Basti Enema Benefits and Classification

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Basti Enema Benefits and Classification

Enema Basti Definition in Ayurveda

Enema is a therapy for Cleansing the lower bowel through the anal canal or rectum using drugs. The route of drug administration used in Enema is the anal canal. In Ayurveda, Enema is commonly popular with the Hindi name Basti or Vasti, and in English also termed as Anema. Enema is used to treat many Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Ulcerative colitis).

Basti demonstrates a bag and an enema bag containing ayurvedic herbs mixture in fluid oil, ghee, or decoction form as necessary for Enema. In Basti Karma (Enema therapy), the drugs are contained in a clean cloth or plastic bag. This bag is then administered into the rectum or anal canal. In fluid or oil enema, lubricated nozzle to put into rectum 4-5 inches to administer the drug. So, You must take Basti Enema Benefits for good health.
Astanga SangrahaCharaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, and many other ancient texts describe the Basti karma.  It is the primary ayurvedic treatment to cure many Vata Dosha or diseases. Also, Basti is classified into two types: Asthapan Basti and Anuvaasan Basti. Ayurvedic Basti or Enema uses to cure many severe diseases like backache, Sciatica, piles, Hemiplegia, Constipation, Paraplegia, Colitis, Hepatomegaly & Splenomegaly, Convalescence, Cervical Spondylosis, and in treatment of Sexual Debility & Infertility.

Basti Enema Benefits Aims:

There are numbers of Basti Enema benefits as mentioned below:

  1. To Encouraging stool excretion and constipation cure like Simple Evacuated (Siny) Enema.
  2. To moderate sold waste products like Oil Enema.
  3. For drug administration like Sedative Enema.
  4. To protect intestine mucous membranes like Soothing Enema.
  5. To destroy intestine parasites like Helminth as Anthelminthic Enema.
  6. Enema for Gas Distension e.g. Carminative Enema.
  7. For nutrition and liquid drug administration like Nutritive Enema.
  8. Astringent Enema to treat inflammation.
  9. Purgative Enema to motivate peristalsis.
  10. Stimulant Enema for Collapse patient as a Stimulus.
  11. To low body temperature, Cold Enema or Ice Enema.
  12. Enema before X-ray test for intestines visualization and analysis.

Classification of Enema or Basti

  1. Tailiye Anema or Oil Enema: Oil enema mostly utilize enema for severe constipation. Oil Enema is given in constipation, after rectum surgery, In Stitches, and internal wounds treatment. Therefore to moderate stool, an oil enema should be given for 1/2-1 hour. After that, normal soap, water enema are used to open and activate intestine functions.

In oil enema, the following ayurvedic Tail or oil used: Zaitoon Ka Tail (Olive Oil in English), Arandi ka Tail (Castor Oil in English), and Binaule Ka Tail (Gingelly Oil in English) or Meetha Tail (Sweet Oil, sesame oil in English)

A dose of 115-175 ml is used in oil Enema.

2. Mridhu Virechak Anema or Purgative Enema :

Purgative Enema is used to activate peristalsis in the intestines to execute fecal materials. So, These Enemas irritate mucous membranes to stimulate peristalsis and depletion or evacuation intestines. A new study says that Viagra is used for the treatment of impotence. Another, This can be useful for the people who travel long distances to the East and work at night — to restore normal sleep. Medical research conducted by the National University of Buenos Aires demonstrated that reasonable doses help patients to adapt to the new hour schedules 50% faster. However, new Viagra therapy works only in combination with the action of light. Viagra enhances the light perception by the body, and the latter quickly adapt to the new time zones.

Following fluids used in Purgative enema as Pure Glycerin (15-30 ml), Glycerin and Castor Oil in equal amount, Oxgall (15-30 ml), Glycerin and water in ratio 1:2. Because the dose of Purgative Enema is the same as in oil Enema.

3. Carminative Anema

After boosting peristalsis, fecal substances execution to relieve from Gaseous distension, Carminative Enema used. Therefore it is given in the same as Simple Evacuant Enema.

Used fluids in this Enema are:

Turpentine: 10-15ml Turpentine solution mixed with 1000 ml of water soap.

Tincture Asafetida: 10-15ml Tincture asafetida mixed with 1000 ml of water soap solution.

Milk and Molasses solution.

4. Prati-Helminthic Anema or Anthelminthic Enema: This enema helps to destroy and execute intestine worms and parasites. Kwaasiya Satva or extract and the hypertonic saline solution used in this Enema.

5. Saavrodhak Anema or Astringent Enema

This enema uses to contract tissues and blood vessels. Hence, It stops bleeding and blood flow. Astringent Enema provides you temporary relief to decrease mucous drifted inflamed area. Solutions used in this Enema are Alum-Fitkari in English: 30 gm in 600 ml water, Silver Nitrate: Silver nitrate distilled in water. Hence the temperature of this Enema should be as per patient tolerance.

6. Sheetal Anema or Ice/Cold Enema: In heatstroke and Hyperpyrexia, to decrease body temperature this Enema, used. It uses in the Washing-up of the large intestine. Ice enema also uses heat complications, hypothermia, and abdominal cramps.

7. Pratidharan Anema or Stimulant Enema

It utilizes in Collapse (Shaak and Avpaat) disorders as a stimulant Enema. Another, This Enema is given in Opium Poisoning. Black Coffee (coffee enema) and Brandy used in Stimulant Enema.

8. Shaamak Anema or Sedative Enema

Another retained Sedative Enema used to motivate sleep. Paraldehyde, Chloral hydrate, and Potassium bromide drugs employ an Enema. Hence Anaesthetic Enema uses as per the doctor’s subscription under his surveillance.

9.Parshashak Anema or Emalloent Enema

This Enema benefits to stop Diarrhea and drifted mucous membranes burning condition. Starch Opium, mainly used in Emalloent Enema.

10. Poshak Anema or Nutrient Enema

It is also a retained enema and used to fulfill the shortage of food and liquid nutrient of the body. This enema is also used when unable to provide patient intravenous infusion. Hence Normal Saline, Glucose Saline, and Peptonized milk are used in this Enema. 

So, try these Basti Enema benefits in your daily life to maintain good health or treat disorders.

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