitrak in English – Leadwort, Wild Leadwort or Ceylon

Chaba / Chavya in English- Indian long pepper or long pepper

Devadar / Devdar / Deodar – in English – Cedarwood

Dalchini in English – Cinnamon

Dhania in English – Coriander

Daru Haldi in English – Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric

Doob / Durva in English – Creeping Cynodon, Conch Grass

Ekshu, Ganna in English – Sugarcane

Gandhatrana / Nimboo Ghaas in English – Lemongrass

Gaozaban / Gojihva in English – Cow’s Tongue or Sedge

Gambhari in English – Beechwood, Gmelina, Kashmir Tree or

White Teak

Geloy / Guduchi / Giloy in English – Tinospora, or Indian Tinospora

Gular / Goolar in English – Cluster Fig tree, Indian Fig Tree

Gudhal / Gurhal in English – Hibiscus, China Rose, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Shoe Flower, or Chinese rose

Gudmar / Gurmar in English – Cowplant or Australian Cowplant

Gokshura / Gokhru in English – Caltrop, Land-Caltrops, or Puncture Vine

Gorakhmundi in English – East India Globe Thistle

Gugul, Guggul in English – Indian Bdellium Tree

Gond-kondru / Salai Guggul in English – Boswellia or

Indian frankincense

Haldi / Haridra in English – Turmeric

Hara Dhaniya in English – Fresh Coriander

Hallahal in English – Datura Metel

Harad / Harr / Haritaki in English – Chebulic Myrobalan

Hari Mirch in English – Green Chili or Pepper

Henna / Mehandi in English – Henna or Henna Tree 

Hing / Hingu in English – Asafoetida, or Ferula Foetida

Ishwarmul / Ishwari in English – Indian Birthwort, or Snakeroot

Imli in English – Tamarind

Jaiphal in English – Nutmeg

Jatamansi in English – Spikenard 

Jardalu / Khubani in English – Apricot

Javitri in English – Mace

Jaman / Jamun / Jambul in English – Jamun, Black Plum, or Java Plum

Jeera in English – Cumin

Jivak / Jeevak in English – Jeevak 

Jethimadh / Mulethi Churn in English – Sweetwood, LiquoriceLicorice, or Licorice powder

Jiwanti / Jeevanti in English – Leptadenia

Kalmishora in English – Saltpeter (Chemical name – Potassium Nitrate)

Kumari / Grit kumari in English – Aleo Vera

Kuth in English – Indian Costus root

Kachra / Kiari in English – Capers

Kuchla in English – Nux Vomica or Poison Nut

Kalmegh in English – Creat, or Green Chiretta

Kachnar / Kanchnar in English – Ebony Tree or Orchid tree

Kachur/ Kachoor in English – White Turmeric

Kadipatta / Currypatta in English – Curry tree leaves

Kakoli in English – Roscoea, Purple Lily, Purple Roscoea, 

Kshirkakoli / Kshirakakoli in English – White Lily or White Himalayan lily

Kakrasingi in English – Pistacia

Kaiphal in English – Bayberry or Kaphal

Kaunch Beej in English – Velvet Bean or Cowage

Kanji / Karanja / Karanji in English – Indian Beech or Pongamia Tree

Krondha / Karanda in English – Bengal Currant, or Christ’s Thorn

Kala Namak / Sanchal in English – Black salt

Kali Elaichi in English – Black cardamom

Kalonji in English – Black Seed, Black Cumin, or Nigella

Kali Musli in English – Golden Eye Grass, Orchid Palm grass

Kali Mirch in English – Peppercorns or Black Pepper


Kasoori Methi / Kasturi Methi in English – Dried Fenugreek leaf

Kasondi / Kasamarda in English – Negro Coffee or Coffee Senna

Katira Goond / Goond Katira in English – Tragacanth, or Gum Tragacanth

Kush in English – Indian Kush

Kasni in English – Chicory

Kaash / Kash in English – Thatch-grass

Kantkari in English – Yellow Berried Nightshade or Febrifuge plant 

Kebab Cheeni / Kabab Chini in English – Cubeb, or Cubeb Pepper

Kesar Mari in English – Saffron pulp, Safflower concentrate

Kesar, Mayur in English – Saffron

Kapur Kachri / Kapoor Kachri in English – Spiked Ginger Lily, Kaempferia, or Perfume Ginger

Kewda in English – Fragrant screw pine

Kusum Phool / Kusumb in English- Safflower

Khaskhas /khuskhus in English – Poppyseed, or Cuseus grass

Kulnjan in English – Galangal, Galanga, Greater galangal

Kulath / Kulthi in English – Horse Gram

Kutki / kut in English – Indian gentian, Picrorrhiza, or Hellebore

Kokum in English – Kokum, Butter Tree, Kokum Butter Tree

Kudampuli / Kudam Puli in English – Malabar Tamarind, or Brindleberry

Lahsun in English – Garlic

Lal Mirchi in English – Red chili, or Red pepper

Lajwanti / Chui Mui in English – Sensitive Plant, or Touch me not plant

Laung / Lavang in English – Cloves

Lasorda / Lisoda / Lasoda in English – Glue berry, or Sebesten 

Lassi in English – Whey

Methi seeds in English – Fenugreek seed

Majuphal in English – Gall Oak, or Aleppo oak

Mangrel / Mangrela in English – Nigella

Makoi in English – Black nightshade, or blackberry nightshade

Medha / Mitha Dudhia in English – Whorled Solomon’s seal

Malkangni in English – Staff tree or Intellect tree

Mahamedha in English – Polygonatum or Solomon’s seal

Manjith / Manjista / Manjistha in English – Indian Madder

Mulethi / Madhu Yashti / Yashtimadhu in English – Liquorice or Licorice

Mustak in English – Nut Grass or Purple Nutsedge

Mudgaparni in English – Wild Gram or Wild Bean

Naaga Keshar / Nag Keshar in English – Indian rose chestnut, or Cobra’s saffron

Nagarmotha in English – Nut Grass

Narangi in English – Mandarin, Mandarine, or Mandarin orange

Nirgundi in English – Vitex, Chinese chaste tree, Five-leaved chaste tree

Nishodh in English – India Jalap, Turpeth root

Neem / Nimb in English – Margosa or Neem

Zaitoon Ka Tail in English – Olive Oil

Panch Phoron in English – Five Seed’s Spices (Fenugreek, nigella, cumin, black mustard, and fennel)

Paalak in English – Spinach or Indian Spinach

Paras pipal, Paras peepal in English – Cork tree, Indian tulip tree, or

Pacific rosewood

Prishniparni in English – Indian Uraria Picta

Palash / Tesu in English – Butea, Flame Of The Forest, or Flame of Forest

Patala in English – Rose Flower Fragrant, or Stereospermum

Patolpatr / Pushkarmool in English – Orris Root or Inula

Pathar Ka Phool in English – Kalpasi, Stone flower, or Black stone flower

Papita in English – Papaya

Peeli Mirchi in English – Yellow pepper

Pippali / Pipli in English – Long pepper, Indian long pepper

Piplamool in English – Piper Longum Root

Pudina in English – Mint, Peppermint

Punarnava in English – Spreading Hog-Weed, Boerhaavia

Putrajeevak / Putranjiva in English – Putranjiva, Lucky Bean Tree, or Child Life Tree 

Rai in English – Brown mustard seed

Ratan jot in English – Alkanet, or Alkanet root

Revanchini in English – Rheum, Indian rhubarb, or Himalayan rhubarb

Rajnigandha in English – Tuberose

Rishvak / Rishbhaka in English – Adder mouth orchid, Snake mouth orchid, or The fly bearing Malaxis

Reetha in English- Soapnut Tree or Indian soapberry

Riddhi in English – Habenaria, Edgeworth’s Habenaria

Sahjan / Sahenjana in English – Moringa and Drumstick tree

Safed Mirchi in English – White pepper

Safed Musli in English – White Musli, Chlorophytum, Indian Spider Plant

Saji Na Phool in English – Saji Na Phool, or Citric acid plant

Sarson in English – Mustard seed

Sarpagandha in English – Indian Snakeroot, Serpiria, or Serpentine-Wood

Sarphunka in English – Wild indigo or Purple Tephrosia

Saunf / Sanchal in English – Fennel

Saurashtric / Phitkari / Fitkari in English – Alum

Shilajit / Shilajit Sat in English – Shilajit or Asphaltum

Shivlingi in English – Bryony

Shikakai in English – Soap Pod

Simal / Kapok in English – East Indian silk cotton tree or Bombax

Shahad / Makheer in English – Honey

Seetaphal / Sitaphal in English – Sugar Apple

Senna / Sanay in English – Indian Senna

Shah Jeera in English – Caraway

Shankhapushpi / Visnukrantha in English – Little Glory and Dwarf Morning Glory

Shatavari / Shatavar in English – Indian Asparagus / Queens of Herbs

Shyonaka in English – Indian trumpet flower, Broken bones tree

Shimla Mirch in English – Capsicum

Shalaparni in English – Ticktrefoil

Sonth in English – Dried ginger

Talispatra in English – Himalayan yew, Taxus baccata

Tarbooz in English – Watermelon

Tagar / Tagarganth in English – Indian Valerian

Talmakhana in English – Hygrophila

Tej Patta in English – Indian bay leaf

Til in English – Sesame

Tulsi in English – Holy basil

Unnab in English – Jujube or Chinese date

Vach / Vacha in English – Sweet flag

Vasaka in English – Malabar nut, Adulsa, Adhatoda

Vidhara in English – Elephant Creeper

Vidari in English – Indian Kudzu 

Vijayasar in English – Malabar Kino, Indian Kino Tree

Vriddhi in English – Rein orchids or Bog orchids

Zupph / Jufa / Jupha in English – Hyssop, Issopo

So, find and identify your desired herb name in English, and, use them to treat various diseases at home.